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crodane glass grey gurnard

crodane grey gurnard, gurnard

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crodane etlagh batfish

crodane frangagh streaked gurnard

crodane gorrym swallowfish

crodane jiarg surmullet

crodane rimmeigagh streaked gurnard

crodane ruy red gurnard

streaked gurnard (n.) crodane frangagh, crodane rimmeigagh

grey gurnard (n.) captan glass, crodane, crodane glass, noud, saggyrt

batfish (n.) crodane etlagh

gurnard (n.) crodane

red gurnard (n.) crodane ruy

surmullet (n.) crodane jiarg

swallowfish (n.) crodane gorrym


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