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cleeah (f.) criss-cross, darn, fret, grate, grating, grid, lattice, staff, stave, stretcher, wicker; (of fish) school

Inexact matches:

cleeah caghlaaee (f.) switchbar

cleeah chabbil (f.) horse rack

cleeah chainley (f.) taper hearse

cleeah cheyrragh (f.) sheep grid

cleeah eaddee (f.) clothes horse

cleeah hiauill (f.) sail arm

cleeah hoshee (f.) starting gate

cleeah ollee (f.) cattle grid

cleeah scudlee (f.) luggage carrier

cleeah stoandee (f.) barrel stand

cleeah toval (f.) towel horse

cleeah vaa (f.) cowcatcher

cleeah yiarn (f.) fiddley

jannoo cleeah (of fish) school

saaue cleeah fretsaw

Balley Aah Cleeah Dublin: Tooilley fys ry-gheddyn veih'n scrudeyr ashoonagh Eilis Ni Mhearrai, 39 Raad Moyne, Ranelagh, Balley Aah Cleeah 6, Nerin. Dhoor

cur ayns cleeah vocs crate

cur cleeah er darn, grate, lattice

cur cleeah mysh wattle hurdle

darn (n.) cleeah; (v.) cur cleeah er; darnail; karraghey

lattice (n.) cleeah; cleeah-uinnag; cur cleeah er

school2 (n.) (of fish) cleeah; (v.) jannoo cleeah

grate (n.) clean aile, grate, cleeah; (v.) cur cleeah er, jeestyrnee, screebey

grid1 (n.) cleeah: Sheep grid - Cleeah cheyrragh. DF idiom; grylley; moggyl

barrel stand (n.) cleeah stoandee

cattle grid (n.) cleeah ollee

cowcatcher (n.) cleeah vaa

fiddley cleeah yiarn; fidlee

fretsaw (n.) saaue cleeah

grating cleeah; jeesternagh; jeesternee

horse rack (n.) cleeah chabbil

luggage carrier (n.) cleeah scudlee

sail arm (n.) cleeah hiauill

sheep grid (n.) cleeah cheyrragh

starting gate (n.) cleeah hoshee

switchbar (n.) cleeah caghlaaee

taper hearse (n.) cleeah chainley

towel horse (n.) cleeah toval

wicker (n.) cleeah, tuigagh

gate-legged cleeah-chassagh

cleeah-chassagh (f.) gate-legged

cleeah-uinnag (f.) lattice

cleeah-vocs (f.) crate

clothes horse (n.) bock eaddagh, cleeah eaddee

criss-cross cleeah; ingagh; innagh; tessen er y cheilley

stave (n.) bad, claare, cleeah, lorg; loogh

stretcher (n.) breadagh, carbyd, cleeah, sheeyneyder, sheeyntane

wattle hurdle (n.) (v.) cur cleeah mysh; (n.) spelt

crate (n.) cleeah-vocs, kishtey; (v.) cur ayns cleeah vocs, cur ayns kishtey

Dublin (n.) Balley Aah Cleeah; Divlin, Divlyn: She will start for Dublin the day after to-morrow - Hed ee dys Divlyn nuyr. JJK idiom [Ir. Baile Átha Cliath]

fret cleeah; dreeym; lhoobag; farbaghey; goaill er: Don't fret - Ny gow ort. DF idiom; ornaidaghey

staff (n.) skimmee, fwirran; builteen; cleeah; lhoo; loogh; lorg; obbreeyn; sthouyr, sthowyr; (v.) cur fwirran ayn, cur obbreeyn ayn


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