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clear1 baghtal: That's clear enough - Ta shen baghtal dy liooar. DF idiom; cleeir, gial, glen, hollys, leayr, sollys, sullyr, chiarrey, rea, seyrey, seyr veih gioal, sheeley; neuvodjallit, sheelit; cur baght er, eeck custym, giallaghey; feayshlit

clear2 (of liquid) sheeley

clear3 (adj.) (as water) rea

clear4 (liquid) sheelit

clear5 (of weather) chiarrey; giallaghey

clear6 (as bank account) seyr veih gioal

clear7 (v.) (from guilt) seyrey

Inexact matches:

All clear (intj) Gaue harrish

clear away (v.) cur ass y raad, glenney magh

Clear off1 (impv) Ass my hilley; Ersooyl lhiat; Fow royd

Clear off2 (intj) (to animal) Sthoo

clear out (v.) cosney roish; folmaghey; goll roish

clear soup (n.) awree sullyr

clear tariffs (npl.) taillaghyn cronnal

clear title kiart glen

clear up (v.) cur reaghys er

Clear Well (n.) Chibbyr Glass, Chibbyr Ghlass

clear off debt (v.) eeck

Clear Pool Meadow (n.) Lheannee Poyll Rea

Clear Well Enclosure (n.) Close y Chibbyr Ghlass

awree sullyr clear soup

Chibbyr Ghlass Clear Well

Chibbyr Glass Clear Well

eeck custym clear

Gaue harrish (intj) All clear

kiart glen clear title

neuvodjallit clear, cloudless

seyr veih gioal (as bank account) clear

taillaghyn cronnal clear tariffs

clear-cut (adj.) glen

clear-headed glen-inchynagh, leayr

clear-headedness (n.) glen-inchynaght

clear-sighted (adj.) glen-hooillagh, glen-reayrtagh

clear-skinned gialchraitnagh

gialchraitnagh clear-skinned

glen-hooillagh clear-sighted

glen-inchynagh clear-headed, clearheaded

glen-inchynaght (f.) clear-headedness

glen-reayrtagh clear-sighted

Ass my hilley (impv) Clear off, Scram

Close y Chibbyr Ghlass Clear Well Enclosure

cur ass y raad clear away, disaccustom

cur reaghys er clear up, sort out, tidy

glenney magh clean out, clear away, discharge, scavenging

Lheannee Poyll Rea Clear Pool Meadow

chiarrey 1 clearance, dry spell a: Ta'n gheay-twoaie cur lesh chiarrey DF; 2 (of weather) clear

cur baght er clear, comment, define, explain, illuminate, interpret

giallaghey blanch, bleach, bleaching, brighten, lime wash, to the full, whiten, whitening; (of weather) clear

hollys clear: nee'm y thalloo dorraghey 'sy laa hollys. Bible

Sthoo (intj) (to animal) Clear off, Shift him: Cur sthoo da'n vooa shen! DF

bribery (n.) slaa laueys; sollaghey laueys: Clear case of bribery - Cooish chronnal jeh sollaghey-laue. DF idiom

shining gial; goulragh; sollys: as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain - myr y faiyr ta gaase ass y thalloo liorish bree sollys y ghrian lurg frassyn Bible

baghtal clear, definable, distinct, implicit, noticeable, obvious, plain, unmistakable: Gow lioar vooar, as scrieu ayn lesh goan baghtal Bible

cleeir clear: ren eh cur er y chaart-taarnagh as ny cabbil echey lhiggey tessyn y speyr cleeir gorrym. Dhoor

cosney roish clear out, make off; get away: Cur-jee skianyn da Moab, dy vod eh getlagh as cosney roish Bible; elude; escape

eeck (=Ir. íoc) clear off debt, payment, pay off, pay out, remittance, reward: dob eh dy eeck keesh da Bible

Ersooyl lhiat (impv) Clear off, Go away: Ersooyl lhiat, ass my hilley, bleb myr t'ou. Coraa

feayshlit clear: Eisht bee oo feayshlit veih my vreearrey Bible; lax; loose: Naphtali is a hind let loose Bible; quit: eisht vees shinyn feayshlit veihn loo hug oo orrin y ghoaill Bible; redeemed: eisht lhig jee ve feayshlit Bible

folmaghey blow out, clear out, deflate, deflation, deplenish, depletion, discharge, drain, drink up, empty, evacuation, hollow, unburden, unpack, unship, vacate, void: Jean ad er-y-fa shen folmaghey nyn lieen Bible

Fow royd (impv) Beat it, Clear off, Go away, Hop it; Get thee to, Go your way: fow royd gys phadeyryn dt'ayrey, as gys phadeyryn dty vayrey. Bible

gial (=Ir. geal) bright, clear, fulgent, light-coloured, shining, snowy, white: bee ad gial myr sniaghtey Bible

glen (=Ir. glan) 1 chaste, clean, cleanse, clear, clear-cut, cloudless, downright, emphatic, fair, fresh-coloured, hygienic, peremptory, pure, sheer, to a T, undefiled, unpolluted, liquidate a: ghow eh jeh dagh baagh glen, as jeh dagh eean glen Bible; 2 (of refusal) flat; 3 (of vision) unclouded; 4 nett

goll roish betake, buzz off, clear out, go off, make away, move on, nip off, pass on, pop off, walk away; antecede, go ahead, go before, precede: ta injillid goll roish ooashley Bible

leayr clear, clear-headed, discernible, distinct, evident, explicit, glaring, graphic, obvious, perceivable, unequivocal, clearheaded: cha bleayr yn derrey yeh yn jeh elley Bible; perceive

rea (=Ir. réidh) (adj.) 1 even, facile, flat, horizontal, level, plain, plane, sleek, smooth, steady a: ren eh cummal ayns cheer rea Mamre Bible; 2 (as water) clear; 3 (of manner) easy; 4 (adv.) continuously, regularly; 5 (n.) pl. reaghyn male sheep, ram, tup: rea three bleeaney dy eash Bible; 6 flatness [O.Ir. réid]

sheelit (liquid) clear; distilled, drained, filtered, refined, strained: dy choyrt lhieu hood's ooil glen olive sheelit Bible

sollys 1 (adj.) bright, brilliant, clear, resplendent, shining, shiny, transparent a: va skell sollys er e eddin Bible; 2 (n.) brightness, lamp, light [L. sol]

sullyr ANTONYM dullyr :2 bright, clear, limpid, resplendent: Ta e brooinyn cha pishagagh, e hushtaghyn cha sullyr. JJK

seyrey1 absolution, acquittal, affranchisement, dismissal, dispensation, emancipation, exemption, exoneration, exploitation, justification, liberation, riddance; (v.) absolve, acquit, affranchise, emancipate, clearing, exploit, exonerate, exempt, enfranchise, ease, deliver, disoblige, dismiss, discharge, disengage, disembarrass, disencumber, free, justify, let off, liberate, purge, release, relieve: cha vel shin er nyn seyrey gys y laa jiu Bible; (act of) vindication; (from guilt) clear

sheeley clarify, clear, distil, drain, extract, draw, dribble, drip, filter, gravitate, instil, percolate, refine: ren y pobble sheeley ersooyl voish er y laa shen gys yn ard-valley Bible; discharge, gutter, weep, trickle, seep, run, ooze, leach, flow; insemination; (as milk) soil; (off) strain, straining; instillation


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