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crowd chionnal: What a crowd! - Cre'n chionnal! JJK idiom; jingey; sleih; trouise

Inexact matches:

crowd in (v.) jingey stiagh

crowd out (v.) broo magh, jingey magh, lhieeney magh

crowd up (v.) jingey

little crowd (n.) butt

teeming crowd (n.) chionnal mooar dy 'leih

jingey cram, crowd, crowd up, crush, embed, indentation, jam, let in, press, quoin, ram home, shove, throng, wedge: Moylley as soylley, jingey as pronney daue, JK; crowding, shoving, thronging, wedging; gorge

jingey magh crowd out

broo magh crowd out, struggle out

chionnal mooar dy 'leih teeming crowd

butt 1 heap, mark; 2 little crowd; 3 stamina, strength a: Cha nel monney butt aynjee. DF

roar buirroogh, burrioogh; buirrooghey; garveigagh; garveig: A roar went up from the crowd - Hug y chionnal garveig ass. DF idiom; garveigey; gullal; rooit; rooital; gyllaghey

swell (v.) att, bolgey, gatt, lhoau, puissal, puissey; mooadaghey: Swell the crowd - Yn theay y vooadaghey. DF idiom; (n.) bock, fashanagh; faarkey; sogh

chionnal1 assembly, congregation, crowd, mob, multitude: Va chionnal mooar ayns shen. DF; (of people) jam; (of people) turn out

jingey stiagh crowd in, press in, shove up: Va'n sleih jingey stiagh 'sy halley DF

lhieeney magh balloon, crowd out: Nee mayd dy shickyr cooilleeney ny breearraghyn ta shin er n'yannoo, dy lostey incense gys queen yn aer, as dy lhieeney magh ourallyn-feeyney gys yn ooashley eck Bible

sleih (=Ir. slua) commonalty, crowd, family, inhabitants, people, populace, public, relations: haink yn sleih cheddin dy ve deiney niartal Bible; masses; persons

trouise 1 (f.) claptrap, dowdy, literary garbage, rot, rubbish, trash, trumpery; 2 (of person) slattern, sloven, trollop a: Quoi'n trouise shen? DF; 3 crowd a: Cha nel mee jeh'n trouise shen DF

one 'nane, nane: One of the crowd - 'Nane jeh'n sleih. DF idiom; un: One man - Un dooinney. DF idiom; unnane; fer: The more merit one has, the more modest one is - Myr smoo yn toilchinys t'ec fer, s'fastee t'eh. JJK idiom; (the); (yn) derrey yeh: The one and the other - Yn derrey yeh as yn jeh elley. DF idiom


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