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climb1 ardjaghey; croghey; drappal: Stiff climb - Drappal geyre. DF idiom; irree

climb2 (as bird) gooillian

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climb down (v.) tarlheim, tarlheimey, tarlheimmey

tarlheimey alight, climb down, dismount, get down

tarlheimmey alight, climb down, dismount, get down

tarlheim climb down, descend, descent, landing: ren ee tarlheim jeh'n chamel. Bible

hill (n.) cronk: To climb a hill in top - Dy gholl seose cronk 'syn ard ghear. DF idiom; knock; ughtagh

stiff (adj.) chionn, doillee, formoil, rag, reen, roauyr, stark; neulhoobagh: Stiff joint - Olt neulhoobagh. DF idiom; creoi: Stiff-neckedness - Creoi-wannalys. DF idiom; geyre: Stiff climb - Drappal geyre. DF idiom; stuggagh

ardjaghey1 (=Ir. ardú) change up, increase, lift, mount up, overbid, pitch, prefer, promote, ramp, steepen, uplift; (as fever) worsen; inflation, preferment, promotion, upheaval; put up: Yn railley y ardjaghey. DF; raise: Armyn y ardjaghey. DF; climb: Ta ny hetlanyn shoh mie dy ardjaghey. DF

croghey1 (=Ir. crochadh) 1 climb, cling, fly, hang, hoist, sheer, suspension, swing, uplift, loft a: dagh unnane ta croghey er billey Bible; 2 taken up a: veh croghey eddyr yn aer as y thalloo Bible; 3 (as story) hinge; 4 pendant; 5 hanging

drappal ascend, ascent, clamber, climb, climbing, mount, scale: drappal seose er ny creggyn Bible; (of plant) trail [M.E. drap]

gooillian (as bird) climb, soar: Rish shoh va Satan gooillian lesh y ghrian, ny goullyn sollys n'oi e vaaish soilshean, as ayns shoh v'echey oyr dy yindys mooar PC; glide

irree1 (=Ir. éirí, éirigh) 1 accrue, arise, ascent, awake, climb, get off, get up, heave, lift, lilt, rise, stand up, step up, swarm, tip, turn out, upgrade, up-grade a: Va'n ghrian er n'irree er y thalloo tra hie Lot stiagh ayns Zoar. Bible; 2 (as plane) take off; 3 emotion, passion


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