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cruinn circular, circumstantial, compact, round, spherical: Haink ad cruinn mygeayrt-y-moom Bible; accurate, detailed, exact, unambiguous, strict; consummate, scrupulous [O.Ir. cruinn]

Inexact matches:

Boayrd Cruinn (Yn); (The) Round Table

bwilleen cruinn (f.) (of bread) cob

cloie cruinn rounders

coodaghey cruinn wreathe

Creg Cruinn Round Rock

cronkan cruinn mamelon

cruinn jeeragh to a T

cruinn jeeraght precise moment

dy cruinn cocker, exactly: Myr ta ny croink soit dy cruinn mygeayrt Jerusalem Bible

earrooyn cruinn exact figures

edd cruinn billycock, pillbox hat; (hat) bowler

gilb cruinn gouge

jannoo cruinn round, round off

Kerroo Cruinn Corkan's Quarter

lauescreeu cruinn round hand

scape cruinn buckler, target, shield: ren ree Solomon daa cheead target dy airh hammarit Bible

thie cruinn rondavel

troorane cruinn spherical triangle

obbyr y yannoo dy cruinn (to) cross one's T's

as e vaylart dy cruinn as vice versa

accurate (adj.) cruinn; currymagh; kiart

billycock (n.) edd cruinn

bowler2 (n.) (hat) edd cruinn

circumstantial (adj.) cruinn, taghyrtagh

cob4 (n.) (of bread) bwilleen cruinn

cocker dy cruinn

consummate cooilleeney; cruinn

Corkan's Quarter (n.) Kerroo Cruinn

exact figures (npl.) earrooyn cruinn

gouge (n.) gilb cruinn; (v.) gilbey

mamelon (n.) cronkan cruinn

precise moment cruinn jeeraght

rondavel (n.) thie cruinn

round cruinn, runt; cruinnaghey, jannoo cruinn, jannoo runt, runtaghey; bout, keayrt; mygeayrt: Place the chairs round the table - Cur ny stuill-ghrommey mygeayrt y voayrd. JJK idiom

rounders (n.) cloie cruinn

round hand (n.) lauescreeu cruinn

round off (v.) jannoo cruinn

scrupulous (adj.) cruinn, imneagh, mynchooishagh

spherical (adj.) cruinn, runt

spherical triangle (n.) troorane cruinn

strict (adj.) cruinn, geyre, jeeragh

target2 (n.) (shield) scape cruinn

sharpshooter (n.) cruinn-lhiggeyder

cruinn-lhiggeyder sharpshooter

buckler (n.) buckler, buggler, bukler; cooat-êilley; ejy; scape cruinn

pillbox hat (n.) bayrn runt, edd cruinn

Round Rock (n.) Creg Cruinn, Cor Stack

Round Table (n.) (The); (Yn) Boayrd Cruinn, Boayrd Runt

to a T (adv.) cruinn jeeragh; glen

unambiguous (adj.) cruinn, gyn aacheeal, slane cronnal, slane shickyr

circular cruinn; kiarklane; kiarkylagh: Circular saw - Saaue kiarkylagh. DF idiom; runt; ym-screeuyn

compact (n.) co-ghloo; coardail; kishtey poodyr; (adj.) chion; conaant; cruinn; giare; cumir

cross one's T's (v.) (to) obbyr y yannoo dy cruinn; (ny) T-ghyn y chrossey

wreathe1 (v.) coodaghey cruinn, cur slongan er, fainey, fee; plaittal

detailed cruinn; myn: Detailed account of the story - Myn-choontey jeh'n skeeal. DF idiom

engine (n.) greie: Engine in perfect tune - Greie ayns combaase cruinn. DF idiom; jeshaght

exact (adj.) corrym; cruinn: To be more exact - Dy ve ny s'cruinney. DF idiom; kiart: The exact duplicate of the other - Yn kiart doobyl jeh'n fer elley. DF idiom

exactly (adv.) dy cruinn; dy jeeragh: Exactly as she said it would be - Dy jeeragh myr dooyrt ee dy beagh eh. DF idiom; dy kiart: I'll tell you exactly - Inshym dhyt dy kiart. DF idiom

keeping cooilleeney; freayll: Keeping a close watch on it - Freayll arrey cruinn er. DF idiom; jannoo: Are you keeping Lent? - Vel oo jannoo Yn Chargys? DF idiom; shassoo

shield (n.) bleayst, scaap, scape cruinn, skaa, skæ; (v.) coodaghey: Shield the eyes - Ny sooillyn y choodaghey. DF idiom; scape: The shield surmounts it - Ta'n scape er e skyn. DF idiom

vice versa (adv.) as e vaylart dy cruinn as, bun ry skyn, red dy slane noi shen

napin swede, turnip: T'ou er ve scoorit reesht, er-yn-oyr ta dty chione gollrish napin mooar cruinn! Coraa


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