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croymmey bend, bow, crouch, double over, double up, hold down, incline, lean forward, obeisance, stoop, tip over: croymmey sheese gys ny jeeghyn oc Bible

Inexact matches:

croymmey gliooney genuflection

croymmey huggey prone to it

croymmey magh lean out

croymmey y ghlioon genuflect

lus ny ging croymmey (f.) narcissus

prone to it croymmey huggey: He is prone to it - T'eh croymmey huggey. DF idiom

crouch (v.) croymmey

genuflection (n.) croymmey gliooney, glioon-lhoobey

lean forward (v.) croymmey

obeisance (n.) croymmey, fomys

genuflect (v.) croymmey y ghlioon, glioon-lhoobey

incline (n.) ard; (v.) cleayney, faaney; (impv) croym-jee: incline your ears unto the words of my mouth - croym-jee nyn gleayshyn gys goan my veeals Bible; croym: incline thine ear to me - croym dty chleaysh hym Bible; lhiantyn: incline your heart unto the Lord God of Israel - lhig da ny creeaghyn eu lhiantyn gys y Chiarn Jee Israel Bible; ginjillaghey: That he may incline our hearts unto him - Dy vod eh ginjillaghey nyn greeaghyn huggey Bible; croymmey: So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom - Myr shen dy jean oo croymmey dty chleaysh gys creenaght Bible

narcissus (n.) lus ny ging croymmey

stoop cleayney; croym-lhinganys; croymmey: He had to stoop to go through the doorway - Begin da croymmey dy gholl trooid yn dorrys. DF idiom; cruittys; lhoobey; imlaghey; injillaghey: I wouldn't stoop to that - Cha jinnin ginjillaghey mee hene da shen. DF idiom

lean out (v.) croymmey magh; deamey; lhie magh

tip over (v.) ceau harrish, croymmey, tuittym, tuittym harrish

double over (v.) cassey er ash, croymmey, filley er ash, lhoobey

hold down (v.) croymmey; cummal ny lhie; cummal sheese; freayll smaght er

eddyr (=Ir. idir) between, betwixt: croymmey eddyr daa errey Bible [L. inter]

bend1 croymmey, croym, bendeil; kiangley; lhoob: Hairpin bend - Lhoob geyre. DF idiom; lhoobey: Better bend than break - Ny share lhoobey na brishey. DF idiom

bending croymm; crommey: Bending over his work - Croymmey er yn obbyr echey. DF idiom; lhoobagh

bow1 (n.) bow, bhow, builley toshee, imlaght, sock; (v.) cammey, croymmey, lhoobey, loobey, obbraghey y bow, sleaghtey

doorway (n.) dorrys: He had to stoop to go through the doorway - Begin da croymmey dy gholl trooid yn dorrys. DF idiom

double up (v.) croymmey; dooblaghey: Double up paper - Pabyr y ghooblaghey. DF idiom; doobley; filley; jannoo lhoobag jeh

those (pron) ad shen: Those are the errors to which men are most prone - Ad shen ny marranyn hug ta deiney smoo croymmey. JJK idiom; ad shid

ayroil fatherly, paternal: Shoh grait, as croymmey gys y phooar ayroil, ayns e laue yesh yn clat-reill ren eh 'ghoaill PC; parental

boyn (=Ir. bonn) (f.) pl. boynyn, boynnyn 1 heel a: nee ad croymmey sheese ec boyn dty choshey Bible; 2 foot of sail, tread of shoe; 3 (of window) basement; 4 medal

dy arrymagh solemnly, soberly: Nagh jean-jee ainjys rish ny ashoonyn shoh, ta er-mayrn ny mast' eu ; chamoo loayrys shiu dy arrymagh jeh enmyn ny jeeghyn oc, ny loo lioroo, ny shirveish ad, ny croymmey shiu-hene sheese huc Bible

glioonyn knees: ren ooilley yn chooid elley jehn pobble croymmey sheese er nyn glioonyn dy iu ushtey Bible

jannoo gennal make happy: Ta trimshey ayns cree dooinney cur er croymmey: agh ta fockle dooie jannoo gennal jeh. Bible

jannoo jalloo sculpture: dy jarroo t'eh jannoo jee jeh, as cur ooashley da; t'eh jannoo jalloo grainnit, jeh, as croymmey sheese huggey. Bible

loor able-bodied, lusty, nimble, stout, stouthearted, strapping: Ta Issachar ny assyl loor, croymmey eddyr daa errey. Bible

mean-Atlantagh mid-Atlantic: Cha row eshyn son croymmey sheese roish boghtynid mean-Atlantagh ayns Lunnin. Carn

muir sea: Tra ta mee jeeaghyn er yn aer Ec croymmey sheese y ghrian, Ny bodjalyn ta jiarg as keeir Er yn muir mooar soilshean. Dhoor


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