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corn1 (n.) arroo: Good country for corn - Thalloo mie son arroo. DF idiom; (adj.) sailley

corn2 (n.) (oat grain) corkey

corn3 (n.) (on foot) aase eairkagh

corn goblet, vase

Inexact matches:

bread corn (n.) grine

corn bunting (n.) pompee ny hoarn, ushag roauyr ny hoarn

Corn Cairn (n.) Carn yn Arroo

corn camomile (n.) lus yn vynlagh

corn chandler (n.) delleyder arroo

corn cockle (n.) coggyl

corn dolly (n.) babban ny Mheilley; (yn) voidjyn

Corn Enclosure (n.) Close yn Arroo

corn flag (n.) cliogagh frangagh

corn flakes (npl.) lhiannagyn-arroo

corn floor (n.) laare-arroo

corn harvest (n.) fouyr arroo

Corn Headland (n.) Kione ny h'Arroo

corn marigold (n.) bastag wuigh; blaashagh buigh; jean airhey

corn merchant (n.) grineyder, marchan arroo

corn mill (n.) mwyllin arroo, mwyllin bleih, mwyllin meinney

corn parsley (n.) perslee feie

corn sowthistle (n.) bainney muc

light-lodged corn (n.) spattan

parched corn (n.) greddan; arroo greddanit

seed corn (n.) arroo correy, sheel correy

corn of wheat (n.) grine curnaght

corn spoilt by milling (n.) groblagh

field under corn (n.) magher fo arroo

grain of corn (n.) beark

grains of corn (npl.) birk

green stalk of corn (n.) cuirrag

handful of corn (n.) beam

of an ear of corn (gen.) jeish

pile of corn (n.) dash arroo

Rock of the Corn (n.) Creg yn Arroo

sheaf of corn (n.) bunney arroo

sickleful of corn (n.) gleih arroo

stack as corn creaghey; eekey; jannoo creagh

thinly growing corn shibbelagh

corn ny palchys cornucopia

goblet (n.) corn, glonney chassagh

vase (n.) corn, saagh, saagh-blaa

aase eairkagh (on foot) corn

arroo correy seed corn

bastag wuigh (f.) corn marigold

birk grains of corn

blaashagh buigh corn marigold

cliogagh frangagh corn flag

delleyder arroo corn chandler

eekey stack as corn

fouyr arroo (npl.) corn harvest

grineyder corn merchant

jean airhey corn marigold

laare-arroo (f.) corn floor

lhiannagyn-arroo (f.) corn flakes

marchan arroo corn merchant

mwyllin arroo corn mill

mwyllin bleih corn mill

mwyllin meinney corn mill

perslee feie (f.) corn parsley

sheel correy seed corn

shibbelagh thinly growing corn

spattan light-lodged corn; mow

corn-yard (n.) uhllin

pop-corn (n.) builg-arroo

babban ny Mheilley corn dolly

builg-arroo pop-corn

Carn yn Arroo Corn Cairn

Close yn Arroo Corn Enclosure

creaghey (of earth) pack; stack as corn

dash arroo pile of corn

gleih arroo sickleful of corn

groblagh corn spoilt by milling

jannoo creagh stack as corn

Kione ny h'Arroo Corn Headland

lus yn vynlagh (f.) corn camomile

pompee ny hoarn (f.) corn bunting

voidjyn See moidjyn (yn) corn dolly

cornucopia (n.) corn ny palchys, eairk ny palchys

bainney muc common sowthistle, corn sowthistle

beark pl. birk (f.) cone; grain of corn

Creg yn Arroo Rock of the Corn

jeish (gen.) of an ear of corn

magher fo arroo field under corn

ushag roauyr ny hoarn (f.) corn bunting

arroo corn, grain: jeih assylyn bwoirryn laadit lesh arroo as arran Bible

cuirrag (f.) bundle of osiers, fascine, green stalk of corn

greddan (=Ir. grideall) (f.) parched corn; toast, toasted: Er hoh arran-bainney as arran-greddan. JJK

hens (npl.) kiarkyn: Throwing corn to the hens - Ceau corkey da ny kiarkyn. DF idiom

measure (n.) saase; towshan, tubbag; towse-saagh; (v., n.) towse: Measure the corn with your own tub - Towse yn arroo liorish dty hubbag hene. DF idiom Give me full measure - Cur towse mie dou. DF idiom

arroo greddanit parched corn: ren ad gee jeh shenn arroo yn cheer er laa-ny-vairagh lurg y chaisht, berreenyn gyn soorit as arroo greddanit 'syn eer laa cheddin. Bible

beam 1 cut, gash, nick; 2 beam a: va ny pillaryn elley, as y beam lajer cordail roo. Bible; 3 handful of corn, sickleful

bunney arroo sheaf of corn: goll-rish chiollagh dy aile masteyn fuygh, as myr brasnag aile ayns bunney arroo Bible

coggyl (f.) cockle, corn cockle, tare: Soilshee dooin coraa dorraghey coggyl yn vagheragh Bible; tares

corkey (oat grain) corn: Ceau corkey da ny kiarkyn. DF; oat: Ta ny cabbil glen as corkey ayns nyn molg - berreman as driaghtyn er nyn gorp. Dhoor

grine 1 bread corn, cereal, grain, oat grist a: cha bee yn grine sloo caillit er y thalloo Bible; 2 grapeshot, pellet; 3 foresight

grine curnaght corn of wheat: Mannagh vel y grine curnaght tuittym ayns y thalloo, as goll eig, te cummal ny un ghrine kinjagh Bible

sailley brine, corn, cure, pickle, salt, salt water: hie eh gys y choan sailley Bible; (f.) pl. saillaghyn (of mountain) spur; (gen.) of salt

assemble1 (v.) chaglym: they assemble themselves for corn and wine - tad chaglym cooidjagh son arroo as feeyn Bible; co-chruinnaghey; cur ry-cheilley; mustyral; tayrn cooidjagh: Assemble me the men of Judah - Tayrn cooidjagh hyms deiney Yudah Bible; chaglym cooidjagh; chaggle: Assemble yourselves and come - Chaggle jee shiu hene as tar-jee Bible

parched bolgit; greddagh; greddanit: And ye shall eat neither bread, nor parched corn - As cha jean shiu gee arran, ny arroo greddanit bible; paa; paagh; spongagh; spongit; sponkit: And the parched ground shall become a pool - As hig y thalloo sponkit dy ve ny loghan Bible

uhllin (f.) (pl -yn) corn-yard, farmyard, haggard, rick-yard, stack-yard: Oie ayns yn uhllin as oie ayns yn aaie, Tol, etc, as oie ayns pishyr glass ec Kione jiass ny faaie, Tol, etc. GB


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