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coshey unmounted; (gen.) of the foot: va nyn ordaagyn laue as coshey giarit jeu Bible

Inexact matches:

aghtallys coshey footwork

bluckan coshey football: Ta ny politickeyryn ayns Kiare as Feed Hostyn ayns Lunnin gymmydey Bretnish myr bluckan-coshey politickagh Carn

builley coshey stamp: Hayrn eh builley coshey orrym DF

chaghter coshey runner

chiowder coshey foot-warmer

claare coshey footboard

cowrey coshey footmark, footprint

cullee coshey (f.) footwear

daayl coshey gang-board, gangplank

deill coshey (f.) foot lathe, treadle lathe

droghad coshey footbridge, gangway

foill coshey foot-fault

follaghan coshey foot-muff

fwirran bluckan-coshey football team

geulaghyn coshey bilboes

glackan coshey footbrake

gorley coshey footsore

greim coshey footlock

gyn cowrey-coshey untrodden

kesmad coshey footstep

lhee coshey chiropodist

lheeys coshey chiropody

maidjey coshey stilt

mwyllin coshey treadmill

plate coshey footplate

raisheyder coshey scraper

ratch coshey foot race

sidoor coshey foot-soldier, infantryman, unmounted soldier

sidooryn coshey infantry

sleih coshey infantry

stoyl coshey footstool

yiarn coshey leg iron

ynnyd coshey foothold, footmark

boyn ny coshey sole of the foot: Veih boyn ny coshey eer gys y chione cha vel slaynt erbee ayn Bible

bun ny coshey sole

Cappan y Cho-heshaght Bluckan-coshey FA Cup

colbey ny coshey (of leg) calf

cree ny coshey sole

cullee vluckan coshey (f.) football togs

cur baare coshey da toe

gansee bluckan coshey football jersey

mair veg ny coshey (f.) little toe

ooyl ny coshey ball of the foot

riurid ny coshey thick of foot

tobbyr niee coshey (f.) footbath

tobbyr oonley coshey (f.) footbath

voish king gys coshey cap-a-pie, from head to foot

footbath (n.) tobbyr niee coshey, tobbyr oonley coshey

footmark (n.) cowrey coshey, ynnyd coshey

infantry (n.) sidooryn coshey; sleih coshey

football (n.) bluckan coshey: Watching a football match - Jeeaghyn er cloie bluckan coshey. DF idiom; bluckaneyrys

of the foot coshey: The heel of the foot - Boyn ny coshey. DF idiom

bilboes (npl.) geulaghyn coshey

chiropodist (n.) lhee coshey

chiropody (n.) lheeys coshey

footboard (n.) claare coshey

footbrake (n.) glackan coshey

footbridge (n.) droghad coshey

foot-fault foill coshey

foothold (n.) ynnyd coshey

foot lathe (n.) deill coshey

footlock greim coshey

foot-muff (n.) follaghan coshey

footplate (n.) plate coshey

footprint (n.) cowrey coshey

foot race (n.) ratch coshey

foot-soldier (n.) sidoor coshey

footsore (adj.) gorley coshey

footstool (n.) stoyl coshey

foot-warmer (n.) chiowder coshey

footwear (n.) cullee coshey

footwork (n.) aghtallys coshey

gang-board (n.) daayl coshey

gangplank (n.) daayl coshey

gangway (n.) droghad coshey

infantryman (n.) kearnagh; sidoor coshey

leg iron (n.) yiarn coshey

sole (n.) bun, bun ny coshey, cree ny coshey, grunt, grunt ny cass, trie; (v.) cur bun noa er, cur trie noa er; (n.) liebage, liehbage, liebage chiare, liehbaig; (adj.) un, ynrican

stilt (n.) corraghan, maidjey coshey

treadle lathe (n.) deill coshey

treadmill (n.) mwyllin coshey

unmounted soldier (n.) sidoor coshey

calf2 (n.) (of leg) bolgane, colbey ny coshey

cap-a-pie (adv.) voish king gys coshey

football jersey (n.) gansee bluckan coshey

football team (n.) fwirran bluckan-coshey

football togs (n.) cullee vluckan coshey

reflexology (n.) teaystey-coshey

unmounted coshey; gyn claare; neuhoit

mair-coshey toe

teaystey-coshey reflexology

ball of the foot (n.) ooyl ny coshey

FA Cup (n.) Cappan y Cho-heshaght Bluckan-coshey

footstep (n.) keim choshey, kesmad, kesmad coshey

from head to foot voish king gys coshey

scraper (n.) corlaig, peajeog, pitteog, raisheyder coshey, scrabeyder, screebeyder

sole of the foot (n.) boyn ny coshey

thick of foot cheeid; riurid ny coshey

untrodden (adj.) gyn cowrey-coshey, gyn traght, neusthampit

jersey (n.) gansee: Football jersey - Gansee bluckan coshey. DF idiom

little toe (n.) mair choshey veg, mair veg ny coshey

heel (n.); boyn: The heel of the foot - Boyn ny coshey. DF idiom; saayl; (v.) cur lhong er e cheu, leaystey

runner (n.) chaghter coshey, guilley roie, shliawinane; roieder: Veteran runner - Shenn roieder. DF idiom

stamp builley coshey; clouag; cowrey; stamp: The black ox never trod on his (own) foot - Cha stamp rieau yn dow doo er e chass. JJK idiom; (v.) cowraghey, cur clouag er, inganey, stampey

chingyn yngyragh putrifying sores: Veih boyn ny coshey eer gys y chione cha vel slaynt erbee ayn; agh lhottyn, as brooghyn, as chingyn yngyragh Bible

Ullee Ulster: Shione dooin ooilley dy vel ny hAmericanee hene goaill ymmyd jeh "Ullee" myr bluckan-coshey politickagh. Carn

fastened (v.) chrogh; sniemmey: And the two ends of the two wreathen chains they fastened in the two ouches - As daa chione y daa link feeit ren ad sniemmeysy daa socket Bible; kianlt: a sword fastened upon his loins - fine kianlt er e veeghyn Bible; jeant shickyr: with a footstool of gold, which were fastened to the throne lesh stoyl-coshey dy airh, va jeant shickyr gys y stoyl-reeoil Bible; shickyraghey: Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? - Cre er ta ny undinyn echey er ny hickyraghey? Bible; eiyrit shickyr: and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies - as myr treinaghyn eiyrit shickyr liorish mainshtyryn y cho-chruinnaght Bible; lhian: there came a viper out of the heat, and fastened on his hand - haink ard-nieu ass y chiass, as lhian eh rish e laue. Bible

sheeley ersooyl steal away: Ta'n thooilley scarrey cummaltee yn thallooin; eer ny ushtaghyn, raad nagh vel kesmad-coshey: t'ad er ny hyrmaghey seose, t'ad sheeley ersooyl veih deiney. Bible


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