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cre fa (interrog.) why: Kre fa ta us shassu ghoud voniyn o hiarn : as fallaghy taedyn ayns tra ymmyrtsagh dy hyaghyn. Psalm1610

Cre (interrog.) What: Cre jir mayd eisht? Bible

cre what: gra, ka vel eshyin ta erna vrae rii dy ny Hiuyn? PB1610

Inexact matches:

Cre ass (interrog.) Whence: Cre ass haink oo? DF

cre ass (interrog.) whence: Cre ass haink oo? DF

Cre ayn (interrog.) Wherein, Whereinto: foast ta shiuish er n'yannoo maarlys orrym's agh ta shiu gra, Cre ayn ta shin er n'yannoo maarlys ort ? Bible

Cre bailliu (interrog.) What is your pleasure: As hass Yeesey, as deie eh orroo, as dooyrt eh, Cre bailliu mee dy yannoo er ny son eu?

Cre choud (interrog.) How far: Cre choud t'ou er ve? DF; How long

Cre er (adv.) Whereon, Whereupon: Cre er ta ny undinyn echey er ny hickyraghey? Bible

Cre erbee Whatever, Whichever, Whichsoever: cre erbee hirrys shiu orrym, ver-ym diu. Bible

Cre gys (interrog.) For what purpose, Whither

cre gys whereto: agh nar ghonick y austylyn e, va jimmuys orru, gra, kre gys yn jimmyl sho shervees? PB1610

Cre hon (interrog.) For what, For what purpose, Why: Cre hon ta ny shiaght eayin woirryn shoh, tou er hoiaghey er lheh?; Wherefore: Cre hon tou er nyannoo shoh? Bible

Cre hug (interrog.) For what purpose: Cre hug uss ayns shoh? Bible

Cre jeh Whereof: Son shione da cre jeh ta shin jeant: Bible

Cre lesh Wherewith: insh dou cre lesh oddys oo ve kianlt. Bible

Cre myr (interrog.) In what manner

Cre sailt (interrog.) What wilt thou

Cre veih (interrog.) Whence: Cre veih t'ou uss? Bible

cre veih (interrog.) whence: Cre veih ta'n peccah shoh çheet? CS

Cre vel (interrog.) 1 What is; 2 Where is a: Cre vel Abel dty vraar? Bible

Cre vennick (interrog.) How often

Cre voish (interrog.) Whence: Cre voish eisht ta creenaght cheet? Bible

cre voish whence

Cre wheesh (interrog.) How big: Cre wheesh as ta my vee-chairys as my pheccaghyn? Bible

Cre whilleen (interrog.) How many: Cre whilleen ta laghyn dty harvaant Bible

Cre wooad How much

cre wooad (interrog.) how much: cre woad share ta dooinney? Bible

Cre cha leah (interrog.) How soon: As tra honnick e ostyllyn shoh, ghow ad yindys, gra, Cre cha leah as ta'n billey figgagh er chreenagh roish? Bible

Cre cha lhean How wide: Jeeagh cre cha lhean as ta'n shiar veih'n sheear: choud cheddin t'eh er hoiaghey nyn beccaghyn vo•n. Bible

Cre cha mennick How often: Cre cha mennick, as cre whilleen nee craidey mysh! Apoc

Cre er lhiat (interrog.) What do you think: Cre er lhiat dy vel mee? DF

Cre heilys oo (interrog.) What do you think

Cre ta ry heet (intj) What next

Cre ta shen (interrog.) What's that: As dooyrt adsyn, Cre ta shen dooinyn? Bible

Cre yn traa (interrog.) When: kre yn tra erbi ta mi gaemagh oyrts aeis bi my noidjyn er 'an gur dy haeo : sho saun duys, erson ta jih er my hayfs. Psalm1610

cre yn ynnyd where: kre yn ynyd sailsh shuiniyn y goll, as y ianu arlu, gy vod us yn eayn kayst y ii? PB1610

Er cre houd (interrog.) By how much

Whence (interrog.) Cre ass; Cre veih: Whence come ye? - Cre veih bible; Cren raad: Whence should I have flesh to give unto all this people? - Cren raad yioyms feill dy choyrt da ooilleyn pobble shoh? Bible; Cre voish: Whence then cometh wisdom? - Cre voish eisht ta creenaght cheet? Bible

For what purpose (interrog.) Cre hug; Cre hon; Cre gys

whence (interrog.) caid ass, cre ass, cre veih, cre voish; (adv.) voish shen

How often (interrog.) Cre vennick; Cre cha mennick: how often would I have gathered thy children together - cre cha mennick as va mish aggindagh ver haglym dty chloan cooidjagh Bible

What do you think (interrog.) Cre er lhiat; Cre heilys oo

why2 (interrog.) Cre'n oyr: Why should you think so? - Cre'n oyr smooinagh shiu myr shen? JJK idiom; cammah; cre fa: Why don't you offer her some? - Cre'n fa nagh vel oo arral veg urree? JJK idiom; cre hon: Since you know it, why do you ask me? - Myr ta fys ayd, cre hon t'ou fenaght jeem? JJK idiom

you would wish bailliu: What would ye that I should do for you? - Cre bailliu mee dy yannoo er nyn son? Bible; bailt: What wilt thou that I should do unto thee? - Cre bailt mee dy yannoo er dty hon? Bible; (emph.) bailliuish: Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, - Shen-y-fa dy chooilley nhee cre erbee bailliuish deiney dy yannoo riuish Bible

Where is (interrog.) Cre vel: Where is he? - Cre vel eh? Bible

resowr pl. resowryn treasurer: Cre vel yn ard-scrudeyr? cre vel y resowr? Bible

How far (interrog.) Cre choud: How far have we to learn? - Cre choud shegin dooin ynsagh? JJK idiom

Whereof (adv.) Cre jeh: For he knoweth whereof we are made - Son shione da cre jeh ta shin jeant Bible

Whereon (adv.) Cre er: Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? - Cre er ta ny undinyn echey er ny hickyraghey? Bible

saillym 1 I will a: Nagh vel eh lowal dou dy yannoo cre cre saillym rish my chooid hene Bible; 2 I like

For what (interrog.) Cre hon

How big (interrog.) Cre wheesh

How soon (interrog.) Cre cha leah: How soon is the fig tree withered away - Cre cha leah as tan billey figgagh er chreenagh roish? Bible

How wide Cre cha lhean: Look how wide also the east is from the west - Jeeagh cre cha lhean as tan shiar veihn sheear Bible; Cre'n lheead

I should speak lhisin loayrt: what I should say, and what I should speak - cre vorrym dy ghra, as cre lhisin loayrt Bible

what ny; cre

Whatever Cre erbee

Wherefore (adv., interrog.) Cre'n fa: Wherefore then dost thou ask of me - Cren-fa eisht tou briaght jeems Bible; Cre hon: Wherefore hast thou done so? - Cre hon tou er nyannoo shoh? Bible

Wherein (adv., interrog.) Cre ayn; C'raad

Whereinto (interrog.) Cre ayn

whereto cre gys

Whereupon (interrog., adv.) (interrog.) Cre er

Wherewith (adv.) Cre lesh

Whichever (interrog.) Cre erbee

Whichsoever (interrog.) Cre erbee

Whither (interrog.) Cre gys

graihoil amiable, loving: cre-erbee ny reddyn ta graihoil, cre-erbee ny reddyn ta jeh goo mie Bible

mraane-lhee (f.) (female) doctors: Shegin da ny fir as mraane-lhee gra cre ny gonaghyn phrowys ad dy lheihys hoshiaght as cre ny gortaghyn vees faagit gyn lheihys ec y traa t'ayn Carn

comparison (n.) cosoylaght; co-soyllaghey: For look how high the heaven is in comparison of the earth - Son jeeagh cre cha ard as ta niau ayns co-soyllaghey jehn thalloo Bible; mac-soylley; soylaghey: What have I done now in comparison of you? - Cre ta mish nish er nyannoo ayns soylaghey jeuish? Bible; soyley; co-chaslys: or with what comparison shall we compare it? - ny lesh cren co-chaslys nee mayd y hoiaghey magh eh? Bible

How long (interrog.) Cre choud, Caid

How much (interrog.) Cre-woad: How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! - Cre-woad share te dy chosney creenaght na airh? Bible; Cre wooad; C'woad; C'wooad; Quoid

In what manner (interrog.) Cre myr

What (interrog.) C'red, Cre; Cre'n; (intj) Yagh

What is (interrog.) C'el; Cre vel

What's that (interrog.) Cre ta shen

What wilt thou (interrog.) Cre sailt

When (interrog.) Cuin; Cre yn traa

breeoil brisk, cogent, dynamic, energetic, essential, fizzy, forceful, go ahead, impulsive, purposeful, red-blooded, strenuous, valid, vibrant, vigorous; (as person) active; (of market) buoyant; weighty: Son ta ny screeunyn echey (jir adsyn) breeoil as niartal Bible; effectual: te son y gerjagh as y saualtys euish, ta breeoil ayns gymmyrkey ny surranseyn cheddin mârin Bible; sound: Glare breeoil nagh vod ve loayrit n'oï Bible; powerful: Son ta goo Yee bioal, as breeoil, as ny s'geyrey na cliwe erbee dy ghaa foyr Bible; forcible: Cre cha breeoil as ta goan ynrick! agh cre ta'n argane euish prowal orrym? Bible; cardiac

Cre-woad How much

gortagh beggarly, chary, cheese-paring, close-fisted, frugal, grudging, hurt, hurtful, illiberal, injurious, meagre, mean spirited, miser, miserly, parsimonious, penurious, pinching, scant, scanty, skimpy, stingy, close fisted: Shegin da ny fir as mraane-lhee gra cre ny gonaghyn phrowys ad dy lheihys hoshiaght as cre ny gortaghyn vees faagit gyn lheihys ec y traa t'ayn Carn; acrimonious

By how much (interrog.) Er cre houd

What is your pleasure (interrog.) Cre bailliu

What next (intj) Cre ta ry heet

where (adv.) boayl, raad; (interrog.) c'raad, caid; cre yn ynnyd

Why (interrog.) Cre'n fa; C'hon; Cre hon; Cammah

chaidlys shall sleep: cre ayn chaidlys eh? Bible

shall sleep chaidlys: wherein shall he sleep? - cre ayn chaidlys eh? Bible

aght-beaghee trade, occupation: Cre ta nyn aght beaghee? Bible

ard-anney great commandment: Vainshter, cre yn ard-anney ayns y leigh?

bailliu you would wish: cre bailliu shin dy yannoo? Bible

bailloo they would wish: ren ad cre bailloo rish nyn noidyn Bible

bailt you would wish: Cre bailt mee dy yannoo er dty hon? Bible

baskad pl. baskadyn basket: cre-woad baskad hrog shiu? Bible

boggys boastfulness, exultation, self-satisfaction, vaunt: Cre vel boggys eisht? te giarit magh. Bible

clienney of children: chamoo vees fys aym cre ta baase clienney Bible

danjeyragh (=Ir. dainséarach) dangerous, parlous, perilous, unsafe: cre cha danjeyragh as ta bea vee-rioosagh CS

diuish to you: Cre ta'n Chiarn Jee Israel diuish? Bible

ghra (dy); (to) say: Cooinee cre ta'n Noo Ean dy ghra CS

haghyragh would happen: Fodmayds smooinaghtyn dooin hene cre haghyragh er'n chooish Carn

hirragh would seek: dy choyrt-jee cre erbee hirragh ee Bible

hirrys shall seek: cre erbee hirrys shiu orrym, ver-ym diu Bible

inshit told: bee eh inshit dhyt cre ta ort dy yannoo. Bible

jeeagh look, see: nish jeeagh cre vel shleiy yn ree Bible; shew

jeem of me: Cre hon t'ad fenaght jeem? DF

jeuish of you: Cre ta mish nish er n'yannoo ayns soylaghey jeuish? Bible

jir2 (interrog.) will say: Cre jir mayd rish my hiarn? Bible

kianlt bound: Insh dou cre lesh oddys oo ve kianlt Bible; fastened

lheear appear: cha lheear dooin foast cre vees mayd Bible

mainyn we: Cre nee mainyn, dy vod mayd obbraghyn Yee y yannoo? Bible

prayal praying: Cre son ta shin prayal ayns yn accan shoh? CS

queeylyn wheels: cre ta cumrail queeylyn e ainagh? Bible

rhesar (f.) razor: Cre t'ou er n'yannoo lesh y rhesar d'eeasee mee dhyt? JJK

sacrament pl. sacramentyn (holy) sacrament: Cre whilleen ayrn t'ayns Sacrament? CS

sacramentyn sacraments: Cre hon ta ny Sacramentyn enmyssit saaseyn dy grayse? CS

saittin lhieu you like: Cre share saittin lhieu shen neem Bible

scaailagh scaly: cre-erbee nagh vel skianagh as scaailagh Bible

soyllaghey match: Cre ta'n coau ayns soyllaghey da'n churnaght? Bible

toiggit apprehended, understood: Cre ta dy ve toiggit liorish ny oardaghyn? Bible

t'ou you are: Cre shoh tou er nyannoo? Bible

tra when, while: Cre er v'ou smooinaghtyn, tra ren oo shoh? Bible

trubbyl trouble: cre s'lhiass dhyt trubbyl sodjey y chur er y vainshter? Bible

wheesh smoo so much more: cre wheesh smoo ta creeaghyn cloan gheiney. Bible

yarragh would say: Myr shoh hug Joab ro-ee cre yarragh ee Bible

according to law rere yn leigh; cordail rish y leigh: What shall we do unto the queen Vashti according to law - Cre nee mayd rish Vashti yn ven-rein cordail rish yleigh Bible

befall (v.) cheet er: What will befall her? - Cre hig urree? DF idiom; tuittym; taghyrys, haghyrys

cat (n.) kayt: What do you get of the cat but the skin? - Cre yiow jeh'n chayt agh y crackan? JJK idiom; screeberagh, screeberey

clerk1 (n.) cleragh: What use is a priest without a clerk? - Cre sheeu saggyrt gyn cleragh? DF idiom; cleyragh

coarse (adj.) garroo: Why have you given us such coarse bread? - Cre hon ta shiu er choyrt dooin lheid yn arran garroo? JJK idiom; neuveein

compliments bannaght; corp as slaynt: Whatever compliments he may pay you, don't beleive it - Cre erbee corp-as-slaynt saillish hood, ny cur treisht ayn. JJK idiom; moyllaghyn; moylley

comprehend (v.) goaill baght, goaill stiagh; toiggal: May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length - Ve abyl dy hoiggal marish ooilley ny nooghyn cre tan lheead, as y lhiurid Bible

defended fendit: They defended themselves well, but what could a few boats' crews do? - B'end ad ad hene dy-mie, agh cre yarg kuse veg dy skimmeeyn baatey y yannoo? JJK idiom

disputer (n.) pleadeyr: where is the disputer of this world? - cre vel pleadeyr y theihll shoh? Bible

disquieted (adj.) anveagh: and why art thou so disquieted within me? - as cre hon tou cha anveagh cheusthie Bible

fresh1 (adj.) geyraghey; (pref.) far-; oor: How fresh everything looks - Cre cha oor as ta dy-chooilley red jeeaghyn. JJK idiom; noa: He's waiting for fresh instructions - T'eh fuirragh rish saraghyn noa. JJK idiom

guilty (adj.) kyndagh; oolagh; oolee: He feels how guilty he is - T'eh g'ennaghtyn cre cha oolee as t'eh. JJK idiom

How many (interrog.) Cre whilleen; C'woad; C'wooad; Quoid: How many degrees of frost? - Quoid keim dy rio? JJK idiom

in comparision of ayns cosoyllaghey jeh: For look how high the heaven is in comparison of the earth - Son jeeagh cre cha ard as ta niau ayns co-soyllaghey jehn thalloo Bible; ayns soylaghey jeh

I will advertise soilshee-ym: I will advertise thee what this people shall do to thy people in the latter days - soilshee-ym dhyt, cre neen pobble shoh rish y pobble ayds, ayns ny earishyn ta ry-heet Bible

of children (gen.) clienney: neither shall I know the loss of children - chamoo vees fys aym cre ta baase clienney Bible

prove (v.) fiddraghtyn, fondaghey, fidraghtyn; jeru; (impv) ronsee; prowal: Whatever you may say, I'll prove to you that you're wrong - Cre erbee foddee oo gra, n'eem prowal dhyt dy vel oo cam. JJK idiom; (to); (dy) phrowal

score agg; feed: A score of people - Feed dy leih. DF idiom; schimmeig; scoar; screeb; scench, skensh: What's the score? - Cre ta'n scensh? DF idiom; tailley; (v.) coontey, cosney, cur agg ayn, schimmeigey, scoaral

under thee foyd: why should he take awaythy bed from under thee? - cre te eisht, agh dy gow eh voïd dty lhiabbee ta foyd? Bible

we shall do neemayd: Give counsel among you what we shall do - Cur-jee nyn goyrle dy cheilley cre nee mayd Bible

we shall say jir mayd: Teach us what we shall say unto him - Cur roin cre jir mayd rishyn Bible

we shall see hee mayd: we shall see what will become of his dreams - hee mayd, cre hig jeh e ghreamalyn Bible

we will see heemayd; hee mayd: and we shall see what will become of his dreams - as hee mayd, cre hig jeh e ghreamalyn Bible

ain (=Ir. againn) 1 our, ours a: Hooar yn ayr ain baase ayns yn aasagh Bible; 2 at us; 3 have; 4 we have a: Agh cur-my-ner, my hem mayd cre tain dy hebbal dan dooinney? Bible

ard-eunys ecstasy; bliss: cre va'n red mie shen, va son ard-eunys cloan gheiney, lhisagh ad y yannoo fo niau ooilley laghyn nyn mea. Bible

awree chiu thick soup: Ansherbee cre oddys mayd feddyn magh voish yn awree chiu shen? Dhoor

bailliuish (emph.) you would wish: Shen-y-fa dy chooilley nhee cre erbee bailliuish deiney dy yannoo riuish Bible

Bee er dty arrey (intj) Beware, Watch out; Mark: Immee as niartee oo-hene, as bee er dty arrey, as jeeagh cre tou dy yannoo Bible

biall obedient: O ven, cre sheeagh y treisht v'ou 'ss as mish ayn, dy beagh y seihll mooar coamrit lesh nyn gloan dy hirveish Jee as dy chur biall da trooid ny sheelogheyn ain bio son dy bra? PC

bing (f.) (pl -aghyn, pl -yn) committee, jury, tribunal: Cre ta currym dooinney t'er ny loo ayns bing? CS; (adj.) melodious, musical, shrill, sweet, tuneful: T'ee cha bing as yn ushag. DF [O.Ir. bind]

bunraghtagh constitutional: Ta shenn chairys bunraghtagh ec ny Manninee dy reih cre erbee peiagh t'ad laccal dy reill harrystoo,van. Carn

bwoid saggyrt orchis, spotted orchis: Cre va'n blaa shen? Ta'n Moddey gra dy re bwoid saggyrt v'ayn. Dhoor

caïd 1 how long a: Caïd neen pobble shoh mish y vrasnaghey? Bible; 2 whither a: cre veih haink oo? as caid tou goll? Bible

cauaig (f.) (of crowd) buzz; coo, moan, murmur: Myr ec margey, my t'ou er eaishtagh rish cauaig y chaglym, agh cha bee ayd fys cre un ockle ta fer gra rish fer elley, agh y thassane mooar ooilley fud-y-cheilley PC

Cha saym I know not, I don't know: Cre vel Abel dty vraar? As dreggyr eh, Cha saym Bible

cheet fo come under, come within, seepage: jeh cre-erbee ta cheet fo'n lorg Bible

cheet lesh pass, prosper, succeed: cre-erbee t'eh dy yannoo, te cheet lesh Bible

chianglys shall bind: cre-erbee chianglys oo er y thalloo, bee eh kianlt ayns niau Bible

chroymm hung: Cha lheah's va mee er loayrt, chroymm ish e kione derrey v'ee jeeaghyn er y voayrd, as dooyrt ee, red beg ny s'troshey, "Cre ta Chiarn jannoo?" JC; dropped

coau (f.) chaffer; chaff: Cre ta'n coau ayns soyllaghey da'n churnaght Bible; stubble: cha vel claghyn-sling huggeysyn agh myr coau Bible

commeeys 1 communion, connection, league, mess, participation, partnership a: cre ta commeeys y folliaght Bible; 2 (between people) relations

conaantyn 1 terms, conditions a: As eisht jeeagh lesh gerjagh er cre ny conaantyn nee Jee leih dhyt CS; 2 (on premises) trusts

coonrey barter, change, cheapness, commute, contract, exchange: cre nee dooinney y choyrt ayns coonrey son e annym? Bible

co-soyllaghey comparison: Son jeeagh cre cha ard as ta niau ayns co-soyllaghey jeh'n thalloo Bible

cowraghey magh indicate, point out: Foddee ta'n skeeal shoh cowraghey magh dooin cre vees gollrish y Ghaelg ayns ny laaghyn ry-heet. Dhoor; peg out

crauee-oalsey hypocrite: Ny bee dty er-crauee-oalsey ayns shilley gheiney, as gow kiarail vie cre t'ou dy loayrt. Apoc

cur treisht ayn trust in: Cre erbee corp-as-slaynt saillish hood, ny cur treisht ayn. JJK

custhey beat, birch, flog, lash; flogging, beating: Ren ad caggey er finnue lesh cre erbee wappinyn v'oc, custhey ny meoiryn shee lesh maidjaghyn. NNS

deiney veggey (ny) little people: Hie eh lesh shilley as cre honnick eh agh deiney veggey kiaulleaght as jannoo daunseyn sy choan shen, as by haittin lesh yn kiaull y chlashtyn. GB

dhiane worm: Cre-woad sloo dooinney, ta ny veishteig, as yn mac dooinney, ta myr y dhiane. Bible

doiggal See toiggal (er) have understood: Ga dy vel sleih er doiggal rish bleeantyn cre cho niartal as ta scannaneyn Carn

drogh-ymmyd abuse, misusage, misuse: V'eh shirrit orroo ad dy resooney cooish sheinyssagh 'Voirrey', va drogh-ymmyd jeant jee, foddee, as dy reaghey cre lhisagh ve jeant. BS

dy meeaighar unfortunately: Dy meeaighar, cha dinsh Paayl dou, cre mychione lhisin screeu as myr shen, shegin dou yn chooish y reih my lomarcan. Dhoor

dy slane completely, fully, quite, thoroughly, totally: dy vod shiu prowal cre ta'n aigney shen dy Yee ta mie as booisal da, as dy slane casherick. Bible; utterly; wholly

eabyn attempts: Ta skeeal goll mygeayrt dy ren yn Oik Thie ayns Lunnin lhiettal eabyn dy 'eddyn magh cre woish haink y gleashtan bane shoh. Carn

êie 1 idea a: Cren êie tad orrym, uss ree Yudah? Bible; 2 call a: As dooyrt ad, Eiê mayd er y ven aeg, as hee mayd cre jir eh hene. Bible

er-boayrd aboard: Vrie mee jeh Hommy cre voish hooar eh skeeal y sterrym, as dooyrt eh dy row Manninagh elley er-boayrd y 'Ben Varrey' as honnick eh yn drogh-haghyrt. Dhoor

er cheau on the side: S'lioar da'n scoillar dy ve myr e vainshter, as y charvaant myr e hiarn: my t'ad er cheau Beelzebub er mainshter y thie, cre woad smoo nee ad e vooinjer y oltooaney. Bible

er finnue fiercely, furiously: Ren ad caggey er finnue lesh cre erbee wappinyn v'oc, custhey ny meoiryn shee lesh maidjaghyn. NNS; speedy; passionate; rage

erskyn earroo infinite, innumerable, uncountable: cha bee cooinaghtyn jee'm mastey whilleen pobble: son cre ta'n annym aym's mastey lheid yn earroo erskyn earroo dy chretooryn? Apoc

faishnagh prophesy, prophesying, prophecy; shew: Lhig daue soiaghey magh nyn yallooyn, as faishnagh dooin cre vees maghey shoh Bible

fer-obbree labourer: cre voish oddins geddyn argid dy liooar dy chionnaghey garran, jeelt as reddyn elley ass faill moal ec fer-obbree gollrhym-pene, my wooinney boght? Dhoor

freayll seose carry on: As loayr mychione yn traa ry-heet, cre mychione freayll seose y Ghaelg, tra vees ny paitchyn shoh shenn dy liooar dy 'aagail y Vun-scoill, lane jeh Gaelg? Dhoor; (of equipment) maintenance

geearree beseeching, yearning: cre-erbee nee oo geearree orrym, shen nee'm er dty hon's Bible; desires

ghaa2 (ny) divers: cre ta'n raa-cadjin shen t'eu ayns cheer Israel, gra, Ta ny laghyn foddey ry-heet, as ta ashlish ny ghaa failleil? Bible

goaill ass laue attempt, presume, suppose, undertake: Ta'n Agglish goaill ass laue dy vod ad, as ta ee gynsagh nyn lheid shoh cre nee ad. CS

gollrhym-pene like mee: cre voish oddins geddyn argid dy liooar dy chionnaghey garran, jeelt as reddyn elley ass faill moal ec fer-obbree gollrhym-pene, my wooinney boght? Dhoor

goll roosyn like them: Ny bee-jee shiuish er-y fa shen goll roosyn: son ta fys ec nyn Ayr cre ta nyn ymmyrch, roish my jean shiu aghin huggey Bible

Gow royd Get thee to: Gow royd gys dty hie hene, as soilshee cre ny reddyn mooarey ta Jee er n'yannoo er dty hon. Bible

grinderagh See grindyragh grumble, snarl; satirist; mock, sarcastic, satirical: dooyrt eh rish e charrey ayns aght grinderagh "Cre va'n vuc-awin sonjeragh ayns dty chleaysh?" EF; taunting

grindyragh mock: Ta coamrey yn dooinney, as garaghtee grindyragh, as shooyl staydoilagh soilshaghey cre te. Apoc

gyn sluight issueless: Hiarn Yee, cre ver oo dou, fakin dy vel mee gyn sluight Bible; childless

gyn vioys lifeless: As eer reddyn gyn vioys ta jannoo feiyr, edyr ad ve feddan ny claasagh, mannagh bee caghlaa ayns y vingys, quoi oddys toiggal cre ta cloie er y feddan ny'n chlaasagh? Bible

haghyrys befall: Lhig dooin fakin vel firrinagh ayns e ghoan: as hee mayd cre haghyrys da ec y jerrey. Apoc

hirrey 1 (dy); (to) seek; 2 require a: As nish Israel, cre tan Chiarn dty Yee dy hirrey jeed Bible

hirrym See shirrym I shall ask: dooyrt ee rish e moir, Cre hirrym? Bible


This is a mirror of Phil Kelly's Manx vocabulary (Fockleyreen). It contains over 130,000 entries. This mirror was created 2 December 2014.

The dictionary is "mobile-friendly" - you can use it from your mobile device. Clicking on a word within the results will perform a search on that word.

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