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crop1 baair, baar: Give me a close crop - Jean baarey lhome orrym. DF idiom; pollal, troarey; (n.) scrobbag, sproghan; troar, troayr

crop2 (n.) (of whip) cass

crop3 (v.) (as tail) giarrey

Inexact matches:

bumper crop (n.) troar vooar

cash crop (n.) troar argid, troar vargee

catch crop (n.) fo-hroar, fo-vaar

crop cutters (n.) beayneeyn, buinneyderyn

crop out (v.) brishey magh, gobbey magh

crop up (v.) cheet rish

second crop (n.) aavaair; aa-aase

standing crop (n.) brat

third crop (n.) tressad

housing of crop ballaghey

aavaair aftergrowth, second crop

baair crop

buinneyderyn crop cutters

fo-vaar catch crop

sproghan craw, crop, gill

tressad third crop

troar argid (f.) cash crop

troar vargee (f.) cash crop

troar vooar (f.) bumper crop

crop-eared (adj.) lhome-vaarit, meayll

ballaghey housing of crop, ingathering

lhome-vaarit close-shaven, crop-eared

aa-aase regrow, second growth, second crop

scrobbag (f.) pl. scrobbaghyn crop, gizzard, maw

baar crop, yield: Ta baar mie curnee ayn mleeaney. DF

troayr (f.) crop: son ta troayr y vagheragh er n'gholl naardey Bible

beayneeyn crop cutters: Yn magher yn seihll: yn rass mie cloan y reeriaght: agh y coggyl cloan y drogh-er: Yn noid chuirr ad yn Jouyl: yn fouyr jerrey yn theihll: as ny beayneeyn ny ainleyn. Bible

brat (f.) 1 apron, cloak, cloth, coat, cover, curtain, film, layer, mantle, pall, pinafore, sheet, wrap; 2 overgrowth, standing crop a: ver y thalloo magh brat palchey Bible; 3 coating, covering a: Ta brat hrome sniaghtey er y thalloo Bible [O.Ir. brat]

brishey magh 1 bud, burst open, burst out, crop out, declare, erupt a: veih'n ooh brisht ta ardnieu brishey magh Bible; 2 eruption, outbreak, outburst

cheet rish appear, appearance, come out, crop up, emerge: as lhig da'n thalloo chirrym cheet rish; as shen myr ve. Bible

fo-hroar (f.) by-product, catch crop: T'eh gra dy vel y sollaghey myr fo-hroar dooghyssagh veih'n çhenn stashoon-diesel. BS

gobbey magh crop out, jut, protrude, stick out: Ta'n lheiney ayd gobbey magh MasJ

pollal 1 crop, dress, poll, prune, pruning a: as shey bleeaney nee oo pollal dty gharey-feeyney Bible; 2 (on ticket) clip

troar (f.) pl. troaryn acquisition, crop, fruit, output, proceeds, produce, product, result, yield: As ee-ys ad seose yn troar ayd Bible [O.Ir. torad]

troarey crop, cultivate, production: Ec y traa t'ayn, ta Mannin troarey feill, flooyr, arran, oohyn, caashey, key riojit, lhune as stoo elley jee hene. Carn

cass (=Ir. cos, Sc.G. cas) (f.) pl. cassyn See kass bottom, foot, leg, peg: As woaill eh ad rass as cass Bible; (of feather) barrel; (of river) meander, mouth, outlet: Cass ny hawin. DF; (of pipe) stem; (of whip) crop; handle, hilt, shaft, stalk: shegin da ve êillit lesh yiarn, as cass shleiy Bible [O.Ir. cos]

giarrey1 (=Ir. gearradh) abbreviate, abridge, axe, beat out, carve, castrate, circumcise, cleave, clip, condense, cut, cut away, cut back, cut short, cut up, disconnect, dissect, erupt, flux, gash, hack, hew, incise, intersect, lance, levy, lop, mark out, prune, sever, shear, sink, slash, slicing, slit, snip; cut off: Ny jean-jee giarrey jeh sluight kynney ny Kohathiteyn, veih mastey ny Leviteyn Bible; (as words) clip: Nagh vaik oo dy vel dy chooilley hushtey ymmyrçhagh soit sheese ayns focklyn giarrey? CS; (as tail) crop; curtailment; diarrhoea; abridging, condensing, nicking, pruning, reaping; section [O.Ir. gerraid]

meayll (f.) cape, mull, promontory: Bee çhionnraaghyn elley ayn er y turrys gys Sellafield, myr sampleyr ec slystyn-marrey yn Austrail as ec Meayll ny Treisht, syn Affrick Yiass. BS; depressed, flat, toneless; crop-eared


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