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clou Gaelgagh Gaelic type

clou edition, print, printed matter, printing press, publication, type: v'eh noi cur ayns clou ram jeh ny shenn arraneyn as skeealyn er y fa dy row ad 'sollagh'. Carn

Inexact matches:

clou broojit batter

clou cassee curling iron

clou doo black letter, bold type

clou gorrym blueprint

clou Romanagh Roman type

clou trome bold type, clarendon

clou Vraaile Braille type

jeenys clou (f.) underlay

soiaghey clou type-setting

soieder clou type-setter

tilgeyr clou typecaster

clou gyn trasnane sanserif

clou ta heose standing type

cur ayns clou set up; put in print: Ga dy ren yn Ayr Peadar O Laoire obbyr ass towse dy aa-vioghey Yernish, v'eh noi cur ayns clou ram jeh ny shenn arraneyn as skeealyn er y fa dy row ad 'sollagh'. Carn

cur seose clou type-setting

do-chur ayns clou unprintable

bold type (n.) clou doo, clou trome

type-setting (v.) cur seose clou; soiaghey clou

black letter (n.) clou doo

Braille type (n.) clou Vraaile

clarendon clou trome

curling iron (n.) clou cassee

Gaelic type (n.) clou Gaelgagh

printed matter (n.) clou

printing press (n.) clou

Roman type (n.) clou Romanagh

sanserif (n.) clou gyn trasnane

type1 clou: Setting type - Cur seose clou. DF idiom; sorch: That is the type they are seeking - Ta shen yn sorch t'ad shirrey. DF idiom

typecaster (n.) tilgeyr clou

type-setter (n.) soieder clou

blueprint (n.) clou gorrym, jalloo gorrym

compositor (n.) clou-obbree

copy typist (n.) clou-aascreeuder

letter press (n.) clou-woailley; tecks

publication (n.) clou, cur magh, soilshaghey

shorthand typist (n.) clou-ghiarescreeuder

standing type clou ta heose

typescript (n.) clou-screeuyn

underlay (n.) fo vrat; jeenys clou

unprintable (adj.) do-chlou, do-chur ayns clou

clou-aascreeuder copy typist

clou-ghiarescreeuder shorthand typist

clou-obbree compositor

clou-screeuyn typescript

clou-woailley letter press

batter battyr; bwoalley; clou broojit; faaney; sooslagh; mestey-freeghee

edition (n.) clou; cur magh: The second edition of the book - Y nah cur magh jeh'n lioar. DF idiom

print1 (v., n.) clou; (v.) prental; prent: Don't print your book yet - Ny prent nyn lioar foast. JJK idiom; (n.) coip

set up (v.) cur ayns clou, soiaghey, soiaghey seose, soie seose; cur er bun: He set up in business - Hug eh shapp er bun. DF idiom

ass date out of date: Tra vees yn art shoh ry-akin ayns clou, foddee dy bee eh ass date. Carn

bardaght (f.) poetry, rhyming: Te cur taitnys mooar dooin dy chur magh ayns clou bardaght as skeeal 'sy Ghailck liorish Manninagh ayns Canada! Coraa

Ellan Ooist (f.) (Isle of) Uist: Hug Alan dou daa phabyr niaght beg enmyssit "Cruisgean", pabyryn Gaelgagh ta goll er clou ayns Ellan Ooist y Twoaie. GK


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