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conney combustible, firewood; gorse: ceab-aileagh dy chur conney-aittin er aile, ny dy oaddey aile JK; fuel; money

Inexact matches:

conney chesh-veanagh nuclear fuel

conney co-ghlooit patent fuel

Conney Frangagh Place of Large Gorse

conney frangagh furze, gorse, whin

conney freoaie heather

conney Manninagh gorse

Conney Mooar Great Gorse

conney mooar furze, gorse, whin

conney noa green fuel

conney skeab broom

Cronk Conney Gorse Hill

sar-chostys conney fuel surcharge

cur conney er fuel: Gow shiu as cur conney er yn aile, eisht soie sheese as jean dty whaaley derrey higym reesht lesh ny shiunyn. Coraa

gorse (n.) aadjin, aittin, conney, conney frangagh, conney Manninagh, conney mooar; gaittinagh; (v.) gaittinaghey

fuel (n.) conney: Green fuel - Conney noa. DF idiom; pedryl; (v.) cur conney er, lhieeney

furze (n.) aittin; conney frangagh; conney mooar

whin (n.) aittin; conney frangagh; conney mooar

fuel surcharge (n.) sar-chostys conney

Great Gorse (n.) Conney Mooar

green fuel (n.) conney noa

nuclear fuel (n.) conney chesh-veanagh

patent fuel (n.) conney co-ghlooit

heath (n.) freoagh; reeastane; conney-reoaie

conney-reoaie heath

broom (n.) conney skeab, giucklagh, jucklagh; skeab

combustible (n.) conney; (adj.) so-ghreesaghey, sthoo ynlostey, yn-lostey

firewood (n.) brasnag, bwonyn, conney, fuygh aile, speiltyn

Place of Large Gorse (n.) Conney Frangagh

Gorse Hill (n.) Knock Aittin, Cronk Aittin, Cronk Conney, Cronk Connee

heather (=ir. fraoch) (n.) freoagh: New heather - Myn-freoagh. DF idiom; conney freoaie

money (n.) argid: Money burns a hole in his pocket - Ta argid lostey towl ny phoagey. JJK idiom; conney

pumpal pump, pumping: Ta'n gas goll er pumpal feer lajer dy jarroo - cho lajer as dy vel eh jannoo assee da ny slattyn-conney, ta craa mygeayrt sy strooan niartal. Carn


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