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Coan Hollow

coan See couan gulch, small glen, vale, valley: nee coan ny sleityn roshtyn gys Azal Bible

Inexact matches:

Balley Coan Farm of the Hollow

Coan Aalin Beautiful Vale

Coan Bane White Hollow

Coan Buigh Yellow Hollow

Coan Claghagh Stony Hollow

Coan Coon Narrow Hollow

Coan Curnaght Wheat Hollow

Coan Dhowin Deep Hollow

Coan Dress Briardene

Coan Farrane Spring Valley

Coan Hughey Hugh's Hollow

Coan Lheeah Grey Hollow

Coan Maynrey (n.) Happy Valley

Coan Mooar Great Hollow

Coan Rhennee Ferny Hollow, Ferndale

Coan Shellagh Willow Hollow

Coan Shiar (n.) Easthope

Coan Traagh Hay Hollow

Coan Dhowin Hiar East Deep Hollow

Coan ny Glionney Glendene

Coan ny Hawin Avondale

Coan ny Hawin, Riversdale

Coan ny h'Oaie Hollow of the Graves

Coan ny Marrey Seacombe

Coan ny Maynaghyn Hollow of the Monks

Coan y Cowle Cowle's Hollow

Coan y Ryegrass Ryegrass Hollow

Coan Yuan Hom John Tom's Hollow

Coan y Villey Tree Hollow

Rhullick Chibbyr Coan Well Hollow Churchyard

Avondale Coan ny Hawin

Beautiful Vale (n.) Coan Aalin

Briardene (n.) Coan Dress

Deep Hollow (n.) Coan Dhowin

Easthope (n.) Coan Shiar

Ferndale (n.) Coan Rhennee

Ferny Hollow (n.) Coan Rhennee

Ferny Ravine (n.) Coan Rhennee

Glendene (n.) Coan ny Glionney

Great Hollow (n.) Coan Mooar

Grey Hollow (n.) Coan Lheeah

gulch (n.) coan, couan

Happy Valley (n.) Coan Maynrey

Hollow (n.) Slogh, Lag, Coan

Hugh's Hollow (n.) Coan Hughey

Narrow Hollow (n.) Coan Coon

Seacombe (n.) Coan ny Marrey

Spring Valley (n.) Coan Farrane

Wheat Hollow (n.) Coan Curnaght

Willow Hollow (n.) Coan Shellagh

Yellow Hollow (n.) Coan Buigh

Cowle's Hollow (n.) Coan y Cowle

Ryegrass Hollow (n.) Coan y Ryegrass

small glen (n.) coan, couan, gliontan

East Deep Hollow (n.) Coan Dhowin Hiar

Hay Hollow (n.) Lag ny Traagh, Coan Traagh

Hollow of the Graves (n.) Coan ny h'Oaie

Hollow of the Monks (n.) Coan ny Maynaghyn

John Tom's Hollow (n.) Coan Yuan Hom

Riversdale (n.) Coan ny Hawin,, Glion ny Hawin

Stony Hollow (n.) Lhag ny Glagh, Coan Claghagh

Tree Hollow (n.) Lag ny Villey, Coan y Villey

vale (n.) clash, coan, coayn, couan, glion

valley (n.) coan, coayn, couan, gill, glion, glione, lhagg

Well Hollow Churchyard (n.) Rhullick Chibbyr Coan

White Hollow (n.) Lhag Vane, Coan Bane, Lag Bane

Farm of the Hollow (n.) Balley Lhig, Balley Choan, Balley Coan

caglee bordered: ayns coan Lebanon eer gys ny sleityn caglee, lesh Seir Bible

gushtaghey water: nee eh gushtaghey coan ny reih cedaryn Bible

jeeassyraght gathereth: bee eh goll-rishyn ta jeeassyraght ayns coan Rephaim Bible

rheynn-ym I will divide: rheynn-ym Sichem: as towse-ym magh coan Succoth. Bible

saljey salt: ayns coan Siddim, ta nish enmyssit yn keayn saljey Bible

slogh laaghey slime pit: As va coan Siddim lane sloghyn laaghey Bible

sloghyn pits: As va coan Siddim lane sloghyn laaghey Bible

cummal veih refrain, restrain, withhold; dwell from: As ren ad cummal veih Beer-sheba gys coan Hinnom. Bible

er ny enmys called, named: Van ynnyd er ny enmys coan Eshcol Bible; mentioned: Cha bee veg jeh e pheccaghyn, teh er nyannoo, er ny enmys da Bible

fer craue bone setter: As ny troailtee, ta goll trooid y cheer tra hee-ys fer craue dooinney, eisht nee eh soiaghey seose cowrey liorish, derrey ta ny fir oanluckee er n'oanluckey eh ayns coan Hamon-gog. Bible

fir oanluckee buriers: derrey ta ny fir oanluckee er noanluckey eh ayns coan Hamongog Bible

keayn saljey salt sea: Vad shoh er nyn jaglym cooidjagh ayns coan Siddim, ta nish enmyssit yn keayn saljey.

Kione y Clieau end of the mountain: As haink eh neose gys kione y clieau ta lhie jeeragh er coan mac Hinnom, as ta ayns glione ny foawir my-hwoaie Bible; Slea Head

lane (=Ir. lán, O.Ir. lán) 1 at full strength, crowded, full, full-blooded, fully, gravid, loaded, lot, much, plenary, replete, sound, swelling, total a: va coan Siddim lane sloghyn laaghey Bible; 2 (as edition) unexpurgated [L. (p)lenus]

moaneeyn turbaries: Hie mee marish harrish ny cruink sheese coan ennagh, shaghey moaneeyn as fy-jerrey raink shin y scoill veg. GK

ry-cheilley en masse, together, with each other: as ren ad caggey ry-cheilley ayns coan Siddlm Bible

sniaghtey sheebit driven snow: ny myr y sniaghtey sheebit lesh niart geayee, ny floagyn streeu nyn vud oc hene quoi sleaie lhieenys y coan, ny getlagh er dagh laue dy phlooghey'n troailtagh PC

gathereth chymsaghey: And he that gathereth the ashes of the heifer - As nee eshyn ta chymsaghey leoien cholbagh Bible; chaglym: He gathereth the waters of the sea together - Teh chaglym ushtaghyn ny marrey cooidjagh Bible; chymsagh: and as one gathereth eggs that are left - as myr ta fer ta chymsagh oohyn ta treigit Bible; (ears) jeeassyraght: and it shall be as he that gathereth ears in the valley of Rephaim - as bee eh goll-rishyn ta jeeassyraght ayns coan Rephaim Bible

troop1 (v.) cruinnaghey; (n.) troop: And Leah said, A troop cometh - As dooyrt Leah, Ta troop jeu cheet Bible; sheshaght-chaggee: a troop shall overcome him - nee sheshaghtchaggee Bible; sheshaght dy gheiney-caggee; sheshaght: and the troop of the Philistines pitched in the valley of Rephaim - as ren sheshaght ny Philistinee campal ayns coan Rephaim Bible; troop-caggee: when thou shalt bring a troop suddenly upon them - tra ver oo lhiat troop-caggee doaltattym orroo Bible


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