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creck (=Ir. creic) dispose, peddle, sale, sell, supply, vend: hooar eh ayns y chiamble feallagh va creck dew Bible

Inexact matches:

caillin creck salesgirl

cowrey creck hallmark

creck aanrit white sale

creck mollid jumble sale

creck pyramidoil pyramid selling

halley creck saleroom

screeuyn creck bill of sale

creck er argid cash sale

creck er argid sheese cash sale

creck er daayl credit sale

creck erskyn insh best-selling

creck ny s'neugheyr undersell

creck ny s'neugheyrey undercut

creck son argid realize

cur cowrey-creck er hallmark

er ny creck sold: Va'n chair echey er ny creck, goaill stiagh e hie. DF

cash sale (n.) creck er argid; creck er argid sheese

sell (v.) creck: I sell rakes - Ta mee creck corlaigyn. JJK idiom; chreckys

best-selling (adj.) creck erskyn insh

peddle creck; mynghellal

pyramid selling creck pyramidoil

sale (n.) cant: Notice of sale by auction - Fogrey cant. DF idiom; creck: There is no sale for it - Cha nel creck erbee er. DF idiom; saayl

saleroom (n.) halley creck

salesgirl (n.) caillin creck

undersell (v.) creck ny s'neugheyr

vend (v.) creck

white sale (n.) creck aanrit

bill of sale (n.) screeuyn creck

corruption2 (of judge) creck-briwnys

credit sale (n.) creck er daayl

creck-briwnys (of judge) corruption

so-creck vendible

hallmark (n.) cowrey creck; cur cowrey-creck er

jumble sale (n.) cant mollid, creck mollid

realize (v.) creck son argid, jannoo firrinagh, toiggal

vendible (adj.) creckagh, margeeagh, so-creck, yn-chreck

dispose (v.) ceau ersooyl, cleayney, creck, ee, feddyn rey rish, geddyn rey rish; kiartaghey

pins (npl.) freenaghyn: She sells pins - T'ee creck freenaghyn. JJK idiom; freeniaghyn; pinnaghyn

shovels (npl.) sleaystyn: He sells shovels - T'eh creck shleaystyn. JJK idiom

spades (npl.) kiebbaghyn: You sell spades - Ta shiu creck kiebbaghyn. JJK idiom

undercut (v.) bwoalley dy injil; creck ny s'neugheyrey; fo-yiarrey; giarrey fo

article1 (n.) olt; red: This article is not moving - Cha nel y red shoh goll er creck. DF idiom

calves (npl.) lheiyee: Sell the calves, but not the cows - Creck ny lheiyee, agh cha nee yn ollagh. JJK idiom; gounee

for nothing son veg: You sell your people for nothing - T'ou creck dty phobble son veg. DF idiom

fowls (npl.) eeanlee: Barnyard fowls - Eeanlee y thurran. DF idiom; ein: Sell your fowls - Creck ny ein eu. JJK idiom

leather (v.) cur liare er; (n.) lhiare, liare: He deals in leather - T'eh creck lhiare. DF idiom; lhiareagh, liareagh

mistress of witchcrafts (n.) buitch vooar ny buitchyn: the mistress of witchcrafts, that selleth nations through her whoredoms - buitch vooar ny buitchyn, ta creck ashoonyn lesh e maarderys Bible

property (n.) cooid-seihllt, mayn, nhee thie cloie, shellooghys, tro; cair: I came in to the property - Haink mee ayns eiraght jeh'n chair. DF idiom; thie as thalloo: Property sale - Creck thieyn as thalloo. DF idiom

seats (npl.) soiagyn; stuill: the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves - ny buird ocsyn va caghlaa argid, as ny stuill ocsyn va creck calmaneyn

sold chreck: They sold our cows - Chreck ad nyn ollagh. JJK idiom; creckit: Eggs are sold at tenpence a dozen - Ta oohyn creckit ec jeih pingyn yn dussan. JJK idiom; er ny creck

supply creck, coyrt magh; livrey-ys; cur cooid da; jannoo magh, jannoo feaysley; ymmyrkey; tasht: Take in a supply of water - Tasht ushtey y cur stiagh. DF idiom; stoyr

witchcrafts (npl.) oalyssyn: that selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts - ta creck ashoonyn lesh e maarderys, as lughtyn-thie liorish ny oalyssyn eck Bible

aanrit buird table cloth, table linen, tablecloth: Va shenn ven sy Ard-cherrin, as by vie lhee creck aanrit buird dooin. Dhoor

Atholl Athol: Sy vlein shen, hug Ard-whaiyl Hostyn er y Diuic jeh Atholl creck Mannin da Crooin Hostyn. Carn

buitch vooar ny buitchyn (f.) mistress of witchcrafts: Kyndagh rish mooadys maarderys yn streebagh aalin, buitch vooar ny buitchyn, ta creck ashoonyn lesh e maarderys Bible

cha nel See cha vel am not, are not, is not, isn't: Cha nel shin lowit creck y pabyr ain. Carn

garran COMPARE giarran garron, gelding, hack, pony: Va Garran as Float ain, as va shin goll mygeayrt Phurt ny h'Inshey creck vainney veih thie dy hie. LTQ

oalyssyn witchcrafts: Kyndagh rish mooadys maarderys yn streebagh aalin, buitch vooar ny buitchyn, ta creck ashoonyn lesh e maarderys, as lught-yn-thie liorish ny oalyssyn eck. Bible

son veg for nothing: T'ou creck dty phobble son veg: as cha vel oo goaill veg yn argid er nyn son. Bible

'sy lieen netted; in the net: Hooar shin shiaght braddanyn 'sy lieen as ren shin creck ad gys y marchan son queig skillinyn as daeed - va shen leagh feer vie neesht. Coraa

birthright (n.) cairys dooghys; cairys eiraght: his birthright was given unto the sons of Joseph - his birthright was given unto the sons of Joseph Bible; eiraght, kiartys eiraght; eiraght: And Jacob said, Sell me this day thy birthright. - As dooyrt Jacob, Creck rhym jiu dty eiraght Bible


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