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crackan (=Ir., Sc.G. craiceann) fur, hide, peel, pelt, rind, skin, slough, parchment: Va'n crackan ain doo myr yn oghe Bible [O.Ir. croiccenn]

Inexact matches:

crackan baa cow hide

crackan bwoirrin doeskin

crackan conning cony

crackan cronnagh scar tissue

crackan dhone bronzed skin

crackan eayin lambskin

crackan feeaihee buckskin, deerskin

crackan goair goatskin

crackan goayrey kid leather

crackan ingney cuticle

crackan keyrragh sheepskin, wool-fell: Neayr's va mee ayn va'n crackan keyrragh v'ec Juan dy chur mygeayrt y chiarkyl freayllt ayns ushtey as eayl ayns poagey plastagh sy chamyr echey as v'eh freayllt aynshen rish queig laghyn. GB

crackan kirkey goose flesh, goose pimples

crackan kyaghan moleskin

crackan lheiy calf

crackan maghouin bearskin

crackan mannan kid leather

crackan muickey pigskin

crackan ollay swanskin

crackan oranje orange skin

crackan rauney sealskin

crackan screeuee parchment, vellum

crackan sharkagh shagreen

crackan sharree pony skin

crackan thanney pellicle

crackan unnish onion skin

goaill crackan cicatrize, form a scar

lhiaseyder crackan skin dresser

noadaghey crackan skin grafting

tead crackan hide rope

builley y crackan masturbate

bwoailley y crackan toss off

bwoalley y crackan masturbate

ceau yn crackan slough

Chirveish-Lheiys Erskyn-Ghorrym ry-hoi Crackan (f.) (yn); (the) Ultraviolet Skin Treatment Service

crackan goair ny greg shammy leather

crackan goayr ny greg chamois leather

crackan lheiy crouwagh tree-calf

crackan mwaagh bwoirrin doeskin

crackan ny graue periosteum

crackan ny sooilley conjunctiva

crackan screeuee garroo rough vellum

crackan screeuee meein fine vellum

cur crackan er colour, surface

lostey crackan ny graue periostitis

doeskin (n.) crackan bwoirrin, crackan mwaagh bwoirrin

kid leather (n.) crackan goayrey, crackan mannan

parchment (n.) crackan screeuee, pabyr craitnagh, crackan

slough ceau yn crackan; crackan; feill varroo; laaghan; scarrey

masturbate (v.) builley y crackan, bwoalley y crackan, jannoo laue chooilleeney, jannoo mair chooilleeney

bronzed skin (n.) crackan dhone

buckskin (n.) crackan feeaihee

conjunctiva (n.) crackan ny sooilley

cony (n.) conning, crackan conning

cow hide (n.) crackan baa

cuticle (n.) craaish, crackan ingney

deerskin (n.) crackan feeaihee

goose flesh (n.) crackan kirkey

goose pimples (npl.) crackan kirkey

hide rope (n.) tead crackan

moleskin (n.) crackan kyaghan

onion skin (n.) crackan unnish

orange skin (n.) crackan oranje

pellicle (n.) crackan thanney

periosteum (n.) crackan ny graue

pigskin (n.) crackan muickey

pony skin (n.) crackan sharree

scar tissue (n.) crackan cronnagh

sheepskin (n.) crackan keyrragh

skin dresser (n.) lhiaseyder crackan

skin grafting (v.) noadaghey crackan

swanskin (n.) crackan ollay

tree-calf crackan lheiy crouwagh

vellum (n.) crackan screeuee

wool-fell (n.) crackan keyrragh

chrackan See crackan skin: My she 'sy ghloo ny 'syn innagh te, dy lieen, ny dy ollan; ny ayns crackan, ny ayns obbyr erbee jeant dy chrackan Bible

calf1 (n.) gauin, lheiy; crackan lheiy

dermatologist (n.) crackan-oayllee

dermatology (n.) crackan-oaylleeaght

fine vellum (n.) crackan screeuee meein

form a scar (v.) goaill crackan

goatskin (n.) crackan goair, sheh ghoair

lambskin (n.) crackan eayin, sheh eayin

pelt (v.) ceau er; (n.) crackan, sheh

periostitis (n.) lostey crackan ny graue

prepuce (n.) chymmylt, crackan-chymmylt

rough vellum (n.) crackan screeuee garroo

sealskin (n.) crackan rauney; sheh rauney

tattoo2 (n.) (on skin) crackan-yalloo, tattoo

crackan-chymmylt foreskin, prepuce: Livrey hym Michal my ven, ren mee y chosney son keead crackan-chymmylt jeh ny Philistinee. Bible

crackan-oayllee dermatologist

crackan-oaylleeaght (f.) dermatology

crackan-yalloo (on skin) tattoo

bearskin (n.) crackan maghouin; edd gheayshteenagh; sheh vaghouin

chamois leather (n.) crackan goayr ny greg, shammee

cicatrize (v.) goaill crackan, jannoo cron, screbbey

rind (n.) crackan; roost; roostey; scryss; speeineig; speeiney

shagreen (n.) crackan sharkagh; lhiare grineenagh; troggal grineenyn er

shammy leather (n.) crackan goair ny greg, shammee

toss off1 (v.) bwoailley y crackan, cur laue chooilleeney

Ultraviolet Skin Treatment Service (n.) (the); (yn) Chirveish-Lheiys Erskyn-Ghorrym ry-hoi Crackan

fur (n.) clooie, fynney, kort; crackan, sheh; (v.) cur kort er

surface (n.) baare, eaghtyr; (v.) cheet gys baare varrey, cur crackan er

friogagh barbed: Vod oo yn crackan echey y lhieeney lesh yiarnyn friogagh? Bible

shymlit drooped, perished: Son ta mee shymlit myr crackan ayns y jaagh Bible

cat (n.) kayt: What do you get of the cat but the skin? - Cre yiow jeh'n chayt agh y crackan? JJK idiom; screeberagh, screeberey

look on (v.) jeeaghyn er: And the priest shall look on the plague in the skin of the flesh - As neen saggyrt jeeaghyn er y doghan, ayns crackan yn eill Bible

peel (v.) roostey, speeiney; speein: Peel those oranges and throw the peel in the fire - Speein ny horanjeyn shen as ceau ny speeineigyn 'syn aile. DF idiom; (n.) crackan, roost, scryss, sleayst uinnee, speeineig

skin (n.) crackan: Near is my shirt but nearer is my skin - S'faggys my lheiney agh s'niessey my chrackan. JJK idiom; chrackan; shea, sheh; (adj.) crackanagh; (v.) fanney, speeiney

craueagh bony, gaunt, osseous, scraggy, skinny: Er y cheu elley shilley s'agglee v'ayn, red fegooish cummey, cassyn, mean ny kione, gyn feill, gyn crackan, jeeaghyn craueagh v'eh, creenit as fioj't, myr starvit laccal bee PC

fehyn sinews: T'ou er my choamrey lesh crackan as feill, as er my niartaghey lesh craueyn as fehyn. Bible

listeryn eeastee fish spears: Vod oo yn crackan echey y lhieeney lesh yiarnyn friogagh? nyn kione echey y lhottey lesh listeryn eeastee? Bible

starvit starved: gyn feill, gyn crackan, jeeaghyn craueagh v'eh, creenit as fioj't, myr starvit laccal bee PC

colour1 (n.) brattagh; cullyr: I cannot conceive how he can choose so ugly a colour - Cha noddym sheiltyn kys vod eh reih cullyr cha graney. JJK idiom; daah: He would choose this colour - Reihagh eh yn daah shoh. JJK idiom; (v.) cullyral, cur crackan er, cur daah er, daaghey, daahghey

foreskin (n.) chymmylt: And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin - As nee shiu giarey chymmylt yn eill eu Bible; ro-chrackan; crackan-chymmylt

hide follaghey; follaghtyn, keiltyn; keill: Go and hide behind the door - Immee as keil cooyl y dorrys. JJK idiom; follee: Don't hide my pen - Ny follee my phenn. JJK idiom; (n.) crackan; sheh: One must take the horns with the hide - Shegin goaill ny eairkyn marish y cheh. JJK idiom; oayll

cassit contorted, distorted: as y crackan eck cho dhone as reen as lhiare, lurg lhing liauyr jeh obbyr creoie cheumooie ayns ny magheryn, as va e laueyn crontit as cassit lesh aacheoid. Dhoor; twirled, twisted: Bare lesh eh stoo gollrish shenn teid, cassit as thummit ayns therr v'eh freayll ayns duinid e phoggaid. MB; legged; swung


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