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coo liauyr greyhound

coo (v.) caaghey, cauaigey; (n.) cauaig

coo pl. coyin cur, dog, greyhound, hound, wolf-dog: Yn coo, as bock ny goair, as ree er kione e heshaght-chaggee. Bible [O.Ir. cĂș]

Inexact matches:

coo brock dachshund

coo conveyrt jackal

coo feeaih deerhound

coo feeaihee stag hound

coo folley bloodhound

coo glass greyhound; tope

coo keyrragh sheepdog

coo muigey boarhound

coo Rooshagh borzoi

coo shynnagh foxhound

coo ny marrey walrus

greyhound (n.) coo; coo glass; coo liauyr

hound (n.) coo: The hound ran after the fox - Roie yn coo ny yei yn chynnagh. DF idiom

bloodhound (n.) coo folley

boarhound (n.) coo muigey

borzoi (n.) coo Rooshagh

cur1 (n.) (dog) coo

dachshund (n.) coo brock

deerhound (gen.) coo feeaih

foxhound (n.) coo shynnagh

jackal (n.) coo conveyrt

stag hound (n.) coo feeaihee

walrus (n.) coo ny marrey

wolf-dog (n.) coo

Cuckoo (intj) Coo-Coo

caaghey caw, coo, croak; croaking

coo-bwoirryn (canine) bitch

Coo-Coo (intj) Cuckoo

sheepdog (n.) coo keyrragh, moddey cloh, moddey keyrragh

tope (n.) coo glass, gobbag vooar, gobbag rangagh; (v.) goll er y scooyr

bitch (n.) (canine) coo-bwoirryn, gass, gast, moddey-bwoirryn; bitchey: She's an old bitch! - T'ee ny shenn vitchey! DF idiom

dog (n.) coill, coo; moddey: Maybe the last dog is catching the hare - Foddee yn moddey s'jerree tayrtyn y mwaagh. JJK idiom; con; coyn

bock pl. buick buck, gelding, he, josser, male, swell: Yn coo, as bock ny goair, as ree er kione e heshaght-chaggee Bible

cauaig (f.) (of crowd) buzz; coo, moan, murmur: Myr ec margey, my t'ou er eaishtagh rish cauaig y chaglym, agh cha bee ayd fys cre un ockle ta fer gra rish fer elley, agh y thassane mooar ooilley fud-y-cheilley PC

cauaigey coo, cooing, moan, murmur, murmuring: nee yn coraa oc cauaigey ayns ny uinniagyn Bible

paalan booth, tent: Nee'm paalan beg jeh speltyn aynshid er yn vroogh rea, as soieym seose eh dou-hene, myr ren yn Albinagh aeg, as mannagh yiowym yn vrack, kevys dou nagh nowym coo Coraa


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