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crab1 far-ymmyrt; partan: The crab which is always in its hole is never fat - Yn partan ta dy-kinjagh 'sy towl echey cha vel eh rieau roauyr. DF idiom

crab2 (v.) (as birds) ingney

crab3 (v.) (of person) cur drogh er

Inexact matches:

crab apple (n.) gartag, ooyl feie

crab louse (n.) meeyl vaaigagh, thollag

crab pots (npl.) poiyt-partan

fiddler crab (n.) partan kiuttagh

Harry crab (n.) glassag

hermit crab (n.) dolpaw, mwatlag-maaigagh

pea crab (n.) partan vog

shore crab (n.) glassag, partan glass

soldier crab (n.) partan sidooragh

spider crab (n.) partan yiarn

swimming crab (n.) partan kiuttagh, partan snauee

crab apple tree (n.) billey ooyl feie

velvet swimming crab (n.) partan snauee velvad

glassag1 (f.) shore crab, Harry crab; rampart; wagtail

partan kiuttagh fiddler crab, swimming crab

dolpaw hermit crab

far-ymmyrt crab

gartag (f.) crab apple

meeyl vaaigagh (f.) crab louse

mwatlag-maaigagh (f.) hermit crab

ooyl feie crab apple

partan glass shore crab

partan sidooragh soldier crab

partan snauee swimming crab

partan vog (f.) pea crab

partan yiarn spider crab

poiyt-partan crab pots

thollag (f.) crab louse

crab-pot (n.) poht partan

poht partan crab-pot

billey ooyl feie crab apple tree, wilding

partan snauee velvad velvet swimming crab

ingney claw, scratch; (as birds) crab; clawing; (gen.) of a claw: Varnish ingney. DF

cur drogh er (of person) crab: Tra v'eh chirrym chraagh eh eh as myr shen dy jinnagh eh feiyr mooar agglagh as cur drogh er dy chooilley ghooinney. GB

partan (=Ir. partan) crab: Yn partan ta dy-kinjagh 'sy towl echey cha vel eh rieau roauyr. DF


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