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corrillagh balance in credit, fraction, odds, ratio; (remainder) balance

Inexact matches:

corrillagh beg short price

corrillagh bieauid velocity ratio

corrillagh bishee margin

corrillagh cadjin vulgar fraction

corrillagh feeaghanagh debit balance

corrillagh kiart proper fraction

corrillagh trome long odds, long price

corrillagh er lheh specific ratio

balance2 (n.) (remainder) corrillagh: Spend the balance - Ceau yn corrillagh. DF idiom

balance in credit corrillagh

debit balance (n.) corrillagh feeaghanagh

fraction (n.) ayrn, ayrnag, corrillagh

long odds (n.) corrillagh trome

long price (n.) corrillagh trome

odds (n.) corrillagh

proper fraction (n.) corrillagh kiart

ratio (n.) corrillagh; coymmys

short price corrillagh beg

velocity ratio (n.) corrillagh bieauid

vulgar fraction (n.) corrillagh cadjin

specific ratio (n.) corrillagh er lheh

of trade keirdey; traghtee: Balance of trade - Corrillagh traghtee. DF idiom

left over (n.) corillagh: Keep what is left over - Freill yn corrillagh. DF idiom; fooillagh: Keep what is left over - Freill yn fooillagh. DF idiom

margin (n.) corrillagh bishee; oirr: The margin of the page - Oirr ny duillag. DF idiom

Quayle (n.) Mac Phaayl: Balance due to us from Mr Quayle - Corrillagh t'ain er Mnr Mac y Phaayl. DF idiom

trade cochionnaghey; cochionnaght; cochionneeaght: Trade is on the mend - Ta cochionneeaght bishaghey. DF idiom; dellal: The linen trade - Dellal yn lieen. DF idiom; keird: Carry on a trade - Keird y chliaghtey. DF idiom; keirdey: The tricks of the trade - Ellyn ny keirdey. DF idiom; lught yn traght; margeeaght; mergeeys; traght; traghtal; traghtee: Balance of trade - Corrillagh traghtee. DF idiom; traghtey; truckal; aght-beaghee


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