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croutagh calculating, crafty, devious, scheming: T'ad er ghoaill smooinaghtyn croutagh noi dty phobble: Bible; subtil, subtle; wily

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dy croutagh with subtilty: Haink dty vraar dy croutagh, as teh er ghoaill ersooyl dty vannaght Bible

fer croutagh bounder

mooadaghey dy croutagh gazump

bounder (n.) clisteyder; fer croutagh

crafty (adj.) cluigagh, kialgagh, kioot; croutagh: A kind heart is better than a crafty head - Ta cree dooie ny share na kione croutagh. JJK idiom; (npl.) croutee

devious (adj.) croutagh, rouaillagh, shaghrynagh

gazump (v.) mooadaghey dy croutagh

subtil (adj.) croutagh

subtle1 (adj.) croutagh; fysseragh; geyre-chooishagh

with subtilty dy croutagh

scheming (n.) cluge, cummeydaght; (adj.) clugagh, croutagh

calculating calghooley; co-earrooagh; co-earrooaghey; coontyssagh; croutagh, kialgagh

wily (adj.) cluigagh, cooishagh, kialgagh, kioot; croutagh, foalsey, molteyragh, ribbeydagh

head1 ard-chaptan, ard-chione, enmys; kione: A kind heart is better than a crafty head - Ta cree dooie ny share na kione croutagh. JJK idiom; pen; (v.) cruinnaghey, cur kione da, kionaghey

kind dooghys; dooie: A kind heart is better than a crafty head - Ta cree dooie ny share na kione croutagh. JJK idiom; keint; kynney; sorch: What kind of escapement has it? - Cre'n sorch dy headan t'echey? JJK idiom

cluic (f.) COMPARE cluke hoax, prank, ruse, stunt, subterfuge, trick: She cloider croutagh y fer shen oddys jannoo cluic er sleih lesh gialdynys foalsey as goan brynnagh. Carn; clasp

coyrleyn counsels: cur er saaseyn croutagh y phobble dy ve gyn-ymmyd, as cur shaghrynys er coyrleyn ny princeyn Bible

eiyrt da persist: Son cha vel shin er n'eiyrt da skeeallyn troggit dy croutagh, tra ren shin soilshaghey dm pooar as cheet nyn Jiarn Yeesey Creest, agh va shin feanishyn sooilley jeh e ard-ooashley. Bible

kialgyn guiles, wiles: Tar-jee, as lhig dooin kialgyn croutagh y ghoaill noi Jeremiah Bible; sleights; devices


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