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cretoor (=Ir. créatúr) pl. cretooryn animal, creature: Son va'n cretoor er ny injillaghey gys fardail Bible

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cretoor bio living creature

cretoor boght (intj) (Yn) Poor soul

cretoor feie wild animal: v'eh mie-ynsit ayns dagh nhee dooghyssagh, as dagh cretoor feie, beiyn, eeanlee as eeastyn as phadeyrys ny h-emshir neesht. Dhoor

creature (n.) cretoor: Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life - Lhig da ny ushtaghyn gymmyrkey magh dy palchey yn cretoor snauee ayn ta bioys Bible

Poor soul (intj) (Yn) cretoor boght

living creature (n.) bioagh, cretoor bio

animal (n.) baagh, cretoor; (adj.) bioagh, baaghtagh, cretooragh

wild animal (n.) baagh oaldey, cretoor feie

ellannee barbarians: tra honnick ny ellannee yn cretoor pyshoonagh Bible

pyshoonagh deadly, pernicious, poisonous, venomous: tra honnick ny ellannee yn cretoor pyshoonagh Bible

croghey rish (of person) cling, hang: As tra honnick ny ellannee yn cretoor pyshoonagh, croghey rish e laue, dooyrt ad nyn mast' oc hene, Gyn dooyt ta'n dooinney shoh ny ghunver Bible; clinging

daa-chassagh biped, two-footed, two-legged: honnick eh yn aght dewil as mee-onneragh v'ad dellal rish fer jeh ny braaraghyn echey, cretoor daa-chassagh fegooish fedjagyn va annym echey CnyO

fegooish kied unauthorised: cha vod y cretoor sloo surranse liorish goanlys, ny trooid taghyrt, fegooish kied Yee. CS

ollagh (=Ir. eallach) (f.) bovines, cattle, kine: As rish dagh cretoor bio ta meriu, jeh ny eeanlee, jeh yn ollagh, as jeh ooilley beiyn y thallooin meriu Bible; cows; beast, cow; neat

venomous1 (adj.) nieuagh, nieunagh: They are as venomous as the poison of a serpent - Tad cha nieunagh as pyshoon ardnieu Bible; pyshoonagh: And when the barbarians saw the venomous beast - As tra honnick ny ellannee yn cretoor pyshoonagh Bible; gahagh; guintagh

ayns oaie in the sepulchre: myr v'ad goanluckey dooinney, cur-my-ner, honnick ad sheshaght dy gheiney; as cheau ad y dooinney ayns oaie Elisha; in face: va'n ven sho aalin 'skyn dagh cretoor elley, 'skyn Adam hene, ayns corp, ayns oaie as shilley PC; before


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