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credit aaill; daayl: Trade rests upon credit - Ta'n dellal croghey er daayl. DF idiom; daill: Credit will have to be paid - Hig daill gys eeck. DF idiom; feeudys: It does him credit - S'mooar y feeudys da eh. DF idiom; (v.) credjal; cur argid rish, cur credjue da

credit believed, credited

Inexact matches:

credit card (n.) kaart-daill

credit rating (n.) raatys-daill

credit sale (n.) creck er daayl

credit squeeze (n.) quing yeeassee

credit union (n.) colught-daill

on credit er daill: Buying on credit - Kionnaghey er daayl. DF idiom

balance in credit corrillagh

letter of credit (n.) screeuyn daayl

Manx Credit Union (n.) Colught Daill Vannin

personal allowance credit (n.) daill lowanse persoonagh

credited (adj.) credit; treishtit

aaill credit

colught-daill credit union

cur argid rish credit

kaart-daill credit card

quing yeeassee (f.) credit squeeze

raatys-daill credit rating

creck er daayl credit sale

screeuyn daayl letter of credit

Colught Daill Vannin Manx Credit Union

corrillagh balance in credit, fraction, odds, ratio; (remainder) balance

daill lowanse persoonagh personal allowance credit

er daill (=r.air-dail) on trust; on credit

daayl (f.) respite; credit: Chionnee eh er daayl eh. DF

believed chred; credit; credjit; creidit: A liar is not believed though he tells the truth - Cha bee breagerey creidit ga dy n'insh eh yn irriney. JJK idiom

credjal believe, credence, credit: er-yn-oyr dy ren eh credjal ayns e Yee Bible; believing

cur credjue da credit: Cha row jishag Hioanie cur credjue da ny bòcain (bugganeyn) noadyr as smooinee eh dy re ooilley boghtnid shen. GB

daill (=Ir. daill) (f.) chance, credit, trust: cur daill dou as nee'm ooilley y eeck dhyt. Bible; (v.) hired: hie eh as daill eh eh-hene rish cummaltagh jeh'n cheer shen Bible; suborned

feeudys credit, decency, decent behaviour, discretion, modesty, prudence: Dy choyrt keeayll da'n ôney, da'n dooinney aeg, toiggal as feeudys Bible


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