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corragh (=Ir. corrach) 1 crazy, eccentric, erratic, fitful, hectic, infirm, irresolute, sensitive, skittish, uneasy, unequal; 2 (as career) chequered; 3 falling, unstable, unsteady, tottering, wobbly a: ren ooilley ny croink craa dy corragh Bible; 4 (of period) troubled; 5 (of mind) unbalanced; 6 (as temper) uneven; 7 jerry-built; 8 rocky place

Inexact matches:

bea corragh (f.) rough-and-tumble

cadley corragh light sleep

Claghyn Corragh Odd Stones

jean corragh (impv) unsettle

laghyn corragh lively times, stirring days

maidjey corragh see-saw

jannoo corragh seiy unsettle

unsettle (v.) boir er, boirey er, jannoo corragh seiy, jean corragh

erratic (n., adj.) corragh: He is an erratic man - T'eh ny ghooinney corragh. DF idiom

chequered2 (adj.) (as career) corragh

eccentric (n., adj.) corragh, neu-reiltagh

hectic (adj.) corragh

irresolute (adj.) corragh, faitagh

jerry-built (adj.) corragh

light sleep (n.) cadley corragh

lively times (f.) laghyn corragh

Odd Stones (npl.) Claghyn Corragh

sensitive (adj.) corragh, ennaghtagh, mioyral

skittish (adj.) corragh

stirring days (n.) laghyn corragh

troubled3 (of period) corragh

unbalanced2 (of mind) corragh

uneven3 (adj.) (as temper) corragh

wobbly (adj.) corragh, lunjeanagh

rough-and-tumble (n., adj.) bea corragh; garroo; ruilley-builley

rocky place (n.) borrane, corragh, creggan, foltey, loaganagh

tottering corraghid; corraghys; tuittymagh; loau; corragh

unsteady (adj.) anshickyr; corragh; kirkinagh; leaystagh; neuchinjagh; neuhickyr; teaymagh

infirm (adj.) asslayntagh; corragh; lag-layntagh; neufondagh; neuhickyr; giare-heihllagh; annoon; lhag; faase

unstable (adj.) anshickyr, corragh, frittagh, neuchinjagh, neufondagh, neuhassooagh, neuhickyr, rouaillagh, teaymagh; leaystey, loaganagh, lhagchredjuagh

crazy (adj.) carragh, corragh, keoie; sproghit: He is crazy with anger - T'eh sproghtit. DF idiom

falling bolganeagh; corragh; tholtanagh; tuittym: Falling to the ground - Tuittym gys y thalloo. DF idiom; tuittymagh

see-saw (n.) laair vaidjey, maidjey corragh; (v.) leaystey: With a see-saw motion - Leaystey seose as neose. DF idiom

uneasy (adj.) anaashagh, corragh, graue-aashagh, imneagh; neuaashagh: I'm afraid his mother will be very uneasy - Ta aggle orrym dy bee e voir feer neuaashagh. JJK idiom

unequal (adj.) neuchorrym; anchiart: He is unequal to the task - T'eh anchiart da'n obbyr. DF idiom; corragh

Baarle Vrisht (f.) (language) Anglo-Manx; pidgin: Haink kuse dy Injinyn ayns corragh dy chur raaue daue ayns glare-laue as Baarle vrisht dy row tuittym-ushtey-mooar rhymboo Dhoor

craait rocked, shaken, shook; thrown down: bee ny ynnydyn corragh craait sheese Bible; sprinkled

thrown down (v.) craait: the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall - bee ny sleityn nyn lheiggal, er bee ny ynnydyn corragh craait sheese, Bible; lhieggit: it shall not be plucked up, nor thrown down any more for ever - cha bee eh er ny rassey veihn undin, ny lhieggit, arragh son dy bragh Bible


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