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cooylley sauchys (f.) safety valve

cooylley (f.) drop, hatch, sluice gate, stopcock; (of table) leaf; (on window) shutter; (of door) wing; valve: Dourin cooylley chee. DF

Inexact matches:

bayrn cooylley valve cap

cooylley aer (f.) air-valve, trapdoor

cooylley chappanagh (f.) cup valve

cooylley chooyl (f.) aft-gate

cooylley chummaghtagh (f.) power tube

cooylley hooee (f.) suction valve

cooylley hroggee (f.) trapdoor

cooylley huittymagh (f.) drop shutter

cooylley lock (f.) lock gate

cooylley phobbad (f.) poppet valve

cooylley rollagh (f.) roll shelter

cooylley shalmanagh (f.) mushroom valve

cooylley skyrraghtagh (f.) slide valve

cooylley sterrym (f.) dead light

cooylley ushtey (f.) floodgate, lock gate, water gate, water valve

cooylley veg (f.) half-door, valvule

cooylley vluckan (f.) ball valve

cooylley vuinneelagh (f.) sleeve valve

cooylley vuird (f.) table-flap

cummeyder cooylley valve-holder

kishtey cooylley valve-box, valve-case, valve-chest

leaysteyder cooylley valve-rocker

seyreyder cooylley shutter release

towl cooylley scuttle

trombone cooylley valve trombone

dourin cooylley chree valvular

lock gate (n.) cooylley lock; cooylley ushtey

trapdoor (n.) cooylley aer, cooylley hroggee

aft-gate (n.) cooylley chooyl

air-valve (n.) cooylley aer

ball valve (n.) cooylley vluckan

cup valve (n.) cooylley chappanagh

dead light (n.) cooylley sterrym

drop shutter cooylley huittymagh

half-door (n.) cooylley veg; lieh-ghorrys

leaf2 (n.) (of table) cooylley, far-ghuillag

mushroom valve (n.) cooylley shalmanagh

power tube (n.) cooylley chummaghtagh

roll shelter (n.) cooylley rollagh

safety valve (n.) cooylley sauchys

shutter2 (n.) (on window) cooylley

shutter release (n.) seyreyder cooylley

sleeve valve (n.) cooylley vuinneelagh

slide valve (n.) cooylley skyrraghtagh

sluice gate (n.) beeal-yiat, cooylley

stopcock (n.) cooylley

suction valve (n.) cooylley hooee

table-flap (n.) cooylley vuird

valve (n.) cooylley

valve-box (n.) kishtey cooylley

valve cap (n.) bayrn cooylley

valve-case (n.) kishtey cooylley

valve-chest (n.) kishtey cooylley

valve-rocker (n.) leaysteyder cooylley

valve trombone (n.) trombone cooylley

valvular (adj.) dourin cooylley chree

valvule (n.) cooylleen; cooylley veg

water gate (n.) cooylley ushtey

water valve (n.) cooylley ushtey

wing2 (n.) (of door) cooylley

flap valve (n.) cooylley-rap

floodgate (n.) giat thooillee, cooylley ushtey

heart valve (n.) cooylley-chree

poppet valve (n.) cast-chooylley, cooylley phobbad

valve-holder (n.) croa chooylley; cummeyder cooylley

cooylley-chree (f.) heart valve

cooylley-rap (f.) flap valve

scuttle (n.) sooill lhuingey, cruick gheayil; towl cooylley; (v.) cur fo; snaue

hatch aalagh; cooylley; grainney; guirr: Let every bird hatch its own eggs - Lhig da dy-chooilley ushag guirr e hoohyn hene. JJK idiom; hatch; clussaghey

drop bine: Until the drink was drunk down to the last drop - Derrey va'n jough iuit da'n vine s'jerree. DF idiom; shilley; brey; cliejeen; cooylley; cur stiagh; drig; drigey; drishlagh; faarney; jeeigane; jolt; leodaghey; lhiargagh; lhieggey, lhiggey neose; skyrraghtyn fockle; tuittym; strig


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