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Court (n.) Couyrt, Cooyrt

court1 (n.) cooyrt, faaie; quaiyl: He'll appear before this court of justice, at least, they say so - Hig eh roish y whaiyl-vriwnys shoh, ec y chooid sloo, t'ad gra myr shen. JJK idiom; (v.) sooree

court2 (n.) (housing name) close

Inexact matches:

admiralty court (n.) quaiyl varrey

Africa Court (n.) Cooyrt yn Affrick

Appledean Court (n.) Close Lhag Ooylagh

assize court (n.) quaiyl chimmee

Bishop's Court (n.) Cooyrt yn Aspick, Quaiyl yn Aspick

central court (n.) ard-whaiyl

chapter court (n.) quaiyl agglish

Charles' Court (n.) Close Chalse

common-law court (n.) quaiyl theayee

county court (n.) quaiyl chountee

court baron (n.) quaiyl abb

court card (n.) ree-chaart

court day (n.) laa quaiyllagh

court dress (n.) cullee chooyrtey

Court Enclosure (n.) Close ny Cooyrtey

Court Farm (n.) Balley Cooyrtey

court gate (n.) giat ny cooyrtey: and the sockets of the court gate - as socketyn giat ny cooyrtey Bible

court martial (v.) cur fo whaiyl armee; (n.) quaiyl armee

criminal court (n.) quaiyl chyndagh

Fairways Court (n.) Cooyrt yn Aaie

Hampton's Court (n.) Cooyrt Hampton

High Court (n.) Ard-whaiyl

King's Court (n.) Cooyrt y Ree

king's court (n.) cooyrt reeoil

law court (n.) quaiylagh

licensing court (n.) quaiyl-chied

Little Court (n.) (The); (Yn) Whaiylagh

magistrate's court (n.) quaiyl s'inshley

Monks' Court (n.) Couyrt Maynaghyn

of court (gen.) cooyrtey: The Inns of Court - Oastyn ny Cooyrtey. DF idiom

spiritual court (n.) quaiyl agglish

Strathclyde Court (n.) Cooyrt Strathclyde, Cooyrt Strah Chleayee

tennis court (n.) cooyrt leddoge, cooyrt tennys

Tynwald Court (n.) Quaiyl Tinvaal

White Court (n.) Cooyrt Vane

Windsor Court (n.) Cooyrt Windsor

Bishops Court Glen (n.) Glion Chooyrt yn Aspick

Castle Court Apartments (npl.) Aarasaneyn Cooyrt y Chashtal

Church View Court (n.) Cooyrt Reayrt ny Killey

Clerk of the Court (n.) Cleragh ny Quaiyl

Court of General Gaol (n.) Quaiyl y Phryssoon

court of justice (n.) quaiyl vriwnys: He'll appear before this court of justice; at least, they say so - Hig eh roish y whaiyl-vriwnys shoh; ec y chooid sloo, t'ad gra myr shen. JJK idiom

Inns of Court (npl.) Oastyn ny Cooyrtey

International Criminal Court (n.) Quaiyl Kimmeeys Eddyrashoonagh

Johnny Watterson Court (n.) Close Yuan Kodhere

of a court (gen.) cooyrtey

sittings of Tynwald Court (npl.) soieyn Quaiyl Tinvaal

Isle of Man Family Court Welfare Service (n.) Shirveish-choonee yn Whaiyl Lught-thie

quaiyl agglish (f.) chapter court, consistory, spiritual court

cooyrtey (gen.) of a court: hoie eh seose curtan giat ny cooyrtey Bible; of court

Balley Cooyrtey Court Farm

Close Chalse Charles' Court

Cooyrt Hampton Hampton's Court

cooyrt leddoge (f.) tennis court

Cooyrt Strathclyde (f.) Strathclyde Court

cooyrt tennys (f.) tennis court

Cooyrt Vane White Court

Cooyrt Windsor (f.) Windsor Court

Couyrt Court

Couyrt Maynaghyn Monks' Court

cullee chooyrtey (f.) court dress

laa quaiyllagh court day

quaiyl abb (f.) court baron

quaiylagh law court

quaiyl armee (f.) court martial

quaiyl-chied (f.) licensing court

quaiyl chimmee (f.) assize court

quaiyl chountee (f.) county court

quaiyl chyndagh (f.) criminal court

quaiyl s'inshley (f.) magistrate's court

quaiyl theayee (f.) common-law court

quaiyl varrey (f.) admiralty court

Whaiylagh (Yn); (The) Little Court

Close Lhag Ooylagh Appledean Court

Close ny Cooyrtey Court Enclosure

Cooyrt Strah Chleayee (f.) Strathclyde Court

Cooyrt yn Aaie Fairways Court

Cooyrt yn Affrick (f.) Africa Court

Cooyrt y Ree King's Court

quaiyl vriwnys (f.) court of justice

Quaiyl yn Aspick Bishop's Court

ree-chaart court card, picture card

Aarasaneyn Cooyrt y Chashtal Castle Court Apartments

Cleragh ny Quaiyl Clerk of the Court

Close Yuan Kodhere Johnny Watterson Court

Cooyrt Reayrt ny Killey Church View Court

cur fo whaiyl armee court martial

Glion Chooyrt yn Aspick Bishops Court Glen

Oastyn ny Cooyrtey Inns of Court

Quaiyl Kimmeeys Eddyrashoonagh (f.) International Criminal Court

Quaiyl y Phryssoon Court of General Gaol

soieyn Quaiyl Tinvaal sittings of Tynwald Court

ard-whaiyl (=Ir. ard dháil) (f.) central court; parliament: Ta'n Cho-chruinnaght shoh shirrey cummey Ard-whaiyl son Nalbin. Carn

close close, compound, coop, courtyard, farmyard, precinct, yard; (housing name) court; alley

faaie (=Ir. faiche) (f.) pl. faaieaghyn court, flat field, green, lawn, paddock, pitch, square

Shirveish-choonee yn Whaiyl Lught-thie Isle of Man Family Court Welfare Service

come before (v.) cheet roish: It will come before the court tomorrow - Hig eh roish y whaiyl mairagh. DF idiom

justice (n.) cairys, corrym, corrymid, corrymys, jeerys; briwnys: He'll appear before this court of justice, at least, they say so - Hig eh roish y whaiyl-vriwnys shoh, ec y chooid sloo, t'ad gra myr shen. JJK idiom

ward1 coadan; doltey: Ward of court - Doltey ny quaiyl. DF idiom; wardys: To keep watch and ward - Dy reayll arrey as wardys. DF idiom; gard

Ard-whaiyl High Court: hie y slattys tranlaasagh shoh trooid Ardwhaiyl Hostyn gyn boirey erbee Carn

Cooyrt Court: Daag shin 'sy voghrey son Cooyrt yn Aspick, as ayns shoh leeid yn Chiarn Aspick eh-hene shin trooid e gharaghyn as y cooyrt Coraa

cooyrt (f.) pl. cooyrtyn court, farmyard, forecourt, yard: Eisht haink Jeremiah veih Tophet, raad va'n Chiarn er choyrt eh dy yannoo phadeyrys, as hass eh ayns cooyrt thie yn Chiarn Bible; bowling alley

cooyrt reeoil king's court: Agh ny jean phadeyrys arragh ec Beth-el: son ayns shen ta cabbal y ree, as y cooyrt reeoil. Bible

Cooyrt yn Aspick (f.) Bishop's Court: Daag shin 'sy voghrey son Cooyrt yn Aspick, as ayns shoh leeid yn Chiarn Aspick eh-hene shin trooid e gharaghyn as y cooyrt, soilshaghey dooin shenn chooid yn Aspick ard-ghooagh Wilson. Coraa

giat ny cooyrtey court gate: As curtanyn ny cooyrtey, as y curtan son dorrys giat ny cooyrtey ta liorish y chabbane Bible

quaiyl (f.) pl. quaiylyn pl. quaiyllyn assembly, court, guild, legislature, meeting, parliament, session, tribunal: Myr tan ard-saggyrt hene gymmyrkey feanish lhiam, as slane quaiyl y chanstyr Bible Haink shin nyn quaiyl er y cheiy. GK

Quaiyl Tinvaal Tynwald Court: Cannan kionefenish Quaiyl Tinvaal nurree dy row eh e churrym dy yannoo polaseeyn ayns cordailys rish ny argidee ny smoo ny ny Manninee. Carn

sooree (f.) court, courtship, dalliance, dally, go together, love affair, lovemaking, philander, suit, wooing: fo'n billey-ooyl ren mee sooree ort Bible

forefront (n.) toshiaght; eer toshiaght: Set ye Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle - Soie-jee Uriah ayns eer toshiaght ny rankyn Bible; cheu wass: upon the forefront of the mitre it shall be - er cheu wass y vitre vees eh. Bible; oaïe: The forefront of the one was situate northward over against Michmash - Va oaïe yn derrey yeh lesh y twoaie jeeragh er Michmash Bible; eddin: from the forefront of the lower gate unto the forefront of the inner court - veih eddin y yiat sinshley gys eddin y chooyrt sodjey-stiagh Bible

rows (npl.) coorsyn: even four rows of stones - eer kiare coorsyn cloaie Bible; roaghyn: And he built the inner court with three rows of hewed stone - As hrog eh yn chooyrt sodjey stiagh lesh three roaghyn dy chlagh cummit Bible

standing er chosh, shassagh; (ny) hassoo: and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way - as honnick eh ainle y Chiarn ny hassoo ayns y raad Bible; shassoo: when the king saw Esther the queen standing in the court - tra honnick y ree Esther yn ven-rein shassoo ayns y chooyrt Bible


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