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cray (f.) ash, clay, pipe clay: slaa ee eh lesh cray as pick-hallooin Bible

Inexact matches:

cray aile (f.) fire clay

cray airhey (f.) pay-dirt

cray argid (f.) pay-dirt

cray chelkagh (f.) China clay, kaolin

cray eayil (f.) marl

cray fliugh (f.) pug

cray Heenagh (f.) China clay, kaolin

cray lhiassee (f.) marl

cray ollymin bauxite

cray phorslyn porcelain clay

cray sclateagh (f.) slate clay

cray sliggeragh (f.) marl

cray vreekey (f.) brick clay

cray vroit (f.) terracotta

cray yiarg (f.) red iron ore

dubbey cray marlpit

thie cray mud house

brat cray er (f.) daubed

plaastyr cray as thoo clay and straw mortar

marl (n.) cray eayil; cray lhiassee; cray sliggeragh; (v.) cur marley er, crayaghey, marley

China clay (n.) cray chelkagh, cray Heenagh

kaolin (n.) cray chelkagh, cray Heenagh

pay-dirt (n.) cray airhey; cray argid

clay cray: Shape clay into a bowl - Meilley y yannoo jeh cray. DF idiom; crayghey; (yn) chray

bauxite (n.) cray ollymin

brick clay (n.) cray vreekey

fire clay (n.) cray aile

pipe clay (n.) cray

porcelain clay (n.) cray phorslyn

pug (n.) cray fliugh; smutvoddey

slate clay (n.) cray sclateagh

terracotta (n.) cray vroit

ash (n.) cray; leoie; potash; unjin

clay modelling cray-chummey

clay pigeon (n.) cray-chalmane

marlpit (n.) dubbey cray, slogh marley

red iron ore (n.) cray yiarg

cray-chalmane (f.) clay pigeon

cray-chummey clay modelling

clay and straw mortar plaastyr cray as thoo

mud house (n.) thie cray, thie laaee, thie laaghey

morter morter: immee ayns cray, as stamp y morter, niartee yn aïee-vreek Bible

plaastyr mortar, parget, plaster: Plaastyr cray as thoo. DF

bowl1 boull; boulleragh; bowl; juist; meilley: Shape clay into a bowl - Meilley y yannoo jeh cray. DF idiom; meiley, meïley; skaaley; saagh

daubed brat cray er: The wall is daubed with clay - Ta brat chray er y voalley. DF idiom; slaait

mortar (v.) See morter ceau bleaystanyn; (n.) mortar, morteyr, mortyr slaaik; plaastyr: Clay and straw mortar - Plaastyr cray as thoo. DF idiom

taah adhere, cement, cleave, coalesce, concrete, conjugate, filling, set, solder, soldering, splice, sweat, unite, weld, welding; mixed: eer myr nagh vel yiarn taah rish cray Bible; anchylosis, coalescence, conjugation, conjunction, union


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