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creagh hraagh (f.) haystack

creagh (f.) pl. creaghyn furrow, stack: ta ny altaryn oc myr carnaneyn fud creaghyn y vagheragh Bible

Inexact matches:

creagh arroo (f.) cornstack

creagh fendeilagh (f.) barricade

creagh voaney (f.) turf rick, turfstack

jannoo creagh stack as corn

Magher Creagh Stack Field

Creagh ny Chrink Boundary of the Hills

cur creagh fendeilagh er barricade

troggal creagh fendeilagh barricade

barricade (n.) creagh fendeilagh; (v.) cur creagh fendeilagh er, dooney, troggal creagh fendeilagh

cornstack (n.) creagh arroo

haystack (n.) creagh hraagh

turfstack (n.) creagh voaney

Boundary of the Hills (n.) Creagh ny Chrink

stack as corn creaghey; eekey; jannoo creagh

Stack Field (n.) Magher Stack, Magher Creagh

turf rick (n.) eek voaney; eekad moaney; creagh voaney

furrow (n.) craplag, furrey; creagh: The first furrow - Yn chied chreagh. DF idiom; (v.) cur furrey ayn, giarrey ny tonnyn, traaue

stack (n.) creagh: He lit the stack - Hug eh y chreagh er aile. DF idiom; chimlee, sthack

troddan traauee ploughing match: Ta mee er nakin shenn Yernagh, va traaue ec yn troddan traauee ashoonagh Nerin, ceau ny smoo na lieh yn traa echey jannoo yn chied daa chreagh as mysh daeed creagh ry-yannoo ooilley cooidjagh. Dhoor

needle guinney; jialg; snaid: To seek a needle in a haystack - Shirrey son snaid ayns creagh-traagh. JJK idiom

seek1 eiyr-jee; (v.) shir, shirr; shirrys; shirrey: To seek a needle in a haystack - Shirrey son snaid ayns creagh-traagh. JJK idiom; ronsagh


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