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creeoil cheerful, hearty, inspiring: Bee-jee dunnal as creeoil, ny gow-jee aggle roue Bible; fearless; bold: Ta ny kyndee chea, tra nagh vel fer erbee er nyn eiyrt's: agh ta'n ynrick creeoil myr lion. Bible; courageous; cardiac; openhearted; valiant; blithe

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dy creeoil heartily: son ta mee credjal ayns Jee as dy creeoil geearree dy ve sauçhey. CS

garaghtee creeoil wholehearted laugh

blithe (adj.) creeoil, gennal, reagh

cardiac (adj.) cardiagh; creeoil, breeoil

cheerful (adj.) creeoil; gennal

courageous errooyrtagh; dunnal: Only be thou strong and very courageous - Ynrycan bee jeh cree mie as feer dunnal Bible; creeoil: be courageous, and be valiant - bee-jee creeoil, as prow-jee as prow-jee dunnal Bible

hearty (adj.) creeoil; follan

inspiring breeagh; creeoil

openhearted (adj.) seyr-chreeagh, ynrick; creeoil

wholehearted laugh garaghtee creeoil

heartily (adv.) dy creeoil; dy fondagh

fearless (adj.) gyn aggle, neuagglagh; neufashagh, dunnal, creeoil

valiant (adj.) erroortagh, trean; dunnal; creeoil; gastey; thollee

bold1 (adj.) geyre, mooar; daanyssagh; doo; meenearagh; trome; daaney: It is good to be bold, but evil to be too bold - S'mie ve daaney agh s'olk ve ro ghaaney. JJK idiom; creeoil; dunnal

fod can, may: fod mayd dy creeoil gra, Ta'n Chiarn my er-coonee Bible; at length

slanee healing: Slanee ooilley doghanyn nyn anmey, as jean graih creeoil gys casherickys y chroo aynin dy vodmayd tannaghtyn dty harvaantyn, ny gialdynyn ayd y gheddyn CS

troailtys (f.) journey, travel, trek: Tra haink eh er ash veih'n troailtys echey, haink eh reesht gys Rennell, hug oltaghey creeoil da. Chron


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