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coamrit clad, clothed, dressed: Coamrit lesh cryssyn mysh nyn meeghyn Bible; finished; arrayed

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coamrit seose dressed up

clad coamrit: He is well clad - T'eh coamrit dy mie. DF idiom

dressed aarlit: Ready dressed - Aarlit hannah. DF idiom; daarlee; coamrit: Dressed with taste - Coamrit lesh briwnys. DF idiom

arrayed (v.) choamree: and arrayed him in vestures of fine linen - as choamree eh eh ayns garmadyn sheeidey Bible; coamrit: being arrayed in white linen - coamrit ayns aanrit gial Bible

clothed coamrit, couyrit; choamree

dressed up coamrit seose

gooynyn dresses: coamrit ayns gooynyn jiargey DF

aanrit pl. aanrityn dowlas, towel: cheayll mee yn dooinney coamrit ayns aanrit Bible

eaddagh broghe-frytlagh filthy garments: Nish va Joshua coamrit lesh eaddagh broghe-frytlagh, Bible

garmad pl. garmadyn garment: va Ean coamrit lesh garmad jeh fynney chamel Bible

jiargey1 chafe, sore; red: Coamrit ayns gooynyn jiargey DF

tummit dipped: v'eh coamrit lesh garmad tummit ayns fuill Bible

apparel1 (n.) coamrey: and changed his apparel - as hug eh caghlaa coamrey er Bible; eaddagh: and all such as are clothed with strange apparel - as adsyn ooilley ta coamrit lesh eaddagh joarree Bible; (v.) coamraghey, cur eaddagh er

girdles (npl.) cryssyn: Girded with girdles upon their loins - Coamrit lesh cryssyn mysh nyn meeghyn Bible

aittin furze, gorse, ulex, whin: Ta'n Arragh ayn reesht leah frassyn as sumarkyn, Ny croink ooilley coamrit lesh aittin as freoaie. Coraa [SG. aiteann]

attaghyn crowns: as er ny stuill honnick mee kiare shanstyryn as feed nyn soie, coamrit ayns coamrey gial; as v'oc er nyn ging attaghyn dy airh. PB1765

biall obedient: O ven, cre sheeagh y treisht v'ou 'ss as mish ayn, dy beagh y seihll mooar coamrit lesh nyn gloan dy hirveish Jee as dy chur biall da trooid ny sheelogheyn ain bio son dy bra? PC

cannoo lust: V'ee er-cannoo lurg ny Assyrianee e naboonyn, captanyn as fir-reill, coamrit yindyssagh stoamey, markiagh er cabbil, ad ooilley deiney aegey aalin. Bible

coamraghyn clothing, garments, vestments: As dreggyr fer jeh ny shanstyryn, gra rhym, Quoi ad shoh ta coamrit ayns coamraghyn gial? Bible

cullyryn colours: Coamrit lesh cryssyn mysh nyn meeghyn, as nyn ghing soit magh lesh cullyryn ass towse moyrnagh, ad ooilley myr princeyn dy yeeaghyn orroo Bible

dooinney aeg (=Ir. duine-eg.) swain, young man: As hie ad stiagh ayns yn oaie, as honnick ad dooinney aeg ny hoie er y cheu yesh, coamrit ayns coamrey liauyr gial: as v'ad agglagh. Bible

dy chadjin generally: S'cummey yn jalloo, ta mee lane shickyr nagh bee eh aght erbee ta sleih coamrit dy chadjin ny laghyn t'ayn jiu ayns Ellan Vannin. Carn

edd ard opera hat, stovepipe, top hat: dagh fer coamrit ayns lheiney liauyr bane as edd ard er nyn gione neesht. Dhoor

farrail entertainment, fare: Va dooinney berchagh dy row va coamrit ayns gorrym-jiarg, as sheeidey, as farrail dy soaillagh dy chooilley laa. Bible

Goo Yee (The) Scriptures, Word of God: As v'eh coamrit lesh garmad tummit ayns foill: as ta'n ennym echey, Goo Yee. Bible

gys ny cassyn full-length: As ayns mean ny shiaght cainleyryn, fer goll-rish yn Mac dooinney, coamrit lesh garmad sheese gys ny cassyn, as kianlt mysh e chleeau lesh cryss dy airh. Bible

lesh y ghrian clockwise; with the sun: va yindys mooar er ny akin ayns niau, ben coamrit lesh y ghrian, as yn eayst fo e cassyn Bible

locustyn locusts: As va Ean coamrit lesh garmad jeh fynney chamel, as lesh cryss liare mysh e veeghyn: as v'eh beaghey er locustyn as mill feie Bible

surranse baase die: Agh ta shin fakin Yeesey, va jeant son tammylt ny s'inshley na ny ainleyn, liorish surranse baase, coamrit lesh gloyr as ooashley Bible

torranyn dunghills: Adsyn va beaghey dy keiyn, t'ad treigit ayns ny straïdyn: adsyn va coamrit lesh scarleod t'ad lhie er ny torranyn. Bible

armour (v.) armal, plaaitail; (n.) eilley: he taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted - teh goaill veih ooilley e eilley, huggey veh treishteil Bible; eilley chaggee: all of them clothed with all sorts of armour - ooilley coamrit ayns dy chooilley cheint dy eilley-caggee Bible; ejy

finished coamrit; cooilleenit; ec kione; jeant; kione er: He had all but finished his work - Va bunnys kione er e obbyr. JJK idiom; jerrey er: I am not finished with history - Cha nel mee er chur jerrey er shennaghys. JJK idiom

bonnagyn buns: Ayns ny Inshyn Goal v'ad foast g'emnys Oie'l Verree 'Oidche nam Bannag' er yn oyr dy row possanyn dy 'fir-fuan' goll mygeayrt shirrey bee [bonnagyn], dagh fer coamrit ayns lheiney liauyr bane as edd ard er nyn gione neesht. Dhoor

seihll mooar wide world: O ven, cre sheeagh y treisht v'ou 'ss as mish ayn, dy beagh y seihll mooar coamrit lesh nyn gloan dy hirveish Jee as dy chur biall da trooid ny sheelogheyn ain bio son dy bra? PC


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