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craa brandish, dither, dodder, flicker, flutter, jog, jolt, judder, quake, quaver, rustle, shake, shiver, shock, tremble, vibrate; (shake) jar; (of head) toss; (of hand) wave; (as singer) trill, wobble; rent: ren yn ard-valley craa lesh y feiyr oc Bible; sprinkle; ring; warble; wag: dagh fer hed shaghey thassane ayns craid, as craa e laue urree Bible; trembling

Inexact matches:

craa harrish bestrew

craa laue hand clasp, handshake

craa thallooin pl. craaghyn-thallooin earthquake: As cur-my-ner va craa thallooin mooar ayn Bible

er craa nervous; shaking: Ta mee er craa lesh lesh aggle roishyn. DF

craa ushtey er besprinkle

cur craa da hearten

cur craa rish trill

trill (v.) cur craa rish, rowlal; (n.) craa

besprinkle (v.) craa ushtey er

brandish (v.) craa; leaystey

dither (v.) craa

earthquake (n.) craa-hallooin, craa thallooin

hand clasp (n.) craa laue

jar2 (v.) (shake) craa

jolt craa; jonse; jonseragh

judder (v.) craa

quake er creau; craa

quaver cammane; craa

toss4 (of head) craa, snog, snug

vibrate (v.) craa, tonn-chraa

wag (n.) rannee, faghider; (n., v.) craa

warble1 craa; pearsley

wave3 (of hand) craa: And he shall wave the sheaf before the Lord - As nee eshyn craa noon as noal yn vunney fenish y Chiarn Bible; leaystey

wobble2 (v.) (as singer) craa

craa-hallooin earthquake: va tendreilyn, as coraaghyn, as taarnaghyn, as craa-hallooin, as claghyn mooarey sniaghtee. Bible

tendreilyn dy aile flames of fire: Ta coraa yn Chiarn scoltey ny tendreilyn dy aile; ta coraa yn Chiarn craa yn assagh: yn Chiarn, dy feer, ta craa faasagh Chades. Bible

bestrew (v.) craa harrish, skeaylley er

dodder (v.) craa; (n.) lus y snaie

handshake (n.) craa laue, greim laue

hearten (v.) aachreeaghey; cur craa da

Quakerism (n.) (yn) craa-chredjue

seismic (adj.) craa-hallooinagh, seismagh, thalloo-chraagh

shake craa: Make it shake - Cur er craa eh. DF idiom; crie: Shake off the dust - Crie jeh yn joan. JJK idiom; feddal; follick; follyd; reealley; rucksal; chrieys: If you shake the tree a little harder the nuts will fall to the ground - My chrieys oo yn billey red beg ny s'creoiey, tuittee ny croyn er y thalloo. JJK idiom

shimmer craa-skell; craa-skelley; skell

tremble craa; er creau; clussaghey

trembling craayn; er creau: but the Lord shall give thee there a trembling heart - agh ver y Chiarn dhyt ayns shen cree er-creau Bible; lhejagh; creau: Fearlessness and trembling are come upon me - Ta aggle as creau er jeet orrym Bible; craa: so it was a very great trembling - myr shen dy row craa feer atchimagh ny-vud oc Bible

craa-chiaull (f.) rock, rock music

craa-chredjue (yn) Quakerism

craa-hallooinagh seismic

craa-skell shimmer

craa-skelley shimmer

flicker chentyn; craa; falleaysagh; lossag; meekey; shliee

nervous (adj.) er craa, faitchagh, fehagagh, imneagh, nearagagh

rock music (n.) craa-chiaull, kiaull chraaee

rustle craa; farrym; geid ollee; moostrey

jog craa; sonk; sonkal: Jog an elbow - Uillin y honkal. DF idiom

taarnaghey fulminate, thunder, thundering: ren y thalloo craa, as yn aer taarnaghey Bible

flutter bennalt; craa; gial beg: I'll have a little flutter on it - Verym gial beg er. DF idiom; sout; soutaghey; soutal; clussaghey

rent cummal er mayl, craa; cur er mayl; mayl, mayle: The annual rent of Mann - Mayl bleeaney Vannin. DF idiom; raipit; rast; scelp; scolt; skort; raip; raipey

shaking (v.) er craa; er creau: I was shaking in my shoes - Va mee er creau ayns my chrackan. DF idiom

shiver bibbernee: A shiver went through me - Ren mee bibbernee. DF idiom It sent a shiver down my spine - Hug eh bibbernee ayns my ghreeym. DF idiom; craa; scolb; speiltey

shock1 (v.) bwoalley, sheeigey, sthookal; craa; cur greain; (to); (dy) agglaghey; (n.) toorran; greain: The shock killed him - Varr yn ghreain eh. DF idiom

sprinkle breckey; craa; skeaylley; spreih: Aaron's sons shall sprinkle the blood thereof round about upon the altar - nee mec Aaron yn uill echey y spreih mygeayrt er yn altar Bible

brattagh Manninagh Manx flag: Ta Neil Hodgson gra dy vel eh jerkal craa yn brattagh Manninagh, Tree Cassyn Vannin, y nah cheayrt vees eh cosney yn varriaght ayns ratçh Ard-Roar-Vree yn Teihll. BS

corragh (=Ir. corrach) 1 crazy, eccentric, erratic, fitful, hectic, infirm, irresolute, sensitive, skittish, uneasy, unequal; 2 (as career) chequered; 3 falling, unstable, unsteady, tottering, wobbly a: ren ooilley ny croink craa dy corragh Bible; 4 (of period) troubled; 5 (of mind) unbalanced; 6 (as temper) uneven; 7 jerry-built; 8 rocky place

curn can; milk can: As ren ee craa e kione ayns cordailys rish e smooinaghtyn, as ren yn curn bainney tuittym gys y thalloo as va ooilley e smooinaghtyn scarrit ayns tullagh. EF

drogh-imraa bad report, infamy: Yiow ish, ta ammyssagh da e sheshey, slane goo yn ven chreeney: agh hig faghid as drogh-imraa yn theihll urreeish ta craa e moyrn er. Apoc

freaney rage: Ga dy jinnagh ny ushtaghyn echey freaney as gatt: as ga dy jinnagh ny sleityn craa lesh dorrin y chooid cheddin Bible; roaring, rushing, wrought, rattling

lhieggey bowl over, demolish, demolition, downfall, drop, fall, fall down, fell, hew, overbalance, pull down, spill, strike, striking, throw, topple, tumble, upset: Ta'n thalloo craa ec feiyr yn lhieggey oc Bible; (windows) collapse; overflow, run over; cataract; fire

linteyr (f.) pl. linteyryn lintel: Bwoaill linteyr yn dorrys, dy vod ny essynyn craa Bible

Lossan y Twoaie (f.) Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights: As chentyn runt mygeayrt, dettyl eh ayns arc Orraghit myr rimmeig, jeh Lossan y Twoaie Ry-akin raad ny inshyn riojit gheuree craa 'Syn oie, lesh feiyryn ard ny marrey hwoaie. Dhoor

lurg1 (=Ir. lorg) 1 (time) after, after her, after him, afterwards, ensuing a: As lurg yn craa-hallooin va aile Bible; 2 agate

pumpal pump, pumping: Ta'n gas goll er pumpal feer lajer dy jarroo - cho lajer as dy vel eh jannoo assee da ny slattyn-conney, ta craa mygeayrt sy strooan niartal. Carn

scooirt scrubbed: nyn armyn scooirt, culleeyn ard ren craa, 's kiaull myr roish cah noa fud dagh sheshaght va. PC

va goll shaghey passed: As doltooan y vooinjer va goll shaghey eh, craa nyn ghing. Bible

hiss (v.) jannoo thassane, thassaney; gannidys: and hiss because of all the plagues thereof - as nee ad gannidys, kyndagh rish ooilleyn kerraghey trome hig urree Bible; thassane, tassane: they hiss and wag their head at the daughter of Jerusalem - t'ad tassane as craa nyn ghing er inneen Yerusalem Bible

ring bingys, clinc, rhollan; (v.) cur fainey er, cur stroineen er, clinck, craa, clinckal, clinckeragh, glingal; broo: Ring the doorbell - Broo yn claggan. DF idiom; bwoalley: Ring the bell - Bwoaill yn clag. DF idiom; crie: Ring the bell - Crie yn kiaullane. DF idiom; (n.) bwoaillee, croa, fainney, kiarkyl, loop, paal, scoodyn; fainey: He pledged the ring - Hug eh yn ainey myr raane. DF idiom

rock1 (n.) carrick; creg: Thou art my rock and my fortress - She uss my chreg as my ghoon. JJK idiom; craa-chiaull; goayl; (v.) leaystey, loaganey


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