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coadee conservationist, defence, defensive; shall save: Coadee uss, Hiarn, chammah dooinney as baagh Bible; protection

Inexact matches:

arrey coadee safeguard

bayrn coadee helmet

boalley coadee bulwark

famman coadee convoy

fer coadee guardian, keeper, protector: Gy kuidsayfleyts dy ve fer friali, as fer caudi gasyn toyrt da barriyght harrish y noidjyn ully. PB1610

obbraghyn coadee defensive works

saase coadee safeguard

skelf coadee guardrail

speckleyryn coadee goggles

stob coadee guardpost

tead coadee bolt-rope

thie coadee asylum

towl coadee fox-hole, funk hole

safeguard arrey coadee; coadey; saase coadee

coarys-coadee protection system: Dooyrt yn Ard-Reiragh Mike Proffitt dy ren coarys-coadee ayns Blackpool ayns Sostyn giarrey yn lectraghys, er y fa dy ren eh gaghtey ny smoo tappee na'n coarys-coadee ayns Mannin tra haink foill rish ayn BS

protect (v.) caddey, coadaghey, coadey, fendeil, gardey; coadee: Protect me from the enemy - Coadee mee veih'n noid. DF idiom

shall save coadee: Thou, Lord, shalt save both man and beast - Coadee uss, Hiarn, chammah dooinney as baagh Bible

bolt-rope (n.) tead coadee

defensive (adj.) coadee; coadey; fendeilagh

defensive works (npl.) obbraghyn coadee

goggles (m.) speckleyryn coadee

guardpost (n.) stob coadee

guardrail (n.) skelf coadee

conservationist (n.) coadee; coadeyder; freilleyder; freilltagh

convoy co-choadey; co-hiaulley; famman coadee

Defence Minister (n.) Shirveishagh-Coadee

Defence Ministry (n.) Shirveishaght-Coadee

fox-hole (n.) towl coadee, towl shynee

funk hole (n.) towl coadee, kemmyrk

helmets (protective) bayrnyn-coadee

protection system (n.) coarys-coadee

protective helmets (npl.) bayrnyn-coadee

bayrnyn-coadee protective helmets; (protective) helmets

Shirveishagh-Coadee Defence Minister

Shirveishaght-Coadee Defence Ministry

asylum1 thie baanrit; thie coadee; thie mooar

protector (n.) coadagh, coadeyder, fendeilagh, fer coadee; fer-choadee

bulwark (n.) boalley; boalley coadee; bullick; bulwark; calloo; cashtal; mooiraghan

helmet (n.) bayrn caggee, bayrn coadee, claigaid, sallet, helmet; eilley-ching

defence (n.) coadee; coadey; fendeilys: Council for the defence - Turneyr yn 'endeilys. DF idiom; cooney

guardian (n.) arreyder; ben choadee; fer coadee; gedjey; mimmey; oaseir: My guardian will arrive next week - Hig my oaseir yn chiaghtyn shoh cheet. JJK idiom

keeper (n.) arreyder, fer coadee, gard, meoir, teayrtagh; fainey; freilleyder: Lighthouse keeper - Freilleyder thie soilshey. DF idiom

protection (n.) coadey, fendeilys, kemmyrk; fastee; (adj.) coadee: Fishery protection vessel - Lhong choadee eeasteyraght. DF idiom


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