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coyr rioee (f.) fridge: Ta coyr rioee as rioder eck 'sy chamyr aarlee eck. DF

coyr (f.) pl. coir bin, boot, box, chest, kist, trunk: Ta coyr rioee as rioder eck 'sy chamyr aarlee eck. DF

Inexact matches:

coyr ard (f.) tallboy

coyr arran (f.) breadbin

coyr cabbane (f.) cabin trunk

coyr choadan (f.) filing cabinet

coyr foalley (f.) meat safe

coyr hey (f.) tea chest

coyr leoh ash-bin

coyr lheian (f.) fuse box

coyr oalan ciborium

coyr phremmee (f.) commode

coyr rio (f.) icebox

coyr screeuee (f.) bureau, secretaire, writing cabinet

coyr stoyr (f.) store chest

coyr tashtee (f.) store chest

coyr trustyr dustbin, rubbish bin

coyr varrey (f.) sea chest

coyr voteil (f.) wine bin

seyr coyr cabinet-maker

coyr fo hoiag (f.) seat box

Coyr Pyaghyn Cheh Hot Pie Cabinet

store chest (n.) coyr stoyr, coyr tashtee

ash-bin (n.) coyr leoh

bin (n.) coyr

boot1 (n.) bootys; coyr; towl-scudlee

breadbin (n.) coyr arran

cabinet-maker (n.) seyr coyr

cabin trunk (n.) coyr cabbane

ciborium (n.) coyr oalan

dustbin (n.) coyr trustyr; kishtey-trustyr

filing cabinet (n.) coyr choadan

fridge (n.) coyr rioee: She has a fridge and a freezer in her kitchen - Ta coyr rioee as rioder eck 'sy chamyr aarlee eck. DF idiom

fuse box (n.) coyr lheian

icebox (n.) coyr rio

kist (n.) coir, coyr, koir

meat safe (n.) coyr foalley

rubbish bin (n.) coyr trustyr

sea chest (n.) coyr varrey

secretaire (n.) coyr screeuee

tallboy (n.) coyr ard

tea chest (n.) coyr hey

wine bin (n.) coyr voteil

writing cabinet (n.) coyr screeuee

coyr-verriu coffin: ayns chengey ny mayrey myr va'n coyr-verriu ny choyrt 'syn oaie. Coraa

commode (n.) caair phremmee, coyr phremmee

seat box (n.) coyr fo hoiag

Hot Pie Cabinet (n.) Coyr Pyaghyn Cheh

bureau (n.) coyr screeuee; oik: The weather bureau - Oik ny h-Emshir. DF idiom; rheynn

chest1 (n.) cleeau: He threw out his chest - Hug eh cleeau er hene. DF idiom; coyr, kishtey

trunk1 (n.) ard-linney, coyr, kishtey; colb: Thy head shall be severed from thy trunk - Bee dty chione er ny scarrey veih dty cholb. DF idiom; cashtal y corp

gyn prowal untested: as myr shoh nagh ragh nhee erbee jeh ny kiare coyr laghyn, ren e ayr er n'imraa rish, gyn prowal. Coraa

coffin (n.) coavin, coyr-verriu, kishtey keyl, koir-verriu, koir-oanluckee; crub; coffin: they embalmed him, and he was put in a coffin in Egypt. - ren ad yn corp echeyspiceal, as veh er ny choyrt ayns coffin ayns Egypt Bible


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