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cronk rioee iceberg

Cronk (Yn); (The) Mount; Hill

cronk (=Ir. cnoc) See knock, pl. cruink hill, mount, tor: t'ad er n'gholl veih slieau gys cronk Bible

Inexact matches:

Balley Cronk Knoll Farm

Cronk Aalin Fairmont

Cronk Aash Rest Hill

Cronk Ailey Hill of Fire

Cronk Airhey Golden Hill

Cronk Aittin Gorse Hill

Cronk Andreas Andrew's Hill

Cronk Armyn Hill of Weapons

Cronk Asbyrt Vesper Hill

Cronk Ashley Ashley Hill

Cronk Bane White Hill

Cronk Beg pl. croink veggey Little Hill: shen-y-fa neem's cooinaghtyn orts mychione thalloo Yordan, as cronk beg Hermon. Bible

Cronk Bing Shrill Hill

Cronk Bouyr Deaf Hill

Cronk Bray Bray Hill

Cronk Breck Speckled Hill

Cronk Breckan Speckled Place Hill

Cronk Burn Hill of the Stream

Cronk Callin Callin's Hill

Cronk Calvaree Mount Calvary

Cronk Cardle Mill Glen Hill

Cronk Casement Casement's Hill

Cronk Cleeir Claremont

Cronk Clement Clement's Hill

Cronk Coar Pleasant Hill

Cronk Connee Honey Hill; Gorse Hill

Cronk Conney Gorse Hill

Cronk Corkey Hill of Oats

Cronk Corrin Corrin's Hill

Cronk Creggan Rocky Hill

Cronk Crene Crene's Hill

Cronk Cunney Gorse Bon Hill

Cronk Danny Danny's Hill

Cronk Darragh Oak Hill

Cronk Darree Oakhill

Cronk Davy Davy's Hill

Cronk Dhoo Black Hill

Cronk Doo Black Hill

Cronk Drine Thorn Hill

Cronk Eary Shieling Hill

Cronk Eayin Lambhill

Cronk Eunys Mount of Delight

Cronk Fedjag Plover Hill

Cronk Fenian Vinegar Hill

Cronk Freoaie Heather Hill

Cronk Garroo Rough Hill

Cronk Gennal Happy Hill

Cronk George George's Hill

Cronk Glass Green Hill

Cronk Gorree Orry Mount

Cronk Grianagh Sunny Mount

Cronk Guilcagh Broom Hill

Cronk Gussad Gusset Hill

Cronk Halsall Halsall's Hill

Cronk Havelock Mount Havelock

Cronk Heear West Hill

Cronk Heose Upper Hill

Cronk Hibbin Ivy Mount

Cronk Hunna Quinney's Hill; Furze Hill

Cronk Jiarg Red Hill

Cronk Juys Pine Hill

Cronk Killane Brushwood Hill

Cronk Koir Hill of the Kist

Cronk Lad Lad's Hill

Cronk Lhean Broad Hill

Cronk Lheannag Little Meadow Hill

Cronk Lhiack Hill of the Stone

Cronk Lhiarrag Larch Hill

Cronk Liauyr Long Hill

Cronk Losht Burnt Hill

Cronk MacAleyn MacAleyn's Hill

Cronk Marrey Sea Mount

Cronk Maynrys Hill of Happiness

Cronk Mean Middle Hill

Cronk Meanagh Middle Hill

Cronk Mooar Big Hill

Cronk Mwarran Mwarran's Hill

Cronk Mwyllin Mill Hill

Cronk Nic Nicholas' Hill

Cronk Olive Olive Mount

Cronk Ould Owle's Hill

Cronk Reeoil Mount Royal

Cronk Rhennee Ferny Hill

Cronk Ruagh Reddish Hill

Cronk Ruy Red Hill

Cronk Ruyagh Red Hill

Cronk Shellagh Willow Hill

Cronk Shynnagh Fox Hill

Cronk Skeilt Cleft Hill

Cronk Skybbylt Nimble Hill

Cronk Slemyn Slemyn's Hill

Cronk Sollysh Hill of Light

Cronk Stowell Stowell's Hill

Cronk Sumark Primrose Hill

Cronk Taitnys Mount Pleasant

Cronk Unjin Ash Hill

Cronk Urleigh Hill of Slaughter

Cronk Urley Eagle Mount

Cronk Ushag Bird Hill

Cronk Voirrey Maryhill

Cronk Vradda Bradda Mount

Cronk Warree Grandmother's Hill

Cronk Wass Lower Hill

Cronk Wattleworth Wattleworth's Hill

Cronk Yuan John's Hill

Fo Cronk Under the Hill: As cheer ny Gibliteyn, as ooilley Lebanon, lesh y shiar, veih Baal-gad fo cronk Hermon derrey hig oo gys Hamath Bible

Cronk ny Mona (n.) Cronk ny Moaney

Cronk View Crescent (n.) Corran Reayrt y Chrink

Cronk y Berry Mews (n.) Cooyrt Cronk y Berree

Cronk y Voddy (n.) Cronk y Voddee

Ardjyn Cronk y Berry Hillberry Heights

Bayr Cronk yn Illiu Road of Wolf Hill

Bing-choyrlee Cronk Bwoaill Rhennee (f.) Richmond Hill Consultative Committee

Close Cronk Darragh Oakhill Close

Close Cronk y Berry Hillberry Close

Cooyrt Cronk y Berree Cronk y Berry Mews

Cronk Balley Kinry Henry's Farm Hill

Cronk Bane Beg Little White Hill

Cronk Bayr Noa Hill of the New Road

Cronk Beg Wass Lower Little Hill

Cronk Boayl Rhennee Richmond Hill

Cronk Bwoaill Rhennee Richmond Hill

Cronk Doo Ling Black Hill of Heather

Cronk Glion Chiast Sedge Glen Hill

Cronk Guilley Groamagh Frowning Boy Hill

Cronk Howe Mooar Fairy Hill, Great Mound Hill

Cronk Injeig h'Inshey Hill of the Island Nook

Cronk Johnny Willie Johnny Willie's Hill

Cronk Keeill Abban Hill of Abban's Church

Cronk Keeill Ean Hill of John's Church

Cronk Keeill Eoin Tynwald Hill: goll rish skeayley shuinyn er y thalloo faggys da Cronk Keeill Eoin. Carn

Cronk Keeill Traie Shore Church Hill

Cronk my Chree Hill of My Heart

Cronk Nan Veg Little Nan's Hill

Cronk Nelly Cowle Nelly Cowle's Hill

Cronk Noo Barnabas St Barnabas Hill

Cronk ny Arrey Laa Hill of the Day Watch

Cronk ny Baghyl Hill of the Staff

Cronk ny Berree Hillberry

Cronk ny Caitnys Hill of the Common

Cronk ny Claghyn Baney White Stones Hill

Cronk ny Cree Boundary Hill

Cronk ny Doaghey Hill of the Vat

Cronk ny Fannag Crow's Hill

Cronk ny Fasney Hill of Winnowing

Cronk ny Fedjag Hill of the Plover

Cronk ny Ferrishyn Fairy Hill

Cronk ny Fushag Lark Hill

Cronk ny Geayee Hill of the Wind, Windy Hill

Cronk ny Goayr Hill of the Goats

Cronk ny Greiney Hill of the Sun

Cronk ny Guiy Hill of the Geese

Cronk ny h'Oaie Hill of the Graves

Cronk ny Keeill Bouyr Hill of the Deaf Church

Cronk ny Keeilley Laurel Bank

Cronk ny Keylley Veg Copse Hill

Cronk ny Killey Church Hill

Cronk ny Lheannagh Hill of the Meadow

Cronk ny Liargee Hill of the Hill Slope

Cronk ny Loughan Shuin Rushy Lakelet Hill

Cronk ny Maggyl Testicle Hill

Cronk ny Marroo Hill of the Dead

Cronk ny Moaney Cronk ny Mona, Turbary Hill

Cronk ny Moghil Hill of the Shepherds

Cronk ny Muickey Pigs' Hill

Cronk ny n'Inneen Daughter's Hill

Cronk ny Pishyragh Hill of the Peas

Cronk ny Quiggal Hill of the Distaff

Cronk ny Scleat Slate Hill

Cronk ny Shee Hill of the Fairies

Cronk Vally Heese Mally's Lower Hill

Cronk Vally Wass Mally's Hill Below

Cronk y Berry Hillberry

Cronk y Chaitnys Peel Hill; Hill of the Common

Cronk y Chashtal Castle Hill

Cronk y Chayt Cat's Hill

Cronk y Chiannoort Governor's Hill

Cronk y Ching Hill of the Head

Cronk y Chiyt Hill of the Cat

Cronk y Chlagh Bane White Stone Hill

Cronk y Chooyl Hill of the Walk

Cronk y Chrogeree Hango Hill

Cronk y Chroghee Hango Hill

Cronk y Chrogherey Hill of the Hangman

Cronk y Chymmey Kym's Hill

Cronk y Cliwe Hill of the Sword

Cronk y Clyst Boundary Hill

Cronk y Cowin Cowin's Hill

Cronk y Creale Kneale's Hill

Cronk y Cree Boundary Hill

Cronk y Crine Quine's Farm

Cronk y Croghery Hangman's Hill

Cronk y Doole Doole's Hill

Cronk y Doonee Hill of the Church

Cronk y Driney Hill of the Thorn

Cronk y Feddag Plover Hill

Cronk y Fidder Weaver's Hill


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