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crauee 1 devout, godly, religious, solemn, righteous a: Ta'n dooinney crauee er jerraghtyn veih yn thalloo Bible; 2 perfect

Inexact matches:

crauee baanrey religious fanatic

crauee foalsey religionist

dy crauee solemnly: lhisagh shin baghey dy sheelt, dy cairal, as dy crauee ayns y theihll shoh Bible

fer crauee religious person

gerrym crauee religious vocation

gorley crauee (yn) religious mania

mantys crauee praying mantis

sooder crauee shock-absorber

troailtagh crauee pilgrim

ynsagh crauee doctrine: Chamoo dy chur geill da raaghyn fardalagh, as coontey fegooish bun ny baare er sheelogheyn, ta doostey questionyn [streeuagh], ny smoo na ynsagh crauee, ta ayns credjue. Bible

fer crauee baanrit religious fanatic

fer crauee foalsey hypocrite, religious bigot: hossiagh us er kraui fallsy, tilg magh yn bille ie dy huyil heyn, eisht hii us gymei dy hoyrt magh ass yn bruinin ta ayns suyil dy vraery. PB1610

religious fanatic (n.) crauee baanrey, fer crauee baanrit

religious (n.) ben reaylt, fer reaylt; (adj.) crauee: Religious fanatic - Fer crauee baanrit. DF idiom

devout (adj.) crauee, firrinagh

doctrine (n.) aaraue, ynsagh crauee

godly1 (adj.) jeeoil; (adj., n.) creestee; crauee

religionist (n.) crauee foalsey

religious mania (n.) (yn) gorley crauee

religious person (n.) fer crauee

religious vocation (n.) gerrym crauee

shock-absorber (n.) sooder crauee

solemn (adj.) arrymagh; crauee

pilgrim (n.) pirgrin, troailtagh crauee, shooylaghan

religious bigot (n.) fer crauee foalsey

solemnly (adv.) dy arrymagh; dy crauee

crauee-oalsey hypocrite: Ny bee dty er-crauee-oalsey ayns shilley gheiney, as gow kiarail vie cre t'ou dy loayrt. Apoc

hypocrite (n.) crauee-oalsey: for an hypocrite shall not come before him - son cha jig yn crauee-oalsey ny enish Bible; fer crauee foalsey: That the hypocrite reign not - Nagh lhisagh yn er-crauee-oalsey reill Bible; foalserey; kialgeyr: For what is the hope of the hypocrite - Son cre ta treishteil yn chialgeyr Bible; fer foalsey; hipikrat; molteyr: and the innocent shall stir up himself against the hypocrite - as ver yn dooinney ynrick eddin dan molteyr Bible

praying mantis (n.) fadeyrag, mantys crauee, meeyl chrauee, padjerey

righteous (adj.) cairal, cairoil, ynrick, feoiltagh; crauee; (npl.) sleih cairal, sleih ynrick

vocation (n.) gerrym: Religious vocation - Gerrym crauee. DF idiom; keird; stayd; yllagh

groymagh cheerless: ny bee-jee groymagh myr ny crauee-oalsey Bible

pointee shall appoint: pointee eh e chronney marish ny crauee oalsey: Bible

perfect fondagh: S'fondagh! - How perfect! DF idiom; fondaghey; slane: He's a perfect idiot! - T'eh ny slane ommidan! DF idiom; slane jeant; crauee; jeeragh

soberly (adv.) dy arrymagh; dy sheelt: we should live soberly, righteously, and godly - dy lhisagh shin baghey dy sheelt, dy cairal, as dy crauee Bible

Cooin lhiam (intj) Help: Cooin lhiam, Hiarn, son cha vel un dooinney crauee faagit: son cha vel y vooinjer ynrick agh goan mastey cloan gheiney. Bible

fir vooinjerey men servants: deie eh er jees jeh ny fir vooinjerey echey as er sidoor crauee jeusyn va dy kinjagh mygeayrt-y-mysh Bible

Greekyn Greeks: As ren paart jeu credjal, as lhiantyn gys Paul as Silas: myr ren earroo mooar jeh ny Greekyn crauee Bible

hannaghtyn (dy); (to) abide, continue, remain, rest: deiyr ymmodee jeh ny Hewnyn, as jeh ny proselyteyn crauee er Paul as Barnabas; as loayr ad roo, as choyrlee ad ad dy hannaghtyn ayns grayse Yee. Bible

leeaght (f.) disquisition: Bee daunsin ceili ayn Feer Cheiliyn, leeaght, shirveishyn crauee as coorse ynsee dauesy ta geearree ve nyn ver ny mraane ynsee. Dhoor

lesh ammys admiringly: Cur-jee da'n Chiarn yn gloyr ta cooie da'n Ennym echey: cur-jee ooashley da'n Chiarn lesh ammys crauee. Bible

mee-reiltys (f.) anarchy, disloyalty, disorder, irregularity, lawlessness, misrule, turbulence, unruliness; unruly: Lheid as ta gyn foill, sheshey un ven, as e chloan crauee, nagh vel er ny chassid jeh rouanys ny meereiltys Bible

proselyteyn proselytes: deiyr ymmodee jeh ny Hewnyn, as jeh ny proselyteyn crauee er Paul as Barnabas Bible

Shenn agglish Casherick Old Holy church: va oardagh crauee 'sy chenn agglish Casherick, ec toshiaght y Chargys dy row lheid ny persoonyn as v'er nyn gheddyn kyndagh jeh ard pheccah erbee, er nyn goyrt fo pennys foshlit PB1765

shenn vraane aged women: Ny shenn vraane myrgeddin, dy bee ad dy ymmyrkey-bea crauee Bible; old women

tortys allowance, gift: Cur tortys da'n dooinney crauee, as son y drogh-yantagh ny cur kemmyrk da. Apoc

tushtagh (=Ir. tuiseanach) clever, discreet, intelligence, intelligent, knowing, knowledgeable, prudent, versed: Cur dooin cree sheelt, tushtagh as crauee CS

ymmydyn uses: cha jig oo harrish ayrn erbee jee agh gys ymmydyn creeney as crauee CS

accusers (npl.) cassidee; plaiyntee: Against whom when the accusers stood up - Noi tra va e phlaiyntee er hassoo seose Bible; casseyderyn: Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers - Fegooish graih dooghyssagh, brishey conaantyn, casseyderyn foalsey Bible; scammyltee: that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers - dy bee ad dy ymmyrkey-bea crauee, cha nee scammyltee Bible

caghlaa cummey metamorphose, metamorphosis, transfiguration, transfigure: As tra vees shiu trostey, ny bee-jee groymagh myr ny crauee-oalsey, son t'adsyn caghlaa cummey nyn eddin, er-chee deiney dy chur tastey da'n trostey oc. Bible

troghyn troughs: As hoie eh ny slattyn v'eh er speeiney, kiongoyrt rish ny shioltaneyn ayns ny jeeigyn, liorish ny troghyn ushtey Bible; characteristics: freayll kianglaghyn beayn lesh y steat shen, as taishbyney troghyn kynneeagh, cultooroil, crauee, ny troghyn-chengey. Carn; properties; traits: T'eh jannoo list jeh ny troghyn Manninagh raad nagh vel yn Ghaelg goll rish Yernish ny Albinish. Dhoor


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