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cront pl. cruint dilemma, fix, predicament, problem; knop: bee cront fo daa vanglane jeh Bible; knob, knot; tangle

Inexact matches:

cront astan eelknot

cront banee binding knot

cront cliwe swordknot

cront dooblit double knot

cront feederagh weaver's knot

cront geaylin shoulder knot

cront kiarkyllaght traffic jam

cront kuittagh granny knot

cront mullee topknot

cront rybbanagh rosette

cront sooree love knot

cront Turkagh Turk's Head

cront kione kirkey henhead knot

cront ny gailleeyn granny knot

cront ny scoarnee Adam's apple

cront y scoarnee apple of the throat

cur cront er knot

granny knot (n.) cront kuittagh, cront ny gailleeyn

knot1 (n.) car, cayr; cront; knot; mooir-veeiley; (n., v.) sniem; (v.) crontal, cur cront er, sniemmey

binding knot (n.) cront banee

dilemma (n.) ancheisht, cront, doilleeid

double knot (n.) cront dooblit

eelknot (n.) cront astan

fix beaynaghey; chennar; cront: I am in a right fix - Ta mee ayns cront agglagh. DF idiom; cur seose; festal; karraghey; kiartaghey; soiaghey

knop (n.) cront

love knot (n.) cront sooree

predicament (n.) creoiys, cront, hobbyl

rosette (n.) cront rybbanagh

shoulder knot (n.) cront geaylin

swordknot (n.) cront cliwe

topknot (n.) cront mullee, kereen

Turk's Head (n.) cront Turkagh

weaver's knot (n.) cront feederagh

henhead knot (n.) cront kione kirkey

jig-saw (n.) cront-bleihghyn

cront-bleihghyn jig-saw

Adam's apple (n.) cront ny scoarnee, ooyl ny scoarnee

knob (n.) corrag, moyl; cront, uddan, att, mamm

traffic jam (n.) cront kiarkyllaght, glooid traaght, jingey traaght

apple of the throat (n.) cront y scoarnee; ooyl y scoarnee

tangle (v.) cassey, cur fud y cheilley, goaill; (n.) fam; cront

problem (n.) crampys; cront; doilleeid: The housing problem - Doilleeid y thieys. DF idiom; feysht: The problem is ever so difficult - Ta'n feysht cha doillee as vaik oo rieau. DF idiom; keisht

almondyn almonds: Three lampyn goll rish almondyn, lesh cront as blaa er un vanglane Bible

Goaldaghys Britishness: Er lhiam dy vel y sleih shoh credjal dy vel ad ayns cront ennagh kyndagh rish "Goaldaghys" Carn


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