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cryss (f.) pl. cryssyn band, belt, girdle, inkle, sash, strap, zone: chiangle eh yn cryss mysh Bible

Inexact matches:

cryss chaggee (f.) war zone

cryss chartoose (f.) cartridge belt

cryss cheh (f.) torrid zone

cryss chianglee (f.) brail

cryss chleeauagh (f.) pectoral girdle

cryss chliwe (f.) sword belt

cryss chobbyr (f.) copper belt

cryss chollyr (f.) cholera belt

cryss feayr (f.) frigid zone

cryss feayraghan (f.) fan belt

cryss gheaylin (f.) bandolier, Sam Brown, shoulder belt

cryss ghlass (f.) green belt

cryss ghobberan (f.) mourning band

cryss greiney (f.) zodiac

cryss hauaillagh (f.) life belt

cryss hraa (f.) time belt

cryss immanagh (f.) driving belt

cryss laadee (f.) cartridge belt

cryss lastagh (f.) elastic band

cryss roltageagh (f.) asteroid belt

cryss sauchys (f.) safety belt, seat belt

cryss soillee (f.) swathing-band

cryss sterrym (f.) storm belt

cryss stroaney (f.) nose-band

cryss tarragh (f.) girdle

cryss tempreilagh (f.) temperate zone

cryss tonn (f.) waveband

cryss vaaish (f.) mourning band

cryss volgagh (f.) abdominal belt

cryss vroghil (f.) breast band

cryss vuinneel (f.) armband, armlet

cryss vuinneelagh (f.) sleeve band

cryss yiarn (f.) armour belt, belt, belting

cryss ymmyrkee (f.) conveyor belt

foillan cryss-ghobbagh ring-billed gull

cryss ablid chianglee (f.) valency band

cryss gyn jaagh (f.) smokeless zone

cryss ny cruinney (f.) equator

cryss ry-hoi argid (f.) money belt

Cryss Skyll Andreas (f.) Kirk Andreas Belt

cryss y chladdee (f.) littoral zone

Cryss yn Antarctagh (f.) (The) Antarctic Circle

Cryss yn Arctagh (f.) (The) Arctic Circle

cur cryss er band, belt, girdle

girdle (n.) cryss: a broidered coat, a mitre, and a girdle - cooat laatshit, as mitre, as cryss Bible; cryss tarragh; (v.) cur cryss er, cur tarragh er

belt1 (n.) cryss: I clasped my belt - Hug mee yn chengey stiagh 'sy chryss aym. DF idiom; cryss yiarn, fent; (v.) cryssey, cur cryss er

band1 (n.) boandey, kiangley, rybban; cryss: Valency band - Cryss ablid chianglee. DF idiom; nast; (v.) cur boandey er, cur crou er, cur cryss er, cur kiangley er

cartridge belt (n.) cryss chartoose, cryss laadee

mourning band (n.) cryss ghobberan, cryss vaaish

zone (n.) cryss: Smokeless zone - Cryss gyn jaagh. DF idiom; cryss-voidyn; cryss-ghreiney

zodiac (n.) cassyn ny greiney; cryss greiney: The signs of the zodiac - Cowraghyn ny cryss greiney. DF idiom

abdominal belt (n.) cryss volgagh

armband (n.) cryss vuinneel

armlet (n.) cryss vuinneel

armour belt (n.) cryss yiarn

asteroid belt (n.) cryss roltageagh

bandolier (n.) cryss gheaylin

belting (n.) cryss yiarn

brail (n.) cryss chianglee

breast band (n.) cryss vroghil

cholera belt (n.) cryss chollyr

conveyor belt (n.) cryss ymmyrkee

copper belt (n.) cryss chobbyr

driving belt (n.) cryss immanagh

elastic band (n.) cryss lastagh

equator (n.) cryss ny cruinney

fan belt (n.) cryss feayraghan

frigid zone (n.) cryss feayr

gird (v.) chionney; cryss: Gird up thy loins - Cryss seose dty gharmad mysh dty veeghyn Bible; cryssey: they shall gird themselves with sackcloth - nee ad cryssey adhene lesh aanrit-sack Bible

green belt (n.) cryss ghlass

inkle (n.) cryss

life belt (n.) cryss hauaillagh

nose-band (n.) cryss stroaney

pectoral girdle (n.) cryss chleeauagh

safety belt (n.) cryss sauchys

Sam Brown (n.) cryss gheaylin

sash (n.) cryss; sash

seat belt (n.) cryss sauchys

shoulder belt (n.) cryss gheaylin

sleeve band (n.) cryss vuinneelagh

storm belt (n.) cryss sterrym

swathing-band (n.) cryss soillee

sword belt (n.) cryss chliwe

temperate zone (n.) cryss tempreilagh

time belt (n.) cryss hraa

torrid zone (n.) cryss cheh

war zone cryss chaggee

waveband (n.) cryss tonn

beeagh would be: ghow mee yn cryss veih'n boayl raad dollee mee eh; as cur-my-ner, van cryss loau, cha beeagh eh veg. Bible

Antarctic Circle (n.) (The) Cryss yn Antarctagh

Arctic Circle (n.) (The) Cryss yn Arctagh

cincture (n.) cryss-vean

disc zone (n.) cryss-jysk

garter (n.) cribbyl; cryss-ghlioon; gliooneen

littoral zone (n.) cryss y chladdee

money belt (n.) cryss ry-hoi argid

ring-billed gull (n.) foillan cryss-ghobbagh

smokeless zone (n.) cryss gyn jaagh

valency band (n.) cryss ablid chianglee

cryss-cheyl (f.) bobbin

cryss-ghlioon (f.) garter

cryss-ghreiney (f.) zone

cryss-jysk (f.) disc zone

cryss-vean (f.) cincture

cryss-voidyn (f.) zone

bobbin (n.) cuill; rollian broachey; cryss-cheyl

Kirk Andreas Belt (n.) Cryss Skyll Andreas

lus ny gryss (f.) See cryss strapwort

lhiare 1 leather a: as cryss lhiare mysh e veeghyn Bible; 2 strop

shall be vees: as bee'n cryss aanrit mysh e vean, as lesh y mitre aanrit vees eh soit magh - and shall be girded with a linen girdle, and with the linen mitre shall he be attired Bible

strap (n.) cryss, sthrap, strap; yeeall: Let a strap out one hole - Yeeall y lhiggey magh un towl. DF idiom; (v.) sthrappal, yeealley

chiangle bound, girded: As hug eh er yn cooat, as chiangle eh yn cryss mysh Bible

cooat laatshit broidered coat: As shoh ny garmadyn nee ad jannoo, breast-plate as ephod, as garmad liauyr, as cooat laatshit, as mitre, as cryss

gow royd (impv) begone: Myr shoh ta'n Chiarn dy ghra rhym, Gow royd as fow dhyt hene cryss aanrit, as cur mish dty vean eh, as ny cur eh ayns ushtey. Bible

gys ny cassyn full-length: As ayns mean ny shiaght cainleyryn, fer goll-rish yn Mac dooinney, coamrit lesh garmad sheese gys ny cassyn, as kianlt mysh e chleeau lesh cryss dy airh. Bible

locustyn locusts: As va Ean coamrit lesh garmad jeh fynney chamel, as lesh cryss liare mysh e veeghyn: as v'eh beaghey er locustyn as mill feie Bible

girded (v.) chiangle: And he put upon him the coat, and girded him with the girdle - As hug eh er yn cooat, as chiangle eh yn cryss mysh Bible; cryssit: And thus shall ye eat it; with your loins girded - As shoh myr nee shiu gee eh; lesh nyn meeghyn cryssit Bible


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