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clasht hear: Clasht rhym tra ta mee geamagh Bible

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rhyms to me: clasht uss rhyms Bible

Hiarn (voc.) (Y) My Lord, Your Lordship: Clasht, Hiarn, rish coraa Yudah Bible

hear1 (impv) clasht, eaisht; (v.) cluinaghtyn, eaishtagh; clashtyn: I hear a knock - Ta mee clashtyn crank. JJK idiom

almoragh benighted, clueless, ignorant, uncultured, unlearned, unwitting: clasht nish rish shoh, uss ven rouanagh as almoragh Bible; careless

Creteyn Cretes: Creteyn as Arabianee, ta shin clasht yn ad loayrt ayns ny chengaghyn ain hene, Bible

cur bree ayn animate, energize, exhilarate, invigorate, pep up, vivify: Clasht rish my choraa, O Hiarn, cordail rish dty chenjallys-ghraihagh: cur bree ayn-ym myr boallagh oo. Bible

eh (=Ir. é) he, him, it: as dooyrt eh, Clasht, Hiarn, rish coraa Yudah, Bible [O.Ir. é]

gerjoilagh happy: As m'annym, bee gerjoilagh ayns y Chiarn: nee eh boggey 'ghoaill ayns e haualtys. Bible; comfortable: Clasht rhym, O Hiarn, son ta dty chenjallysghraihagh Bible; reassuring: loayr dy gerjoilagh rish dty harvaantyn Bible

Libya (f.) (Y) Libya: Phrygia as Pamphylia ayns Egypt, as ardjyn Libya mygeayrt Cyrene, as joarreeyn veih yn Raue, Hewnyn as Proselyteyn, Creteyn as Arabianee, ta shin clasht yn ad loayrt ayns ny chengaghyn ain hene, PB1765

smooinee dy dowin er consider, meditate, muse: Clasht rish shoh, O Yob; shass raad t'ou - as smooinee dy dowin er obbraghyn yindyssagh Yee. Bible

careless (adj.) meerioosagh: Many days and years shall ye be troubled, ye careless women - Ymmodee laghyn as bleeantyn vees shiu seaghnit, shiuish vraane mee-rioosagh Bible; neuchiarailagh; neuchurrymagh; neuharroogh: hear my voice, ye careless daughters - clasht-jee rish my ghoo, shiuish inneenyn neu-harroogh Bible; almoragh: to make the careless Ethiopians afraid - dy chur ny Ethiopianee almoragh ayns aggle Bible

ghoo See doo black: casley rish Pangloss as rish y shenn ennym Mooir Marmara ta kiangley ry cheilley yn Vooir Ghoo as yn Vooir Veanagh CnyO; See goo voice: clasht-jee rish my ghoo Bible

neuharroogh careless, idling, inactive, slothful, unindustrious, unthrifty: clasht-jee rish my ghoo, shiuish inneenyn neu-harroogh; cur-jee tastey da my ghlare Bible


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