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Cleft (n.) Gaaig

cleft1 barney, clash, gaaig, scolt; rheynnit; scaaney; scoltey; scoltit; skeilt

cleft2 (n.) (in rock) skadaig, skort

Inexact matches:

Big Cleft (n.) Agg Wooar

Cleft Hill (n.) Cronk Skeilt

Cormorant's Cleft (n.) Scarlett

Cleft of the Lakelet (n.) Gaaig y Loughan

Agg Wooar Big Cleft

Cronk Skeilt Cleft Hill

Gaaig Cleft

Scarlett Cormorant's Cleft [Scand]

skadaig (f.) (in rock) cleft

four-cleft kiare-ronnagh

kiare-ronnagh four-cleft

Gaaig y Loughan Cleft of the Lakelet

skort (f.) (pl -yn) chasm, fissure, rent, rift; (in rock) cleft

gaaig (f.) pl. gaaigyn chap, split in skin; cleft, crevice; scallop

scaaney chink, cleave, cleft, crack, cranny, crevice, fissure, flaw, fracture, interstice, rend; mirror

skeilt cleft, splintered, split: honnick ad chengaghyn skeilt, myr aile Bible

barney (f.) aperture, break, cleft, discontinuity, hiatus, missing link, pass, space, vacancy: Ta barney veill eck. DF

clash (f.) channel, cleft, gorge, groove, hollow, open furrow, race, rubbish tip, trench, vale: Ta'n ollish roie sheese clash e hoyn. DF; sewer

rheynnit 1 allotted, cleft, divided, segmented a: Ny lhig da ve edyr lhiam's ny lhiat's, agh lhig da ve rheynnit. Bible; 2 halved

scolt pl. scoltaghyn cleft, rent; split: heaum ad dagh errey v'orroo sheese er laare, as scolt ad hene lesh lhieggey er nyn mooin PC

scoltit 1 burst, chopped, cleft, cloven, fissured, gutted, hewn, slit, sprung; 2 parted, split a: As ayns Sostyn hene, ta'n cheer ny smoo scoltit na v'ee rieau. Carn

scoltey burst, chop up, crack, fault, feed, fracture, gut, hew, rend, skive, sliver, split; analysis; cleave: ren yn thalloo va foue scoltey veih-my-cheilley Bible; bursting, cracking, gutting, slitting, venting; cleavage, cleft, crevasse, disunion, fissure, scission, slit, slot; part; fission; vent; beanfeast, blow out, heavy meal, tuck in


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