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cragh (f.) booty, capture, depredation, devastation, disaster, doom, foray, havoc, loot, pillage, plunder, prize, ravage, ravishment, sack, scoop, smash, swag, undoing, ruin; catastrophe; slaughter: Ta cragh masteyn pobble, ta geiyrt er Absalom. Bible; spoil: Agh ooilleyn maase, as cragh ny ard-valjyn ghow shin son spooilley dooin hene. Bible; prey: as yn ollagh eck, nee shiu goaill son cragh diu hene Bible; despoliation

Inexact matches:

cragh er mooin cragh disaster on disaster, double catastrophe

cragh ollee cattle raid

cragh trome great slaughter: ghow ad ersooyl y maase oc, as ren ad cragh trome ny-vud oc Bible

jannoo cragh filibuster, foray, plundering, raven: tra ta chingyssyn dyn lheihys jannoo cragh feiy'n teihll Carn

shelgeyr cragh freebooter

catastrophe (n.) cragh: Catastrophe on catastrophe - Cragh er mooin cragh. DF idiom

disaster (n.) cragh: Disaster on disaster - Cragh er mooin cragh. DF idiom; craght, drogh-haghyrt, traartys

disaster on disaster cragh er mooin cragh

double catastrophe (n.) cragh er mooin cragh

foray (n.) cragh, craght; (v.) jannoo cragh

cattle raid (n.) cragh ollee

freebooter (n.) shelgeyr cragh

great slaughter (n.) cragh trome

havoc (n.) cragh; jeeyl; traartys

ravishment (n.) cragh, egin

swag (n.) cragh

booty (n.) cragh: And their camels shall be a booty - As bee ny camelyn oc son cragh Bible; griu; spooilley: And the booty, being the rest of the prey which the men of war had caught - As y spooilley, ta shen, yn chooid elley jehn chragh va ny deiney- caggee er ghoaill Bible; griu-vaarlee

depredation (n.) cragh, craght, griu, traartys

devastation (n.) cragh, craght, lhome-hraartys, traartys

pillage cragh, craghey, craght, spooilley

scoop cragh; craghey; sleaystey; spooitcher

capture (n.) cragh, griu; (v.) goaill; goaill cappee; spooilley; taartyn

despoliation (n.) milley, spooilley; roosteyrys; cragh; griu-vaarlee

filibuster (v.) craghey, jannoo cragh, jannoo lhiettalys; (n.) cragheyder, lhiettalagh

loot (n.) cragh, craght, griu; (v.) craghtey, spooilley

ravage (v.) craghey, spooilley; (n.) cragh, ruegys, traartys

plunder cragh; craghey; craght; roosteyraght; roosteyrys; sladdagh; spooilley; griu-vaarlee

plundering (v.) gruiaghey, jannoo cragh, jannoo craght, spooilley; (adj.) roosteyragh, spooilleydagh

paittoil pestiferous, pestilent: yiow ad baase liorish cragh paittoil Bible

doom briwnys: Day of doom - Laa mooar ny briwnys. DF idiom; cragh; deyrey

prize1 aundyr: You were awarded the first prize - Va'n chied aundyr er ny briwnys dhyt. DF idiom; aundyragh; cragh; griu; olmys; soiaghey mooar jeh

raven (n.) feeagh: As black as the raven is he'll find a mate - Myr s'doo yn feeagh yiow eh sheshey. JJK idiom; feeagh mooar; (v.) hompsal, jannoo cragh

sack cragh; sack: Sack of coal - Sack geayil. DF idiom; (v.) cur y bayr da: He got the sack - Hug ad y bayr da. DF idiom; spooilley

slaughter buitchooragh, cragh; buitchooraghey, cur gy baase, jannoo dunverys, jannoo traartys er; buitchoorys, dunverys, slaigh, slautyr, slaughter; haar; marroo; traartys

smash bransal; bransey; brasney; cragh; mynvrishey; smoash; smoashal; brishey: Smash the door open - Yn dorrys y vrishey stiagh. DF idiom

spoil babbaney; caartrey; cragh; craghey; craght; jannoo brock jeh; milley: Don't let us spoil our children - Ny lhig dooin milley nyn baitchyn. JJK idiom; millit; orchal; spooilley; mhilley; roostey

undoing rassey; skeaylley; cragh: That was his undoing! - Va shen yn chragh echey! DF idiom; craght

convayrtyn ravin: lhieen eh yn chagh echey lesh cragh, as ny ooigyn echey lesh convayrtyn. Bible

cotteyryn cottagers: va'n cragh er ve speeideilagh erskyn credjue ayns wheesh as v'eh er hayrn arrey y teihll er yn aght voght v'er mooinjer Lioas, as er croiteyryn as cotteyryn er fud ny Gaeltaght. NNS

derragh (interrog.) would give; (nagh) would not give: As deie ad gys y Jee dy Israel ooilley lesh un chree as aigney nagh derragh eh nyn gloan son cragh, as nyn mraane son spooilley Apoc

dewil barbarous, cold-blooded, cruel, inclement, savage, severe: woaill eh ad rass as cass, lesh cragh dewil Bible

druggaghyn (narcotic) drugs: tra ta chingyssyn dyn lheihys jannoo cragh feiy'n teihll, tra ta druggaghyn stroie yn aeglagh Carn

foastagh (=Ir. fós) moreover, still, yet: Foastagh, ta sidooryn currit gys Nerin dy yannoo cragh Carn

foddey smoo more abundant; much greater: nagh beagh nish cragh foddey smoo mastey ny Philistinee ? Bible; much more; yet more

sharrooid bitterness: (Va glioon Finn giarrit dy dowin son sharrooid yn chliwe) Hie cragh er Finn, as haink jeeill er yn Fianna ooilley. Coraa

yndyr See gyndyr browse, graze, pasture: Yn ard-nieu balloo ta er yndyr er, as e chaghlaa mooar hug my hooill my-ner; liorish e choyrle vie ta mee neesht er ee, as baase cha hur mee, ny foast cragh erbee! PC

prey cragh: he shall not lie down until he eat of the prey - cha lhie eh sheese, derrey vees eh er nee jehn chragh Bible; olmys; shelg; spooilley: Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey - Ta Judah myr quaillan y lion; veihn spooilley Bible

ruin boghlaneagh; tholtanagh: The house went to ruin - Haink y thie dy ve tholtanagh. DF idiom; (v.) craghey, creiu, cur mow, cur naardey, milley, brishey; (n.) baare, tholtan, striggaltys, craiuaig, craght, stroiltys, stroialtys; cragh: It was the ruin of him - V'eh yn chragh echey. DF idiom


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