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Coar veg (f.) Little Bittern

coar veg (f.) jack snipe

coar (=Ir. cóir) (f.) 1 crane a: Myr eean coar, ny gollan-geayee Bible; 2 (for rope) twister; 3 (adj.) acquiescent, affable, approachable, decent, easy-going, fair-minded, indulgent, inoffensive, kindly, nice, obliging, over, easygoing: Dooinney coar DF; 4 benign; 5 civil [O.Ir. corr]

Inexact matches:

Anagh Coar Annacur, Marsh of the Heron

Balley Coar Pleasant Farm; Farm of the Heron

coar cheyjeenagh (f.) crested crane

coar chrattagh (f.) snipe

coar gheayney (f.) green heron

coar gheinnee (f.) sanderling

Coar ghlass (f.) green heron

Coar ghoo (f.) Black Heron

coar ghoo (f.) black stork, stork

coar ghorrym-jiarg (f.) purple heron

coar heddagh (f.) snipe

Coar 'oawragh (f.) Goliath Heron

coar screeaghagh (f.) squacco heron

Coar tree-ghaagh (f.) Tricolored Heron

coar vane (f.) aigrette, egret, stork, white stork

Coar-vane niaghtagh (f.) Snowy Egret

Coar-vane ruy (f.) Reddish Egret

Coar-vane veanagh (f.) Intermediate Egret

coar-vane veg (f.) little egret

coar-vane vooar (f.) great white egret

Coar vooar Eurasian Bittern

coar vooar (f.) bittern

Cronk Coar Pleasant Hill

dooinney coar nice man: Dooinney coar t'ayn, agh s'leayr nagh vel eh toiggal y scansh jeh'n chengey. Carn

Eaynagh Coar Annacur

Kerroo Coar Pleasant Quarter

Anagh Coar Close (n.) Close Anagh Coar

Anagh Coar Road (n.) Raad Anagh Coar

Close Anagh Coar Anagh Coar Close

Coar ghorrym veg (f.) Little Blue Heron

Coar ghorrym vooar (f.) Great Blue Heron

coar heddagh veg (f.) jack snipe

coar heddagh vooar (f.) great snipe

coar ny hastan (f.) hernshaw, heron: As y stork, as y coar-ny-hastan lurg e cheint, as yn earkan, as y chraitnag Bible

coar ny hoie (f.) night heron

coar ny traieyn (f.) knot

coar-vane yn ollee (f.) cattle egret

coar vooar Americaanagh (f.) American bittern

edd coar ny hastan mare's nest

Lhoan Anagh Coar Annacur Lane

My ghooiney coar (voc.) My good man

oayll coar ny hastan heronry

Raad Anagh Coar Anagh Coar Road

Annacur (n.) Anagh Coar, Eaynagh Coar

green heron (n.) coar gheayney; Coar ghlass

jack snipe (n.) coar veg; coar heddagh veg

snipe (n.) coar chrattagh, coar heddagh; (v.) lhiggey cooyl chlea

stork (n.) coar ghoo, coar vane; stork

affable (adj.) coar: Affable man - Dooinney coar. DF idiom

kindly (adj.) coar: He is a kindly Christian person - T'eh ny Chreestee coar. DF idiom; dooie; kenjal

aigrette (n.) coar vane

approachable1 (adj.) coar

Black Heron (n.) Coar ghoo

black stork (n.) coar ghoo

crane1 (n.) coar, craen; groose

crested crane (n.) coar cheyjeenagh

decent (adj.) dy cooie, dy doaieagh, dy resoonagh, feeudagh; coar: He's a decent old body - T'eh ny henn ghooinney coar. DF idiom; doaieagh: He's a decent sort - T'eh ny ghooinney doaieagh. DF idiom; cooie

easygoing (adj.) coar, soccaragh, soccoil

easy-going coar, soccaragh, soccoil

egret (n.) coar vane

fair-minded (adj.) coar; neuchleaynt

Goliath Heron (n.) Coar 'oawragh

hernshaw (n.) coar ny hastan

heron (n.) coar ny hastan

indulgent (adj.) coar, meiygh, ro-chenjal

nice man (n.) dooinney coar

obliging (adj.) coar, keainal, kenjal

Pleasant Farm (n.) Balley Coar

Pleasant Hill (n.) Cronk Coar

Pleasant Quarter (n.) Kerroo Coar

purple heron (n.) coar ghorrym-jiarg

squacco heron (n.) coar screeaghagh

Tricolored Heron (n.) Coar tree-ghaagh

white stork (n.) coar vane

acquiescent (adj.) aashagh; coar; lhie roish

adjutant bird (n.) coar-Injinagh

Annacur Lane (n.) Lhoan Anagh Coar

benign (adj.) eddrym; meiygh; coar; kenjal

great snipe (n.) coar heddagh vooar

heronry (n.) oayll coar ny hastan

inoffensive (adj.) coar, neuaggairagh, neufoiljagh, neuskielleydagh

Intermediate Egret (n.) Coar-vane veanagh

little egret (n.) coar-vane veg

nice (adj.) braew: The tea was nice and sweet - Va'n tey braew millish. DF idiom; taitnyssagh: Nice tune - Carr taitnyssagh. DF idiom; mie: That is a nice situation - Ta shen boayl mie. DF idiom; jesh: Nice car - Gleashtan jesh. DF idiom; coar: Nice man - Dooinney coar. DF idiom

night heron (n.) coar ny hoie

Reddish Egret (n.) Coar-vane ruy

sanderling (n.) coar gheinnee, leayrane glass

Snowy Egret (n.) Coar-vane niaghtagh

coar-Injinagh (f.) adjutant bird

American bittern (n.) coar vooar Americaanagh; Booberey Americaanagh

cattle egret (n.) coar-vane yn ollee

Eurasian Bittern (n.) Ushag ny boob; Coar vooar

Farm of the Heron (n.) Balley Coar

Great Blue Heron (n.) Coar ghorrym vooar

great white egret (n.) coar-vane vooar

knot2 (n.) leayrane ruy, coar ny traieyn

Little Bittern (n.) Coar veg; Booberey beg

Little Blue Heron (n.) Coar ghorrym veg

mare's nest (n.) edd coar ny hastan, edd garran

Marsh of the Heron (n.) Anagh Coar

My good man (voc.) My ghooiney coar

Christian Creestee: He is a kindly Christian person - T'eh ny Chreestee coar. DF idiom; creestee

civil2 (as person) beasagh: Be civil towards everybody - Bee beasagh da ooilley. JJK idiom; coar; doaieagh; keainal

over breish; coar; ec kione; erskyn; harrish: Praise the bridge as you go over it - Moyll y droghad myr hed oo harrish. JJK idiom; noal; noon; snaie daa cheayrt

twister2 (n.) (for rope) coar: Making suggane with the twister - Jannoo suggane lesh y choar. DF idiom; trooar

gollan geayee swallow: Myr eean coar, ny gollan-geayee, shen myr ren mee gaccan Bible

bittern (n.) coar vooar: I will also make it a possession for the bittern - Neem eh y yannoo ny chaitnys dan choayr-vooar Bible; coayr: But the cormorant and the bittern shall possess it - Agh nee yn cormorant, as y choayr cummal ayn Bible; bittern: both the cormorant and the bittern shall lodge in the upper lintels of it - nee chammah yn choayr as y bittern goaill aaght ayns ny linteyryn mullee eck Bible; ushag ny boob

dy noa newly: Ren eirinagh skeayl lieenteenyn er e halloo dy noa cuirrit as ren eh tayrtyn shiartanse dy coar-ny-hastanyn v'er jeet dy gheid yn rass echey. EF

lum-lane brim-full, full to overflowing, glutted: Ta ooilley ny Manninee dooie ersooyl, nish dy vel y fer s'jerree jeu, Ned Maddrell voish Glion Chass, dooinney coar as gennal as lum-lane dy Ghaelg, caillt dooin; hooar eshyn baase 'sy gheurey shoh chaie (1974). LC; brimfull; overflowing


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