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crout (f.) pl. croutyn calculation, craftiness, fraud, stratagem, trick: trooid e chialgeyrys, ver eh er croutyn bishaghey ny laue Bible; craft

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crout ghraney shabby trick

cur yn crout ass cozen

shabby trick (n.) crout ghraney

stratagem (n.) crout

cozen (v.) cur yn crout ass

trick1 (n.) cleays, click, clink, garrey, geayshteig, spring; (v.) molley; shayll: Trick at the wheel - Shayll ec yn stiur. DF idiom; cluic: Take a trick with the king - Cluic y ghoaill lesh yn ree. DF idiom; sponnag: The first trick is allowed - Ta'n chied sponnag lowit. DF idiom; crout: Shabby trick - Crout ghraney. DF idiom; cluke

calculation (n.) claghoolys, co-earroo, coontys, crout, earrooaght, kialg

fraud (n.) molteyr; crout; molteyrys: Committing fraud - Jannoo molteyrys. DF idiom

craft2 (n.) (slyness) cluge; kialg; crout: he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand - ver eh er croutyn bishaghey ny laue Bible

bleaystan pl. bleaystanyn bomb, shell: Ta sleih ayn ta gra dy nee crout Sostnagh va'n bleaystan shen. Carn

geidit pinched, stolen: Va'n cheayn as e jeeghyn arreydagh er ve mollit as nyn dashtey geidit lesh crout as kialg. Coraa

politickeyryn politicians: Shen crout cadjin ec politickeyryn jeh gagh sorch: ny jean cur freggyrt da'n feysht ta currit dyt, agh cur freggyrt da feysht elley. Carn

Sostnagh (=Ir. Sasanach) (n., adj.) See Sostynagh Anglo-Saxon, Briton, English, Englishman, Englishwoman, Limey, Saxon: Ta sleih ayn ta gra dy nee crout Sostnagh va'n bleaystan shen. Carn

thie-tashtee treasure house, treasury: Cur-jee lhieu ooilley ny jagheenyn gys y thie-tashtee Bible; museum: Crout y Thelhear Hooar mee shoh voish Sandra ta gobbragh 'sy lioarlagh ayns y Thie Tashtee. Dhoor

craftiness (n.) cluigid, clugeid, cluigys, crout, croutid; croutys: He taketh the wise in their own craftiness - Teh goaill yn vooinjer chreeney ayns y chroutys oc hene Bible; kialg; kialgys; (npl.) croutyn: by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness - liorish kialgyn deiney, as ny croutyn cluicagh Bible


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