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cold feayght; feayr: I fear we shall have cold weather after this - Ta aggle orrym dy bee emshir feayr ain ny lurg shoh. JJK idiom; feayraght; mughane: She has a bad cold - Ta mughane olk eck. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

cold blooded beiyn as fuill feayr ayn

cold chisel guilb creoi

Cold Cliff (n.) Cold Bery

cold cream key feayr

cold frame (n.) frame feayr

cold front (n.) breid feayr; frontey feayr

cold hammer (n.) bwoalley yiarn feayr

Cold Isle (n.) Kella

cold shoulder (v.) dooney sooillyn da

cold snap (n.) tammylt feayr

cold storage (n.) ayns stoyr feayr

cold store (n.) stoyr feayr, thie feayr, thie rioee

cold war (n.) caggey conrieugh, caggey feayr

cold wave (n.) tonn feayr

cold winter (n.) geurey creoi

head cold (n.) feayraght ching, mughane king, peeaghanid

prevailing cold (the); (yn) feayraght shoh

stone cold cha feayr as clagh; slane feayr

Cold Bery Cold Cliff

in cold blood (adv.) dy feayr-chooishagh

perished with cold lhejit

perish with cold lhejey

starvation with cold (v.) lheadey

trembling with cold creaynagh

breid feayr cold front

caggey conrieugh cold war

caggey feayr cold war

feayraght shoh (f.) (yn); (the) prevailing cold

frame feayr cold frame

frontey feayr cold front

guilb creoi cold chisel

Kella Cold Isle [Scand]

key feayr cold cream

peeaghanid headcold, head cold

slane feayr stone cold

stoyr feayr cold store

tammylt feayr cold snap

thie rioee cold store

tonn feayr (f.) cold wave

cold-blooded (adj.) dewil; feayr-fuiltagh; creoi-chreeagh

cold-drawn feayr-hayrnit

cold-footed feayr-chassagh

cold-hearted feayr-chreeagh

cold-set guilb feayr

ayns stoyr feayr cold storage

bwoalley yiarn feayr cold hammer

creaynagh chilled, trembling with cold

dooney sooillyn da cold shoulder

feayr-chassagh cold-footed

feayr-chreeagh callous, cold-hearted

feayr-fuiltagh cold-blooded

feayr-hayrnit cold-drawn

guilb feayr (f.) cold-set

lheadey (f.) starvation with cold, starve

beiyn as fuill feayr ayn cold blooded

cha feayr as clagh stone cold

dy feayr-chooishagh in cold blood, unemotionally

feayraght ching (f.) coryza, headcold, head cold

mughane king coryza, headcold, head cold

thie feayr cold store, cool house

feayraght (=Ir. fuaire) (f.) chill, cold, coldness: Myr feayraght sniaghtee ayns chiass yn ouyr Bible

geurey creoi cold winter: Gooin lhiu yn vlein va'n geurey creoi ain? JJK

lhejey perish with cold, quaking, shivering: Ta mee lhejey. DF; set, setting

lhejit frozen, perished with cold: Ta my chassyn lhejit. DF; starved, starving

after this (ny) yei shoh; (ny) lurg shoh: I fear we shall have cold weather after this - Ta aggle orrym dy bee emshir feayr ain ny lurg shoh. JJK idiom

covering1 (n.) brat; coodagh: that they have no covering in the cold - myr shen nagh vel coodagh oc veihn feayraght Bible; (adj., v.) coodee

isn't cha nel; (interrog.) nagh vel; (emph., interrog.) nagh nee: Isn't it cold? - Nagh nee feayr eh! DF idiom

January (n.) Jerrey Geuree: January was cold - Va jerrey-Geuree feayr. JJK idiom; Mee s'jerree y gheuree

meat (n.) feill: I should prefer cold meat to warm - Bare lhiam feill feayr na cheh. JJK idiom

spell garrey; grash; guess; lettraghey; oalys; pishag; shayll: Long spell of cold weather - Shayll liauyr jeh emshir feayr. DF idiom; tammylt; druight: The spell of the sea - Druiaght ny marrey. DF idiom

storage (n.) tastey: Take goods out of storage - Cooid y ghoaill ass tastey. DF idiom; stoyr: The apples are in cold storage - Ta ny hooyllyn ayns stoyr feayr. DF idiom

creoi-chreeagh callous, cold-blooded, flinty, heartless, stony-hearted: Son t'ad cloan ghaaney as creoi-chreeagh Bible

dewil barbarous, cold-blooded, cruel, inclement, savage, severe: woaill eh ad rass as cass, lesh cragh dewil Bible

feayght (f.) chill, cold, exposure: myr shoh, gys y phian elley t'ad sthill ayns torchagh, eashyn fegooish jerrey, veih lhiabbee aileagh goit gys lhiabbee rioee, veih chiass gys feayght, as reesht gys raad v'ad roie PC

feayr 1 chilly, cold, cool, frigid, frosty, icy a: Shione dou dty obbraghyn, nagh vel oo edyr feayr ny cheh Bible; 2 (of person) distant [O.Ir. úar]

use1 (v.) jannoo ymmyd jeh: Use cold water - Jean ymmyd jeh ushtey feayr. JJK idiom; taaghey; (n.) ymmyd: Because it will be of great use to you - Er y fa dy bee eh jeh ymmyd mooar dhyt. JJK idiom; cliaghtey: Don't use any ceremony with me - Ny shass er cliaghtey er my hons. JJK idiom; er son foays


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