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claare mortyr mortarboard

claare (=Ir. clár) (f.) 1 batten, board, stave; 2 bar counter; 3 charger, dish, platter a: hoie ee roish eeym ayns claare stoamey Bible; b pl. claareeyn; 4 playbill, programme, program: Va claare ayn er y radio tammylt beg er-dy-henney Carn; 5 (list) table

Inexact matches:

boalley claare hoarding, wallboard

claare argidoil budget

claare-argidoil Vannin Manx budget

claare arran (f.) bread board

claare asbestos asbestos board

claare awree soup plate

claare braghtan sandwich board

claare buird tabletop

claare caghlaaee switchboard

claare cassee turntable

claare chemmal skirting board

claare cooishagh cause list

claare coshal pedal-board

claare coshey footboard

claare daahder palette

claare doo black list

claare enmey escutcheon, scutcheon

claare feeal chessboard

claare feer-skeealagh documentary programme

claare feeyney wine list

claare fogrey notice board

claare fuinnee baking dish

claare gaabyl gable board

claare jeen weatherboard

claare jerree tailboard

claare laarey floorboard

claare leaghyn tariff

claare linneeaght drawing board

claare lioaragh bibliography

claare mullee barge board

claare obbyr agenda, order paper; platform

claare ogheragh keyboard

claare pontreilagh plumb rule

claare-recortyssee sheean sound recording program

claare sansheragh annunciator board

claare shellee weatherboard

claare skirrit slipped disc

claare skynney knife board

claare smoodee ironing board

claare sooane puck

claare stoamey lordly dish: Hir eh ushtey, as hug ee da bainney; hoie ee roish eeym ayns claare stoamey. Bible

claare tawlish-beg draught board

claare tonn surf board

claare yiarnal ironing board

claare ylraghey multiplication table

earroo claare-traa timetable

gyn claare unmounted

claare baihaghey bunargidoil capital investment programme

Claare Cassan Eiraght y Jiass Southern Heritage Trail Programme

claare eamee son scannal-keeagh breast screening call programme

claare geamagh reesht son scannal-keeagh breast screening recall programme

claare obbyr arbyllagh supplementary order paper

claare son scannal-keeagh breast screening recall programme

cur claare er board

cur claare rish board

cur 'sy claare argidoil budget

ironing board (n.) boayrd-smoodal, claare smoodee, claare yiarnal

weatherboard (n.) claare jeen; claare shellee

board1 (n.) aaght, argid beaghee, cur aaght da, goaill aaght, jannoo oastys da, lhongee, oastys; boayrd: Place a board edgeways - Boayrd y chur er e oirr. DF idiom; claare; faill; (n.) oik; (v.) cur claare er, cur claare rish, cur laare ayns, goaill lhuingys, goll er boayrd

annunciator board (n.) claare sansheragh

asbestos board (n.) claare asbestos

baking dish (n.) claare fuinnee

bar counter (n.) claare

barge board (n.) claare mullee

black list (n.) claare doo

bread board (n.) claare arran

budget bushaid, poageen; claare argidoil: We will have to budget for this - Shegin dooin cur shoh 'sy chlaare argidoil. DF idiom; (v.) cur 'sy claare argidoil

cause list claare cooishagh

charger (n.) cabbyl caggee; lughteyder lectragh; claare: Give me here John Baptist's head in a charger - Cur dou ayns shoh kione Ean Bashtey er claare Bible

chessboard (n.) claare feeal

documentary programme (n.) claare feer-skeealagh

draught board (n.) claare tawlish-beg

drawing board (n.) claare linneeaght

floorboard (n.) claare laarey

footboard (n.) claare coshey

gable board (n.) claare gaabyl

keyboard (n.) claare ogheragh, mair-chlaare

knife board (n.) claare skynney

lordly dish (n.) claare stoamey

mortarboard (n.) claare mortyr; claare-edd

notice board (n.) claare fogrey

pedal-board (n.) claare coshal

platter (n.) claare; trenshoor

playbill (n.) claare, fogrey draamey

plumb rule (n.) claare pontreilagh

program (n.) claare

programme (v.) claaraghey; (n.) claare

sandwich board (n.) claare braghtan

scutcheon (n.) claare enmey; claibeen

skirting board (n.) claare chemmal

slipped disc (n.) claare skirrit

soup plate (n.) claare awree

surf board (n.) claare tonn

switchboard (n.) claare caghlaaee

table2 (n.) (list) claare

tabletop (n.) claare buird

tailboard (n.) claare jerree

turntable (n.) claare cassee

wallboard (n.) boalley claare

agenda (n.) claare obbyr, earroo obbyr

breeding programme (n.) claare-sheelree

broad-footed claare-chassagh; lhean-chassagh

Manx budget (n.) claare-argidoil Vannin

order paper (n.) claare obbyr, pabyr-obbyr

palette (n.) boayrd daahder, claare daahder

presenter chebbeyder-claare

record player (n.) cloieder-claare

unmounted coshey; gyn claare; neuhoit

chebbeyder-claare presenter

claare-chassagh broad-footed

claare-costys tariff

claare-edd mortarboard

claare-eeackle incisor

claare-sheelree breeding programme

cloieder-claare record player

skirrit slipped: Claare skirrit. DF

bibliography (n.) claare lioaragh, lioar lioaragh, lioar-oayllys; list-farraneagh

breast screening call programme (n.) claare eamee son scannal-keeagh

breast screening recall programme (n.) claare son scannal-keeagh

capital investment programme (n.) claare baihaghey bunargidoil

escutcheon (n.) claare enmey, scape lught-thie, scutchyn

incisor (n.) claare-eeackle, feeackle cheu veealloo

multiplication table (n.) claare ylraghey, taabyl mooadee

puck (n.) claare sooane, fainey sooane, fainey; trollag

sound recording program (n.) claare-recortyssee sheean

stave (n.) bad, claare, cleeah, lorg; loogh

supplementary order paper (n.) claare obbyr arbyllagh

tariff (n.) claare-costys, claare leaghyn, custym; tailley

timetable (n.) earroo traa, earroo claare-traa

wine list (n.) claare feeyney, kaart ny feeyney

batten (n.) claare, deal, slat, slatt; (v.) cur claareyn er, cur slatten er, sparrey

hoarding boalley claare; boayrd fogree; chymsagh; pruggal; stoyral; stoyrey; tashtagh

platform1 (n.) ardan: Arrival platform - Ardan roshtynagh. DF idiom; claare obbyr

Southern Heritage Trail Programme (n.) Claare Cassan Eiraght y Jiass

dish (n.) jyst: Had the dish a crack? - Row scoltey ayns y jyst? JJK idiom; claare; skalley

record jannoo recortys jeh; recortey; recortysey; (n.) recortys: All-time record - Recortys derrey nish. DF idiom; recort; claare

Americaanee Americans: Va claare ayn er y radio tammylt beg er-dy-henney mychione chaglym mooar jeh Americaanee dooie jeh'n chlein Navajo. Carn

beeal-arrish Vannin (f.) Manx folklore: As er y voalley nyn gooylloo va coip jeh'n claare (Arraneyn Beeal-Arrish Vannin) jeant ec Brian MacStoyll. GB

jeianagh last, late, recent, modern: V'eh soilshaghey dooin claare ren eh jeh purt-y-beeal er aght jeianagh. Carn; up-to-date

kiangley ry-cheilley clip; join up: Ta kianglaghyn lajer eddyr yn Ghaeltaght as Loghlin ass Claare yn Ymmyl Twoaie ta kiangley ry-cheilley baljyn beggey veih'n Ghaeltaght, Loghlin as yn Eeslynn. Dhoor

lane dy attended with; filled with: Smerg diu scrudeyryn as Phariseeyn, chrauee-oalsey: son ta shiu glenney yn cappan as y claare er cheu-mooie, agh cheu sthie t'ad lane dy hranlaase as dy neu-heeltys. Bible; fraught

lhiggaghyn pipes: as cur-my-ner cainlere slane airhey, as claare er e vullagh, as ny shiaght lampyn echey er, as shiaght lhiggaghyn gys ny shiaght lampyn va er e vullagh Bible

livreit assigned, yielded up: va'n kione er ny choyrt er claare as livreit gys y ven-aeg Bible

Loghlin (f.) Scandinavia: Ta kianglaghyn lajer eddyr yn Ghaeltaght as Loghlin ass Claare yn Ymmyl Twoaie ta kiangley ry-cheilley baljyn beggey veih'n Ghaeltaght, Loghlin as yn Eeslynn. Dhoor

Mean Arree March: Hig claare dy chooney son y Vretnish as cultoor ta er-mayrn ayns Patagonia, ta feeu £130,000 (202000 euro), gy kione ayns Mean Arree 2003. Dhoor

Ookraanagh (n., adj.) Ukrainian: Ec y traa t'ayn, ta claare slattyssagh y Reiltys Ookraanagh goaill stiagh slattyssyn bentyn da shirveishyn argidoil, chammah as leigh dy chur dellal lectraneagh er e hoshiaght. BS

scrah (f.) green sod, scraw, sod, turf: Yn aght myr heemayd claare ta scoorit glen cummit kiongoyrt rish gah ny skell y ghrian tilgey scaa bane, myr eayst yial, er y voall ny er y scrah PC; clod

shassoo son stand for: Eisht lhig da shassoo son tammylt; eisht lhieen seose y claare lesh vroit gys t'eh thanney dy liooar dy ve shirveishit magh ayns plateyn er y voayrd. Dhoor

ard-reireyder general manager: Ard-Reireyder Phairk ny Beiyn Feie, Nick Pinder, t'eh gra dy vel eh jeeant feer wooiagh dy vel y phairk Vanninagh er ve goaill ayrn ayns claare-sheelree er lheh BS

claareeyn basins, basons; dishes: ver ad er ny claareeyn, as ny spainyn, as ny mealaghyn, as coodaghyn dy choodaghey lhieu: as bee'n arran kinjagh er. Bible; bowls: Ny-yeih, cha row foast jeant son thie'n Chiarn claareeyn argid, smaleyderyn, basonyn, trumpetyn, siyn airh ny argid Bible; chargers: As shoh'n coontey oc; jeih claareeyn as feed dy airh, thousane claare dy argid, as nuy skynnyn as feed,

fo-raad (of road) branch, secondary road; en route, in motion, in transit, on the road, under way; started: Lhisagh claare-traenal fondagh ve currit fo raad, as, ec y traa cheddin, lhisagh stoo ynsee cooie goll er croo as ve currit er- e-hoshiaght. Carn

meeryn pieces: Cur eh ayns claare-stainney smarrit dy mie, deayrt yn ushtey mygeayrt-y-mysh as cur yn eeym er y vullagh ayns meeryn veggey. Dhoor


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