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cleayney attract, bank, circumvent, decoy, deviate, dispose, distort, divert, draw off, incline, induce, influence, inveigle, list, recede, seduce, stoop, veer: t'ad cleayney trooid sayntyn ny foalley Bible; (as garden) tend; distortion, diversion, penchant, mental twist, persuasion, perversion; allure; deviation

Inexact matches:

cleayney dooinney (as woman) vamp

cleayney hug predilection, predispose, trend towards

cleayney keintyssagh sexual deviation

cleayney noi prejudice

cleayney sooilley (in eye) cock

gyn cleayney aclinic, undeviatingly, unswerving, unswervingly, untempting

cleayney lajer seose strong upward tendency

deviation (n.) shaghrynys, treigeil; cleayney: Sexual deviation - Cleayney keintyssagh. DF idiom

aclinic gyn cleayney

allure breigey; cleayney, cleaynaghey

circumvent (v.) cleayney, shaghney

cock4 (in eye) cleayney sooilley

distortion (n.) cammey, cleayney

diversion (n.) ceau traa, cleayney

divert (v.) chyndaa ersooyl, cleayney

mental twist cleayney

penchant (n.) cleayney

persuasion (n.) cleayney, coyrle

perversion (n.) cleayney

predilection (n.) cleayney hug

predispose (v.) cleayney hug

seduce (v.) breigey, cleaynaghey; cleayney: These things have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you - Ny reddyn shoh ta mee er scrieu hiu, mychione ocsyn ta cleayney shiu Bible

sexual deviation (n.) cleayney keintyssagh

trend towards (v.) cleayney hug

unswervingly (adv.) gyn cleayney

vamp2 (v.) (as woman) cleayney dooinney

veer1 (v.) cleayney, lhiggey magh

centroclinal mean-cleayney

inveigle (v.) breigey, cleaynaghey, cleayney, cologaghey

recede (v.) cleayney, goll ergooyl, traie

tend2 (as garden) cleayney; jeaghyn ny yei

undeviatingly (adv.) dy ynrick, gyn cleayney

mean-cleayney centroclinal

decoy breigane; breigey; cleaynaghey; cleayney; eean cleaynee

deviate (v.) cleayney; goll ass y raad

distort (v.) cammaghey, cammey, cassey, cleayney, cur ass cummey

strong upward tendency (n.) cleayney lajer seose

unswerving (adj.) beayn, gyn cleayney, jeelys, jeeragh, neuleaystagh

untempting (adj.) gyn cleayney; gyn miolagh; neuchleaynagh; neuviolagh

dispose (v.) ceau ersooyl, cleayney, creck, ee, feddyn rey rish, geddyn rey rish; kiartaghey

upward seose: Strong upward tendency - Cleayney lajer seose. DF idiom

attract (v.) cleayney; tayrn: She wants to attract notice - Saillee tayrn geill urree hene. DF idiom

draw off (v.) cleayney, goaill jeh, gow jeh, tayrn er ash, tayrn jeh, tayrn sheear, teaumey

induce (v.) cleaynaghey, cleayney, greinnaghey, indughtaghey, miolaghey, tayrn; cur er: Induce him to come - Cur ersyn cheet. DF idiom

influence (v.) cleayney, kiangley; obbraghey: Under the influence of drink - As yn jough gobbraghey er. DF idiom; (n.) obbragh, pooar; cummaght: Under the influence of republicanism - Fo cummaght poblaghteyrys. DF idiom

list (n.) coontey, earroo rolley; scoidey; (v.) cleayney, cur er rolley, lhie er un cheu, listal

prejudice (v.) cleayney noi, jannoo jeeyl da; (n.) far-vriwnys, noiys; jeeyl: Without prejudice to my rights - Gyn jeeyl da my chiartyssyn. DF idiom

bank1 (n.) broogh: The river's bank - Broogh ny hawin. DF idiom; banc: We had a communication from the bank - Hooar shin screeuyn voish y vanc. DF idiom; thie-argid, thie argid; boghlane, brooghane, claddagh; (v.) carnane y yannoo, dellal rish y vanc; cleayney, leaystey

incline (n.) ard; (v.) cleayney, faaney; (impv) croym-jee: incline your ears unto the words of my mouth - croym-jee nyn gleayshyn gys goan my veeals Bible; croym: incline thine ear to me - croym dty chleaysh hym Bible; lhiantyn: incline your heart unto the Lord God of Israel - lhig da ny creeaghyn eu lhiantyn gys y Chiarn Jee Israel Bible; ginjillaghey: That he may incline our hearts unto him - Dy vod eh ginjillaghey nyn greeaghyn huggey Bible; croymmey: So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom - Myr shen dy jean oo croymmey dty chleaysh gys creenaght Bible

stoop cleayney; croym-lhinganys; croymmey: He had to stoop to go through the doorway - Begin da croymmey dy gholl trooid yn dorrys. DF idiom; cruittys; lhoobey; imlaghey; injillaghey: I wouldn't stoop to that - Cha jinnin ginjillaghey mee hene da shen. DF idiom


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