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cramman sooree burdock

Cramman Point

cramman pl. crammanyn 1 bulb, bump, button, lump, nodule, nugget, pellet; 2 clod a: Ta my eill coodit lesh beishteigyn as crammanyn ooir Bible; 3 (of door) handle; 4 control

Inexact matches:

cramman brooee press button

cramman cleayshey stud earring

cramman doo knapweed

cramman dorrysh door handle, doorknob, doorhandle

cramman lheiney shirt button

cramman moaney small sod of turf

cramman peearagh pear switch

croagane cramman button-hook

towl cramman button-hole

Cramman y Garrett Garrett's Point

bump att: There is a bump on his head - Ta att er e chione. DF idiom; builley; cramman: It raised a bump - Hrog eh cramman. DF idiom; donk; donkal; donkey; labb; tomman

button-hole1 (n.) towl cramman

button-hole2 (n.) towl cramman

button-hook (n.) croagane cramman

doorknob (n.) cramman dorrysh

handle2 (n.) (of door) cramman, doarnane

nodule (n.) cramman

nugget (n.) cramman

pear switch (n.) cramman peearagh

Point (n.) Cramman

press button (n.) cramman brooee

shirt button (n.) cramman lheiney

doorhandle (n.) cramman dorrysh, laue ghorrysh

door handle (n.) cramman dorrysh; dhornane

Garrett's Point (n.) Cramman y Garrett

bulb1 (n.) cramman, crammaney, cruinnag, fraue, maccan

burdock (n.) boaghan-doa, bollan dhoa, cramman sooree

knapweed (n.) cramman doo, lus y chramman doo

pellet (n.) cramman; grine; milleen; steab pabyragh

small sod of turf (n.) cramman moaney

stud earring (n.) cliejeen cleayshey, cramman cleayshey

button (n.) cramman, cree; (v.) cur ny crammanyn ayn: Button your coat - Cur ny crammanyn ayns y chooat eu. JJK idiom

clod1 (n.) ceab, cramman, foaid, foid, foyn, ooir, scrah, thalloo; (v.) ceau ceabbey er, ceabbey, scraaghey

control1 gurneil; cramman; smaght; niart-stiuree; (v.) jean gurneil, freayll fo, smaghtey, streeaney; stiurey: Under government control - Fo stiurey yn reiltys. DF idiom

lump (v.) carnanaghey, crammaney, jannoo ceabyn, kionnan; (n.) ceab, cramman, uddan; dhossan; glout: Big lump of pie - Glout mooar dy phye. DF idiom; stuggey: Big lump of a lass - Stuggey dy ghoodee. DF idiom


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