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cloth1 (n.) eaddagh; brat: That cloth is very good, but I prefer his - Ta'n eaddagh shen feer vie, agh share lhiam eh shoh. JJK idiom; clout

cloth2 (n.) (the); (yn) chlere

Inexact matches:

altar cloth (n.) eaddagh altar

billiard cloth (n.) eaddagh billiard

casement cloth (n.) eaddagh curtan

cere cloth (n.) eaddagh oaye

cheese cloth (n.) eaddagh caashey

chequer cloth (n.) aanrit breck

cloth dresser (n.) leaddanagh

cloth mill (n.) mwyllin eaddee

face cloth (n.) clooid oonlee

floor cloth (n.) clout laarey

hair cloth (n.) eaddagh geayshteenagh

hearse cloth (n.) curleid charbid

hemp cloth (n.) eaddagh kennipey

horse cloth (n.) curleid chabbil

neck cloth (n.) carvat; clout mwannalagh

of cloth (gen.) eaddee

pack cloth (n.) eaddagh paggey

pyx cloth (n.) eaddagh yn chishtey

rick cloth (n.) coodagh eekad

saddle cloth pollan

small cloth (n.) clooidjag

spectacle cloth (n.) clout-speckleyr

sponge cloth (n.) eaddagh thoagagh

sweat cloth (n.) clout ollish

table cloth (n.) aanrit buird

tattered cloth (n.) fritlag

tea cloth (n.) eaddagh buird, eaddagh tey, clout saagh

tracing cloth (n.) eaddagh lorgey

tray cloth (n.) eaddagh trenshooragh

waist cloth (n.) eaddagh bouin

wax cloth (n.) eaddagh kereagh

wool cloth (n.) eaddagh olley

woollen cloth (n.) kialter

fragment of cloth ribbag

carvat neck cloth, necktie

clooidjag (f.) small cloth

clooid oonlee face cloth

clout laarey floor cloth

clout mwannalagh neck cloth

clout ollish sweat cloth

clout saagh tea cloth

clout-speckleyr spectacle cloth

coodagh eekad rick cloth

curleid chabbil (f.) horse cloth

curleid charbid (f.) hearse cloth

eaddagh altar altar cloth

eaddagh billiard billiard cloth

eaddagh bouin waist cloth

eaddagh caashey cheese cloth

eaddagh curtan casement cloth

eaddagh geayshteenagh hair cloth

eaddagh kereagh wax cloth

eaddagh lorgey tracing cloth

eaddagh oaye cere cloth

eaddagh paggey pack cloth

eaddagh tey tea cloth

eaddagh thoagagh sponge cloth

eaddagh trenshooragh tray cloth

mwyllin eaddee cloth mill

cloth-work obbyr eaddee

cloth-worker (n.) obbree eaddee

face-cloth fledjyn eddin

head-cloth (n.) clout king

aanrit breck check, chequer cloth

clout king head-cloth

eaddagh buird napery, tea cloth

eaddagh kennipey hemp cloth, sackcloth

eaddagh olley tweed, wool cloth

eaddagh yn chishtey pyx cloth

fledjyn eddin face-cloth

leaddanagh carder, cloth dresser, fuller

obbree eaddee cloth-worker

obbyr eaddee (f.) cloth-work

kialter broadcloth, heavy flannel; flannel; woollen cloth

chlere (f.) (yn); (the) cloth; (the) priesthood: Dy jean yn chlere nyn gurrym. DF

eaddee (gen.) of cloth: T'eh e chullee eaddee Ghoonee er. DF

ribbag (f.) coupon, fragment of cloth, piece, scrap; dulse leaf; (of cloth) shred

seweth (v.) whaaley: No man also seweth a piece of new cloth on an old garment - As cha vel dooinney erbee whaaley peesh dy eaddagh noa er shenn gharmad Bible

shall spread skeaylee: and shall spread over it a cloth wholly of blue - as skeaylee ad harrish eaddagh slanegorrym Bible

aanrit buird table cloth, table linen, tablecloth: Va shenn ven sy Ard-cherrin, as by vie lhee creck aanrit buird dooin. Dhoor

brat (f.) 1 apron, cloak, cloth, coat, cover, curtain, film, layer, mantle, pall, pinafore, sheet, wrap; 2 overgrowth, standing crop a: ver y thalloo magh brat palchey Bible; 3 coating, covering a: Ta brat hrome sniaghtey er y thalloo Bible [O.Ir. brat]

clout cloth: Va clout 'sy laue eck. DF; clot, clout, patch; square sail; printed

eaddagh (=Ir. éadach) pl. eaddeeyn cloth, clothing, drapery, dress, fabric, material, vesture: nee ad skeayley coodagh dy eaddagh gorrym Bible; clothes; apparel

fritlag (f.) pl. fritlaggyn See frytlaggyn 1 rag, tatter, tattered cloth a: bee'n cadlag coodit lesh fritlaggyn Bible; 2 (of cloth) shred

pollan (f.) (pl -yn) felt; pack saddle, saddle cloth: Eshyn nagh vel mie rish e gharran shegin da pollan y cheau. DF; (of person) dud, thick-skinned: She pollan dy ghooinney eh. DF

have (possess) ec: She has an enchanting voice and a vivid imagination - Ta coraa obbee eck as sheiltynys bioyr. JJK idiom; echey: Send that poor man a little bread and meat, so that he may have something to eat - Cur hug y dooinney boght shen kuse veg d'arran as feill, dy vod red ennagh dy ee ve echey. JJK idiom; oc: Have they a table-cloth? - Vel aanrit-boayrd oc? JJK idiom; eu: Have you got any money? - Vel veg dy argid eu? JJK idiom; ain: Have we any glasses? - Vel glessyn erbee ain? JJK idiom; aym: Have I not a carriage? - Nagh vel carriads aym? JJK idiom; ayd: You have some butter - Ta eeym ayd. JJK idiom; eck

pattern jesheenaght; cosoyllaghey; sambyl: The pattern stands out against the cloth - Ta'n sambyl girree neese hood ass yn eaddagh. DF idiom; sampleyr: after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof - cordail rish sampleyr y chabbane-agglish, as sampleyr ooilley ny jeshaghtyn echey Bible; soylley; pattern: Then David gave to Solomon his son the pattern of the porch, and of the houses thereof - Eisht hug David da Solomon e vac pattern jeh porch y chiamble Bible


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