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Common (n.) Greena

common1 caitnys; grenney; theayagh; cadjin: He hasn't any common sense - Cha nel keeal cadjin erbee echey. JJK idiom

common2 (vulgar) eer; injil

Inexact matches:

Common Blue (n.) Gorrymag chadjin

common bugle (n.) lus y chayrn

common carrier (n.) erreyder cadjin

common chamomile (n.) lus y lheihys

common cow-wheat (n.) lus y taggyrt

common denominator (n.) co-enmysser; co-ennymeyr

common divisor (n.) co-rheynneyder

common factor (n.) co-faghteyr

common good (n.) lhiasagh yn phobble

common gull (n.) foillan bane, foillan vane

common herd (n.) scran

common heritage (n.) co-eiraght

common inkcap (n.) mooyn moddee, shalmane ny faaieaghyn

common lands (f.) thallooyn theayagh

common law (n.) leigh chadjin, leigh ny theay

common-law court (n.) quaiyl theayee

common mallow (n.) lus ny moyl mooarey

Common Market (n.) Covargey

common melitot (n.) croobag cheylley

common milkwort (n.) bollan Vreeshey, bollan y chee

common noun (n.) ennym cadjin

Common Pasture (n.) Pairk Common

common people (n.) theay: And if any one of the common people sin through ignorance - As my ta fer erbee jehn theay er duittym ayns peccah trooid marrannys Bible

common porpoise (n.) perkyn chadjin

common room (n.) shamyr chadjin

common sandpiper (n.) looyran; leayrane

common saying (n.) raa cadjin

common seal (n.) raun beg

common sense (n.) creeney; keeal cadjin: He hasn't any common sense - Cha nel keeal cadjin erbee echey. JJK idiom; keeayl vayrey

common sowthistle (n.) bainney muc, bee conning, bee muc

common speedwell (n.) chengey baa

common stingray (n.) rock-nieu

common tern (n.) gant, gant cadjin, gollan marrey, spyrryd; sternag chadjin

common time traa cadjin

common vetch (n.) pishyr chabbil

Common Waxbill (n.) Gob kereagh

Great Common (n.) Greney Mooar

Pairk Common Common Pasture

common migrant hawker (n.) shawkeyr yn ouyir

Common Purse Agreement (n.) Coardailys yn Chosporran

common sea urchin (n.) kione kiyt

common yellow lichen (n.) scryss buigh ny greg

Hill of the Common (n.) Cronk y Chaitnys, Cronk ny Caitnys

least common multiple (n.) bishan sloo

of the common people jeh'n theay

bee conning common sowthistle

chengey baa (f.) common speedwell

co-enmysser common denominator

co-ennymeyr common denominator

co-faghteyr common factor

co-rheynneyder common divisor

croobag cheylley (f.) common melitot

ennym cadjin common noun

erreyder cadjin common carrier

foillan vane (f.) common gull

gant cadjin common tern

Gob kereagh Common Waxbill

Gorrymag Chadjin Common Blue

Greena Common

Greney Mooar Great Common

grenney (f.) common

leayrane common sandpiper

leigh chadjin (f.) common law

looyran common sandpiper, sandpiper

mooyn moddee common inkcap

rock-nieu common stingray

shamyr chadjin (f.) common room

sternag chadjin (f.) common tern

thallooyn theayagh common lands

traa cadjin common time

bishan sloo least common multiple

bollan y chee common milkwort

keeayl vayrey (f.) common sense, mother-wit

leigh ny theay (f.) common law

lhiasagh yn phobble common good

lus y chayrn (f.) common bugle

lus y lheihys (f.) common chamomile

lus y taggyrt (f.) common cow-wheat

pishyr chabbil (f.) common vetch, tare

quaiyl theayee (f.) common-law court

shalmane ny faaieaghyn common inkcap

bainney muc common sowthistle, corn sowthistle

bee muc common sowthistle, sow thistle

bollan Vreeshey buckshorn plantain, common milkwort

Coardailys yn Chosporran Common Purse Agreement

Cronk ny Caitnys Hill of the Common

foillan bane common gull, ivory gull, mew

gant common tern; gannet, solan goose

gollan marrey common tern; Leachs petrel

lus ny moyl mooarey (f.) common mallow, mallow

perkyn chadjin (f.) common porpoise, harbour porpoise

raun beg common seal, harbour seal

scryss buigh ny greg common yellow lichen

shawkeyr yn ouyir common migrant hawker

caitnys (f.) 1 common, desert a: ren eh caitnys jeh ny ard-ynnydyn Bible; 2 (garden) wilderness

Cronk y Chaitnys Peel Hill; Hill of the Common

kione kiyt common sea urchin; horned owl, long-eared owl

scran common herd, low-class people; inedible fish, rubbish in net, scrap

factor faghteyr: The highest common factor - Yn co-faghteyr smoo. DF idiom; maor; stiurt

opinion (n.) barel: To cling to an opinion - Dy lhiantyn rish barel. DF idiom; coyrle; smooinaght: Common opinion - Smooinaght chadjin y phobble. DF idiom; tuarym: I respect his opinion - Ta mee cur geill da'n tuarym echey. DF idiom

sense ennaghtyn; keeaill; keeall; keeayle; keeal: He hasn't any common sense - Cha nel keeal cadjin erbee echey. JJK idiom

cadjin (=Ir. caighdeán) colloquial, common, commonplace, general, lowbrow, normal, ordinary, popular, standard, unexceptional, universal: cha jean shiu monney erbee dy obbyr cadjin Bible; familiar

co-eiraght (f.) co-heirship, parcenary, common heritage: Donald Gelling, yn Ard- shirveishagh ain, t'eh jerkal dy jean y cheayrt mooadaghey yn co- obbraghey eddyr daa ashoon as ram co-eiraght oc. BS

Covargey Common Market: Oddagh oo gra nagh lhisagh shin ve boirit mysh Reiltys Hene Albinagh as y Covargey goll dy gheddyn rey rish steatyn ashoonagh. Carn

creeney (=Ir. críonna) advisable, common sense, dry, matured, provident, prudent, sharp-sighted, shrewd, wise: Ta creenaght niart smoo da'n dooinney creeney Bible; bush with little sap; ripe

eer (vulgar) common; express, own, real: Er yn eer laa cheddin Bible; even: Bee dy chooilley chretoor ta bioys ayn son beaghey diu; eer myr glassyragh y vagher ta mee er choyrt diu dy chooilley nhee Bible

injil (=Ir. íseal) (vulgar) common; depressed, humble, low, low-built, low down, low-grade, low-level, low-lying, low-necked, low-pitched, lowly, subaltern, subdued: Ard as injil, berchagh as boght: dagh unnane ry-cheilley.

jeh'n theay colloquial; of the common people: As my ta fer erbee jeh'n theay er duittym ayns peccah trooid marrannys Bible

raa cadjin 1 adage, cliché, colloquialism, common saying, popular saying a: Son dy vel shiu jannoo raa cadjin jeh'n ockle shoh Bible; 2 (saying) tag

spyrryd pl. spyrrydyn 1 esprit, ghost, morale, psyche, spirit a: t'eh er lhieeney eh lesh spyrryd Yee Bible; 2 common tern [L. spiritus]

theay (=Ir. tuath) (f.) citizens, commonalty, common people, general public, hoi polloi, laity, layman, peasantry, plebs, public, populace, subjects, subject: ta fer-reill olkyssagh harrish theay seaghnit Bible

theayagh 1 civil, common, folk, lay, secular, vulgar a: V'eshyn jannoo ymmyd jeh carryn theayagh Ungaaragh Carn; 2 (f.) villager, layman, plebeian


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