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c'raad (interrog.) where, whereabouts, wherein, whither: C'raad ta shiu er choyrt eh? Bible [O.Ir. cía airm, cairm, cía ]

whereabouts (interrog.) c'raad

Wherein (adv., interrog.) Cre ayn; C'raad

whither (adv.) c'raad; kayrt; caïd

where (adv.) boayl, raad; (interrog.) c'raad, caid; cre yn ynnyd

oik failt reception: C'raad ta'n oik failt? DF

Yagh2 (intj, voc.) Lass: C'raad t'ou goll Yagh? DF

Yah2 (voc.) Lass: C'raad t'ou goll yah? DF

sons (npl.) mec: Where are your sons? - C'raad ta nyn mec? JJK idiom

covargey trade area: As c'raad ta'n Co-vargey ayns ny cooishyn shoh? Carn

faasaghey feed: c'raad t'ad faasaghey ny shioltaneyn oc. Bible

gheiney1 See deiney (ny) gents: C'raad ta premmee ny gheiney? DF

jeeassyragh gleaning: C'raad t'ou er ve jeeassyragh jiu? Bible

troshid (f.) strength, vigour: fow magh c'raad ta'n troshid vooar echey lhie Bible

vir See fir (ny) gents, men: C'raad ta premmee ny vir? DF

basin (n.) awin-tragh, lhong-phurt, moir ny hushtaghyn, thamane, tobbyr-oonlee; meilley: Where's the basin? - C'raad ta'n veilley? JJK idiom

begin (v.) cur toshiaght er; goaill toshiaght: Where do we begin? - C'raad ta shin goaill toshiaght? JJK idiom; jannoo toshiaght; toshiaghey; iargi, jargi

forks (npl.) gollageyn: Where are the knives and forks? - C'raad ta ny skynnyn as gollageyn? JJK idiom

gave1 hug: Where are the flowers I gave you? - C'raad ta ny blaaghyn hug mee dhyt? JJK idiom

hang out croghey magh; taaghey: Where do you hang out in the evenings? - C'raad t'ou taaghey 'syn astyr? DF idiom

knives (npl.) skynnaghyn; skynnyn: Where are the knives and forks? - C'raad ta ny skynnyn as gollageyn? JJK idiom

lass (n.) bwoirrinagh; ben aeg; caillag, caillin; doodee: Big lump of a lass - Stuggey dy ghoodee. DF idiom; buddee; inneen, 'neen; yah: Where are you going lass? - C'raad t'ou goll yah? DF idiom

like you gollrhyt; (emph.) gollrhyt's; gollrhyt-hene; gollriu: Where shall I find a friend like you? - C'raad yio'm carrey goll-riu? JJK idiom; gollriu-hene

put1 (v.) chur; cur-jee; cur: Put a few shavings on top - Cur paart dy lockerskeeagh er. JJK idiom; hug: Where did you put my letter? - C'raad hug shiu my lettyr? JJK idiom

reception (n.) eaishtaght; oik failt: Where is the reception? - C'raad ta'n oik failt? DF idiom; ynnyd failt; glackey, failtaghey, oltaghey

relief (n.) couyr, feaysley er, releef; feaysley; fer coonee: Where is my relief? - C'raad ta'n fer-coonee aym? DF idiom; feaylsee: He gave a sigh of relief - Lhig eh osney feayslee. DF idiom

usually (adv.) dy cadjin; dy cliaghtagh: But where are they usually bought? - Agh c'raad t'ad kionnit dy-cliaghtagh? JJK idiom

chagh (=Ir. teach) abode, dwelling, residence; hiding place; feedingplace: C'raad ta oayll ny lionyn, as chagh ny lionyn aegey? Bible [OIr. teg, tech]

gioaldeeaght (f.) mortgage: c'raad oddins troggal gioaldeeaght ny argid er-eeasaght, as kys oddagh cooid-troggal ve er ny ymmyrkey dys y tholtan er y chassan coon? Dhoor

miolee entice, tempt: Miolee eh, as fow magh c'raad ta'n troshid vooar echey lhie Bible

shirrey lurg seek after: Ta mee shirrey lurg my vraaraghyn: insh dou, ta mee guee ort c'raad t'ad faasaghey ny shioltaneyn oc. Bible

tostid dowin heavy silence: Harry son tammylt ny host, as dy chooilley nane foast briaght jeh, c'raad va'n aile, as fy-yerrey hrog Harry seose e laue, as huitt dagh unnane ayns tostid dowin. JC

position boayl: Position in class - Boayl 'sy vrastyl. DF idiom; keim: In a high position - Ayns ard cheim. DF idiom; stayd: Cash position - Stayd yn argid. DF idiom; ynnyd: What was the ship's position at noon? - C'raad va ynnyd ny lhong ec y vunlaa? DF idiom


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