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corneil (=Ir. curr and cornadh) (f.) pl. corneilyn 1 (on road) corner; 2 angle, turning a: ayns corneil dorraghey jeh'n theihll Bible; 3 child bed

Inexact matches:

Corneil Brandish (f.) Brandish Corner

corneil chontoyrtagh (f.) nasty corner

corneil chyagh (f.) blind corner

corneil doccaragh (f.) awkward corner

corneil follit (f.) concealed turning

Corneil Greensill Greensills Corner

Corneil Handley (f.) Handley's Corner

corneil veayllit (f.) cant

Thie Corneil Corner House

Corneil ny Geayee (f.) Windy Corner

Corneil ny Killagh Church Corner

Corneil Raad Doolish Douglas Road Corner

Corneil y Loughan Corner of the Lakelet

angle1 (v.) breckaragh, eeastagh, eeastaghey; (n.) corneil: Cant off an angle - Corneil y veayllaghey. DF idiom; cruinney; ollaghan; uillin: Angle of twenty degrees - Uillin jeh feed cheim. DF idiom

awkward corner (n.) corneil doccaragh

blind corner (n.) corneil chyagh

Brandish Corner (n.) Corneil Brandish

child bed (n.) corneil

concealed turning (n.) corneil follit

Corner House (n.) Thie Corneil

Greensills Corner (n.) Corneil Greensill

Handley's Corner (n.) Corneil Handley

nasty corner (n.) corneil chontoyrtagh

turning1 (n.) corneil; fooillagh deill

Church Corner (n.) Corneil ny Killagh

Windy Corner (n.) Corneil ny Geayee

cant beeal-chraueeaght; cant; corneil veayllit; scoidey

Corner of the Lakelet (n.) Corneil y Loughan

Douglas Road Corner (n.) Corneil Raad Doolish

bundle1 bart: Big bundle of firewood - Bart mooar connee. DF idiom; (n.) bundeil, kionnan, minjeig, skeiy, sporran; dhossan; (v.) bundeiley, jannoo bundeil, kiangley; carnaneaghey: Bundle something into a corner - Red ennagh y charnanaghey seose ayns corneil. DF idiom

corner5 (n.) (on road) ceau; corneil: Here they are in the corner - Er hoh eh ayns y chorneil. JJK idiom

of a bed (gen.) lhiabbagh: in the corner of a bed - veih corneil lhiabbagh Bible

ben veealeragh (f.) termagant: Te ny share dy chummal ayns corneil erbee mullagh thie, na marish ben veealeragh ayns thie mooar. Bible

b'ione mie dooys I knew well: Va mish 'sy chamyr shen bleeantyn er dy henney as hooar mee ayns shen ayns culleig 'sy corneil greeishyn follit! JG

boddagh boor, countryman, farm servant, peasant, yokel; old man: Ayns corneil yn thalley va Isabel ny soie dy tashagh as boddagh beg fritlagh, cho shenn as yn kay, jiole e keeaghyn. GB

colloon column: She'n red cheddin v'ayn lesh "Corneil ny Baitchyn", colloon ayns Baarle as Gaelg JC

culleig cupboard: Va mish 'sy chamyr shen bleeantyn er dy henney as hooar mee ayns shen ayns culleig 'sy corneil greeishyn follit! JG

loayrt dy follit speak secretly: Cha vel mee er loayrt dy follit, ayns corneil dorraghey jehn theihll Bible

orraghit shot: Va ooilley ny deiney lesh gunnyn goll shelg er y hon as 'syn astyr cheayll shin dy row yn moddey goit ayns corneil as orraghit marroo. JG

Skyll Connaghyn (f.) Kirk Onchan: Ta shoh bentyn rish drogh-haghyrt ec Corneil Hillberry ayns Skyll Connaghyn. BS

thie-tashtee ny greinyn-caggee armoury: myr t'ou goll seose lesh thie-tashtee ny greinyn-caggee, ec corneil y voalley. Bible


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