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copy aascreeu; aascreeuyn; coip; jannoo coip jeh; jannoo maclioar jeh; mac-screeu; maclioar; sambyl; copy; jannoo arrish er; (impv) jean arrish er

copy copy: Va copy yn order son dagh cheer Bible

Inexact matches:

attested copy (n.) coip jarrooit

carbon copy (n.) coip charboanagh

copy typist (n.) clou-aascreeuder

duplicate copy (n.) coip dooblagh

fair copy (n.) aascreeuyn glen

file copy coip choadan

press copy (n.) screeuynaght

printer's copy (n.) screeuynaght

rough copy (n.) aascreeuyn shallidagh

screeuynaght (f.) press copy, printer's copy

aascreeuyn glen fair copy

aascreeuyn shallidagh rough copy

clou-aascreeuder copy typist

coip charboanagh (f.) carbon copy

coip choadan (f.) file copy

coip dooblagh duplicate copy

coip jarrooit (f.) attested copy

jannoo maclioar jeh copy

jean arrish er (impv) copy

mac-screeu copy, transcribe, transcript

aascreeuyn copy, transcript: Jean aascreeuyn jeh. DF

aascreeu copy, rewrite, transcribe: Ta'n possan gra dy vel feme er aascreeu yn billey ry hoi un dean: coadey sleih veih jaagh aalaue. BS

coip (f.) copy, print, replica: Hug carrey Yernagh dou coip jeh lioaran feer anaasagh. Carn

jannoo arrish er boo, hit off; copy: Gyn ourys v'ad jeant paart dy vleeantyn er dy henney as grainneyderyn jannoo arrish er ny sthowranyn Yernagh heill mish. Carn; mime

jannoo coip jeh copy, duplicate, reproduce: Ta skeeal ayn dy jagh Colum er eebyrt kyndagh rish argane mychione jannoo coip jeh laue-screeuyn. Carn; crib

maclioar (f.) copy, duplicate, imitation: d'eeassee Julian Edwards maclioar j'ee chionnee eh ayns Kernow tammylt beg er-dy-henney dou. Carn

sambyl See sampleyr copy, ensample, example, pattern, sample, specimen: t'eh er soiagh sambyl roin CS


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